Fido offering some customers 5GB of free data per month for 15 months

Your mileage may vary with this offer

Fido logo on smartphone

Fido is offering a solid data offer to some existing customers, according to RedFlagDeals user ‘RSmith2.’

According to ‘RSmith2,’ they called Fido looking for a better plan on an existing line. The Fido representative was able to offer a $25 base plan with 1GB data + bonus 5GB data per month for 15 months at no extra charge.

‘RSmith2’ also mentioned that the offer is only available to those who bring their own phone, and the offer isn’t available to those on a payment program.

It’s worth noting that with this offer, your mileage may vary, but it’s worth checking if you’ve been a Fido customer for a while now.

Source: RedFlagDeals ‘RSmith2’