Apple continued to dominate the wireless headphones market in 2020: report

The wireless headphone market saw a growth of nearly 90 percent last year

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Apple continued to dominate the global wireless headphone market in 2020, as the tech giant made up almost 50 percent of the market.

A new report from Strategy Analytics reveals that the wireless headphone market saw a growth of nearly 90 percent last year.

“While the pandemic slowed demand briefly during the first half of the year, sales rebounded strongly during the second half. The work from home shift benefitted the entire Bluetooth headset category in terms of sales volume growth,” the firm outlines.

Xiaomi came in second place in terms of global sales and Samsung rounded out the top three. Huawei and Realme came in fourth and fifth place respectively.

Although Apple dominated the market last year, its share is shrinking as competition intensifies. Strategy Analytics predicts that strong competition is expected from other manufacturers this year.

“Strong competition is expected from Xiaomi, Samsung, and Huawei in 2021,” the report states. “The TWS (true wireless stereo) headset market is already hugely overcrowded and despite a strong sales outlook, there will inevitably be consolidation in the years ahead.”

Interestingly, the report outlines that the adoption of wireless headphones is still quite low, as less than one in ten people own a Bluetooth headset globally.

Strategy Analytics also notes that since tech giants are no longer bundling wired headsets with new smartphones, there will be greater potential for wireless headphone sales.

Image credit: Strategy Analytics 

Source: Strategy Analytics