Amazon’s Halo Rise tracks sleep patterns by watching you breathe

The device costs $139.99 USD (roughly $190 CAD)

At its fall hardware event, Amazon announced a new sleep tracking gadget that doesn’t even need to be in direct contact with you overnight.

The new Halo Rise is designed to sit on the side table adjacent to your bed and track your sleep cycles with its low-energy sensors and machine learning to detect micro-movements that you make while breathing. The data is analyzed and converted into sleep stages and is then reflected in the Halo app. The company says it “trained and validated the device’s sleep algorithm against the clinical gold standard for sleep analysis,” called overnight polysomnography, a test doctors perform to track and observe sleep patterns.

It’s worth noting that Halo Rise doesn’t feature a built-in camera or microphone.

In addition to sleep, the Halo Rise also tracks environmental conditions in your room, like the temperature and humidity, that could influence your sleep. The data Halo Rise collects goes straight to the cloud, in an encrypted manner and stays encrypted until it’s deleted in 10 days. The company also said that it won’t sell any of the data for marketing or ads.

Further, the device also acts as an alarm clock and a SAD light to simulate sunlight and can be paired with your Echo device to gather verbal information about your sleep.

The Halo Rise costs $139.99 USD (roughly $190 CAD) and starts shipping later this year in the United States. MobileSyrup has reached out to Amazon regarding Canadian pricing and availability.

Image credit: Amazon