Check your texts for Koodo’s latest data add-on offers: $1/1GB, $2/10GB, $3/18GB

Koodo is offering some customers 18GB of bonus data for $3/month

Koodo logo on a smartphone.

Koodo has texted customers various data add-on offers to add to their monthly bills.

As reported by iPhone in Canada, these offers include $1/1GB of bonus data a month, $2/10GB and $3/18GB.

The “extremely affordable” data options, as Koodo calls them, expire on June 7th.

This isn’t the first time Koodo is doing this. Back in December, it gave some customers the option to get up to 25GB of bonus data for $5/month. Weeks later, it rolled out an even better deal offering 25GB of bonus data for $3/month.

The offer comes alongside Koodo’s new Tab Carryover program. It gives Koodo customers the option to move over to Telus while continuing with their device payments.

Via: iPhone in Canada