There’s a limit to how many custom lock screens you can save on iOS 16

201 custom lock screens is a no-no

One of the pivotal new features introduced with iOS 16 is the range of customizations for the lock screen with a new and improved lock screen media player, several new wallpapers, clock and widget customization and more. Most notable, however, is that you can create several lock screens and switch them up depending on your mood for the day.

Until now, we’d guessed that there ought to be a limit to the number of custom lock screens you can create, but an exact number was unknown. Now, thanks to Reddit user u/XiXMak doing some digging, we know that 200 is the maximum number of custom lock screens that you can have at once. Creating any more requires you to delete an older one.

The limitation shouldn’t impact the majority of iOS 16 users, as I don’t think many of you would like to have 201 custom lock screens ready to go, but it is still interesting to note that Apple chose 200 as the magic number. Why? We’ll likely never know.

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Source: u/XiXMak