Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot ran straight into my heart

One beautiful stride away from being real

Boston Dynamics has been working away on its various robots for years and the company recently showed off a video of its Atlas robot running through a field.

The last time we saw the Atlas, it was jumping onto some platforms and doing a backflip. After that, we saw the little guy leave the Boston Dynamics offices and go for a walk in the snow.

Now, in an even more endearing video, we’re able to watch the robot take its first cross country run.

At first glance, the thought of a robot being able to run is kind of terrifying, but once you go back and watch how far this little machine has come in the last few years, you can’t help but cheer for it as it jogs towards the horizon like Rocky preparing for a fight.

And when the Atlas jumps over the log and walks away with the proud swagger of a prizefighter, I felt that.

We are all this robot, striving and growing to be better.

Source: Boston Dynamics