Google highlights Pixel 3’s Night Sight functionality in new iPhone comparison ad

It appears Google is preparing to release a new series of ads that compares the Pixel 3’s low-light photo capabilities against that of the iPhone XS.

Vice-president of product marketing Marvin Chow shared the image below in a tweet he sent out on Saturday evening. “Night Sight on Google Pixel 3 — pretty much speaks for itself,” wrote Chow, referring to the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL’s Night Sight functionality.

The feature enables the Pixel 3 to capture brighter nighttime photos by compositing multiple several second long shots into a single image.

Technically speaking, the Night Shot shot on the right isn’t perfect; colours are oversaturated and there’s a loss of highlight detail. However, as a demonstration of the Pixel’s 3 low-light capabilities, it does just fine.

Chow didn’t say where the ad will appear. That said, it looks ideal for billboards and print. Alternatively, the comparison could also show up during the NFL Super Bowl on Sunday night.

Source: Twitter