Canadians send 8 billion text messages a month, according to TELUS

Ian Hardy

September 19, 2011 5:10pm

Texting in Canada is still on the rise. The Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) recently announced that in Q1 Canadians sent 18 billion text messages. March had the highest stats in history with just over 6 billion, or an average of 199 million messages per day.

Today, in response to a report that showed the average American adult sends/receives 41.5 text messages per day, TELUS has stated that Canadian text messaging is on the rise too. TELUS Communications Manager Shawn Hall said that based on their estimations the number of text messages Canadians now send on a monthly basis has skyrocketed to 8 billion, which represents 270 million per day. Currently there are over 24.5 million wireless subscribers in Canada.

Source: Vancouver Sun

  • Not a surprise

    The big 3 give so few minutes every month that texting is necessary to avoid overage charges.

  • Robbers and BHell

    Yes, thats why nobody does anything lol everybody is msging at work or at home or even on the beach haha but this is life! e-life!

  • bummy

    whats the point of these research. honestly.

    • KidCanada

      That the big 3 need to offer more nationwide minutes like koodo, then sms usage wouldn’t be this high.

    • Canach

      My guess is that this is a prequel to the big 3 being able to justify no longer offering unlimited text messaging packages.

    • Mike

      Tho point is, that the wireless companies will find ways to capitalize even more on this phenomenal usage. Almost every body is hooked on a cell phone already, almost everybody is a text junkie. Just think how much they would profit by raising the cost of individual messages by 5 cents or text bundles by a buck or 2! And they have, and we still use without complaint.

    • Joefish

      I agree completely. The research (as presented in this article, at any rate) makes absolutely NO connection to similar datasets in other countries. So I have nothing to compare its numbers with.

      Duh. People send text messages. It adds up to a lot in every developed country. Tell me something I don’t know.

  • Rahul

    Does anyone know which phone is shown in the picture?

    • todd

      the phone in picture is a LG keybo

  • Jerrik

    Why do people always have something to complain about no matter what the topic is? What is the point of complaining?

  • krstnlndsy

    @Rahul looks like the keybo2

  • roman129

    I’m responsible for 2 of those.

  • Jay

    This just in, Rogers discontinuing unlimited text messaging. New plans start at 250 texts per month for 25 $ and up.

  • LordWarren

    This is because there are now too many Pinoys in Canada 😀