Blanket of EV chargers spreads further across Canada: report

There's still a lot of work to be done, but it's nice to see growth

A new report says that there has been a 15 percent increase in EV chargers across Canada since March 2020.

The report from Electric Autonomy Canada states that during the last 10 months, 1,023 new EV charging stations have gone up across the country to bring the total amount of stations to 6,016.

At these 6,016 stations, there are 13,230 chargers, and 2,264 of them are the newer DC fast chargers that can top up a car in around an hour or less.

The Canada EV charging market is still fractured when it comes down to it, with Tesla having the largest single-branded charging network. Combining larger brands like Charge point, Flo and Petro Canada, they have more stations around the country. Having said that, Tesla still has many more DC fast chargers than the other power players combined, at least for now.

The rest of the report goes into more details on each charging network and what makes it important, so if you’re interested, it’s defiantly worth checking out here.

Source: Electric Autonomy Canada