Microsoft’s upcoming Surface Duo will have a ‘world-class’ camera

Panos Panay confirmed the news at an event in Berlin, Germany

Panos Panay, the chief product officer at Microsoft, recently held a conference in Berlin, Germany where he revealed that the upcoming Surface Duo is set to features a “world-class” camera.

Microsoft revealed the Surface Duo at its 2019 fall Surface event showing off a dual-screen Android smartphone separated by a hinge.

While it was too early to discuss most of the device’s specs other than the two side-by-side 5.6-inch displays and the 8.3-inch unfolded screen real estate, not much else is known about the device.

The Duo is slated to launch during the holidays in 2020. Hopefully, this “world-class” camera can compete with the likes 2o2o’s iPhone, Pixel and Huawei handsets.

Source: Pocketnow