Samsung offering ‘up to $200 off’ Galaxy S10 pre-order trade-in deal


If dropping $1,019 CAD on Samsung’s new Galaxy S10e, $1,259 on the Galaxy S10 or even $1,419 on the Galaxy S10+ is too steep for you, the tech giant’s recent ‘Trade in to trade up’ program announcement might save you a few dollars on the pricey handsets — though probably not as much as you maybe hoped.

To be clear, every phone holds a different value in the program. For instance, my iPhone XS Max, which is in perfect working order, only resulted in $90 off. Huawei’s P20 Pro, on the other hand, netted $25. It’s unclear what device will get you $200, but I’d guess it’s likely the Note 9 or S9.

Here’s how it works: while you’re pre-ordering your Galaxy device through Samsung’s website, make sure you select the ‘Trade-in’ option. Once the phone arrives, back-up and then factory reset your old phone.

Next, you’ll receive a confirmation email regarding Samsung’s upgrade platform stating that Samsung is sending out a return waybill.

Samsung says to follow the steps included in the waybill and to pack up your used smartphone. There’s a limit of five trade-ins per year “per individual or household,” and each trade-in can only be applied to one purchase.

All used devices that traded-in must be “fully functional” and able to power-up with “no screen or mechanical damage.” Samsung says that third-party reselling service Clover Wireless handles the device recovery side of the offer.

For more information on the deal, follow this link.