Koodo to set HSPA network live June 15th?

Ian Hardy

June 3, 2010 7:51am

For those wondering about an update how Koodo Mobile’s transition from CDMA to HSPA is going… we’ve been informed that SIM/HSPA training has been pushed out to all employees over the last few days and it’s looking like they’ll go live around June 15th. We stated that Koodo will be launching the 3710 and can now confirm this will be their first official HSPA device. On a separate note – this is the same day TELUS will be releasing the Nokia 3710.

In addition, our tipster let us know that Koodo will be doing something different for then but similar to Wind Mobile… for those customers who pay their monthly bill on time for 3 consecutive months Koodo will unlock your phone for you.

We’ll have more info soon.
Check out the Koodo SIM/HSPA inventory shot here
Check out the Koodo Nokia 3710 here

(Thanks B!)

  • Tamrin Khan

    I cant wait!

  • Ashley

    what do they mean by “unlock” I always pay my bill early

  • anon

    what does unlock mean?

  • Donna

    Unlocking means that you can out any SIM from any carrier in your phone and it will work. I don’t see why Koodo would want to go around unlocking their devices though…

  • Makrus

    I too would like to know what they mean by “unlock”

  • Jim R

    I’d like to know if Koodo will have anything more than toy data plans.

  • jay

    such a disappointment june 15th not even a wisper about hspa. might switch today to robbers.

  • Kevin

    And here we are on June 15th. Koodo fails to deliver.

  • Farhan

    HSPA Service is horrible in KIGNSTON ON and surrounding had to switch back to OLD CDMA