Apple Watch saves kayaker that was swept 4km out to sea

It's unclear if the kayaker made a call or utilized the wearable's SOS feature

Apple Watch Series 8

A kayaker in Sydney, Australia was lucky to have their Apple Watch on hand (no pun intended) to call for help.

The man was swept out roughly 4km into the open ocean after being separated from a partner by strong currents. They were then unable to return to shore because of the “large swell and strong winds.”

Thankfully, because the Kayaker was wearing their Apple Watch, they were able to contact help, though it’s unclear if they made a phone call via the wearable’s data connection or if they utilized its SOS functionality.

The Daily Mail report goes on to state that “lifeguards and Freshwater Surf Lifesaving club also assisted by deploying jetskis and inflatable rescue boats.”

The man was eventually rescued after being spotted by a helicopter.

Source: Daily Mail Via: iMore