Motorola MOTOLUXE coming to Bell and Virgin “in May”

Ian Hardy

May 3, 2012 6:09pm

On Monday Bell announced that the Motorola MOTOLUXE will be available sometime “in Q2.” For those wanting this Android 2.3 device it wasn’t much of a hint, but we’ve been informed, via an internal doc, that this will be available to Canadians “in May.” We’re hearing, but not confirmed, that the launch date will be Tuesday, May 22nd. This will also be avaialable on the same date with Virgin Mobile. In addition, Bell says that “This new and exciting Android device will be offered at a very affordable price.”

Any guesses on what the price will be? $499.95? $549.95?
(Thanks tipsters!)

  • Dan

    $200-300? I don’t think it will be in the $500 range. Only an 800mhz processor. But if it was in the $300, might as well get the One V.

  • Bernard

    It should be $299 or less. The cpu and gpu are slower than the HTC One V. When I saw the MSM7227A-0 cpu spec at gsm arena I thought this thing would be an immediate failure, but then I found out that it is different than the MSM7227 that is in the low end phones from the past couple years. I still think it will be pretty slow but if it is cheap enough it could be a good phone.

  • Mike

    I could see it at $149.99 – $229.99 outright price, any higher will be a fail

  • wewewi

    Lets just keep in mind that Google now sells its Galaxy Nexus for 399$ in the US.

  • Azalea

    It’s an entry-level smartphone priced at $250.