Samsung and FSC Canada are teaming up protect and preserve Canadian forests

Samsung is set to donate large amounts towards protecting Canadian forests

With April marking Earth Month, Samsung has partnered with Forest Stewardship Council Canada for a new fundraising campaign with the goal of protecting healthy and resilient forests in the country.

Throughout the month, Samsung Canada will donate $1 to FSC Canada for every purchase made in-store and online at Samsung’s website, up to $10,000.

Additionally, Samsung will donate $10 to FSC Canada, up to a maximum of $6,000, for every review left on the company’s website through June 2023.

The money raised will go towards FSC Canada’s mission of supporting zero deforestation and safeguarding ancient, endangered forests.

Samsung is also committed to making and distributing products with more eco-conscious resources. Since 2009, over 220,000 tonnes of recycled plastic have been used in Samsung products globally, with the company looking to double that number by 2023.

Doubling down on its commitment to being more ecologically wise, the South Korean tech giant has also made a global commitment to achieve zero waste in landfills as well as reducing its e-waste by 2025. By 2050, the company is planning on achieving net zero direct and indirect carbon emissions.

These announcements come as a part of the company’s new environmental strategy that was revealed last year.

More information about Samsungs collaboration with FSC Canada can be found on the company’s website.

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Source: Samsung