Autism Speaks Canada launches virtual platform to support people on the autism spectrum

Autism Speaks Canada Connect

Autism Speaks Canada has launched Canada’s first dedicated virtual platform that connects people on the autism spectrum with one another and provides them with various resources.

The ‘Connect’ platform is designed to “foster collaboration, improve navigation, consolidate resources and provide mentorship opportunities like never before,” according to Autism Speaks Canada.

The organization cited data from the Public Health Agency of Canada that found autism affects an estimated one in 66 Canadian children and youth, making it the most commonly diagnosed neurodevelopmental disorder in the country. 

Autism Speaks Canada says ‘Connect’ will offer the following features to autistic Canadians:

  • A free-to-use service offered in English and French
  • Access to reliable information and services
  • Allows members of all communities, including the diverse and underserved, to discuss topics of interest and build new communities
  • Connects individuals with families, researchers, service providers and educators
  • Creates opportunities to find and become a mentor
  • Provide ongoing monitoring by the Autism Response Team (ART), which provides support, tools and resources

Autism Speaks Canada said BMO help create the platform.

Autism Speaks Canada Connect can be accessed here.

Source: Autism Speaks Canada