Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course will cost $9.99 in Canada

We also have an estimate on playtime, as well

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course header

Cuphead: The Delicious Course will be priced at $9.99 in Canada when it releases on June 30th.

Oakville, Ontario-based developer Studio MDHR confirmed the cost during a recent media preview attended by MobileSyrup.

The Delicious Last Course is the Canadian studio’s long-awaited downloadable expansion to its beloved 2017 run-and-gun game CupheadIn the DLC, players can experience a previously undiscovered section of Inkwell featuring a new playable character, Ms. Chalice, as well as new bosses, weapons and more.

During the media event we attended, Studio MDHR also confirmed that The Delicious Last Course will take “between three and four hours” to beat, on average. That said, Eli Cymet, producer of the game, stressed that this could vary depending on the player, given the overall challenge:

“I think from our perspective, this varies even internally on the team. I think you’re going to have people who are diehard, ‘dyed in the wool,’ speedrun-quality Cuphead players, and I can’t speak to what their ability level might enable them to do. As somebody who — I’ll say just squeaked by and beat Elden Ring recently and was not an expert by any means — I’m still enjoying [the DLC] and playing it and going back and using Ms. Chalice in the main game right now and experiencing some of those fun new boss experiences in the DLC experience.

[That] ran me between about three and four hours of gameplay, but again, I want to really emphasize that there are certainly folks who may find it challenging enough to dig in for more time and there are folks that may find it something that is different for their skill level.” 

Price and runtime were just a few of the many details that Studio MDHR shared during the event. For more from the hands-off preview, check out our full preview.

Image credit: Studio MDHR