Apple prepares its WWDC app for the upcoming conference

And this time there are stickers

As Apple ramps up to its World Wide Developers conference (WWDC) in June, the Cupertino-based tech giant has added some new features to its WWDC app.

The WWDC app helps streamline Apple’s largest annual event of the year, in which the company reveals new software features and products to its legion of developers. The app acts as a day planner to help developers get the most out of the event.

The app has recently been updated to prepare for the event on June 4th to 8th. It now organizes videos based on the topic they’re sorted under and has a new, simpler design.

The app is also useful for developers and regular Apple fans that are not going to the event. Developers can find a lot of Apple specific resources in the app that can help them get the most out of their apps. Users can also livestream the keynote presentation through the platform.

There are also a host of new stickers that can be used in iMessages. Some of these are cool California-related emoji, as well as stickers that relate to Apple products like Metal and the App Store.

Users can check out the app here. It is also available for all Apple devices including Apple Watch and TV.

Source: Apple