To celebrate the Galaxy S launch… Samsung’s holding a Toronto street concert August 4th

Ian Hardy

July 28, 2010 2:31pm

Looks like the the Galaxy S is looking to make a big impact. Samsung Canada just sent out a press release stating that “Front Street will transform from a commuter-clogged thoroughfare into a rocking concert venue on August 4th when Samsung Mobile celebrates the launch of its premium Galaxy S smartphone with an ultimate impromptu street concert featuring one of Canada’s hottest bands. Toronto music and mobile technology lovers can expect an unforgettable experience that’s sure to rock the city core.”

What: Street concert event
When: August 4, 2010 Show starts at 7:00 p.m.
Where: Union Station – Union Square Plaza, 65 Front Street West
Who: It’s a secret! Here’s a clue: They’re in the prime of your youth

(The Bell Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant is launching on the 6th of August)

  • davidm

    When are we going to find out what’s up Rogers’ sleeve. Or maybe it’s time to find a way to switch.

  • Jeff Smith

    awesome free metric concert

  • Jonathan bailey

    GREAT! Just great, The day I leave for a month :(. This is why I like staying at home.

  • Lexcyn

    Why does it have to be on a Wednesday night? lol I would go if it was on Friday night, driving 4 hours to TO just to work the next day would suck 🙁

  • Josh M

    im gonna guess Depeche Mode

    • Jeff Smith

      who knew Depeche mode was one of canada’s hottest acts

  • Rick

    Jonas Brothers. It is my 14 year old daughter they are going after.

  • Rick

    Too bad the concert will be downtown, instead of mid town off the highway, so everyone can go.

  • Yggdras

    Totally going, this is the first cellphone I am ever buying, nice to see that Metric is supporting this as well.

    Just Google the clue!

  • tray

    im confused someone help. Is this phone going to be released on rogers?

    • Derek

      Bell is the first carrier in Canada to have a Galaxy S class phone. There is a rumour that Rogers is going to get it’s own variation of the phone. In the US there are at least 4 slightly different versions of the Samsung Galaxy S phone on 4 different carriers.

  • Derek

    Google says the band is: Metric

  • Adwin

    Based on MobileSyrup’s hint, Metric’s Twitter bio says “We’re in the prime of your youth” (

    There you have it??

  • Hrundi Bakshi

    I guess these guys don’t know what “impromptu” means…

  • Nooj

    So has anyone won a Samsung Galaxy S yet? I registered and it doesn’t really seem like anyone is going to win lol.

  • Kallie

    It’s Arcade Fire and Arkells oh my god oh my god
    Seriously I know it is
    The first clue is an Arkells song and Heart of Glass is because Sprawl II is often compared to Heart of Glass