Many Canadians believe that parents are to blame for children making in-game purchases, says survey


  • Razvan Zamfir

    I think the “blame the parents” is an easy way to throw blame around. Mind you, I do think parents need to assume a big chunk of responsibility, but more times than not, apps almost make it part of the experience to purchase something to proceed – the intended way the devs made it;
    furthermore saying kids should know better than to make in-app purchases is ridiculous when there are adults out there gambling away paychecks in casinos. So, if there are adults who can’t control themselves on gambling, why are we surprised can’t control purchase impulses, especially since at that age they rarely know the value of money?

    I can’t tell when it was made a possibility to always ask for account password to purchase something, as I rarely purchase stuff in app stores, but I think given that this is available on both Android and iOS now, no parents can any longer claim ignorance at this point. However, a bit of education on both parents and kids’ side wouldn’t hurt. And I mean that should happen at the point of sale of the smartphone when setting up the phone for the customer, especially if the customer appears clueless on how to use one.

    • Kienerman

      I totally agree my son always tell me he wants this app or something that charges me money I just tell him flat no. On the iOs i just sign out from apple account it’s inconvenient but that’s too bad. With Android I don’t even put my credit card on there. So instead of blaming the others (developers or want gov to get involve) they should blame themselves period can’t help stupid.

    • Roger

      Yeap. I created an account for my family and don’t have my credit card info on that account. Even my personal one needs me to confirm my password or fingerprint.

    • It’s Me

      Can leave your acct signed in and require authentication for all purchases.

    • Canadiana Jones

      “I’m not paying real money for game stuff. You want to buy something – collect crystals/coins or whatever system is used in the game” is what I told my kids. Aside active prevention strategies such as password protection and app locking, I think they need passive mental “caution tape”. Same as giving them freedom (and planning opportunities) within a preset budget when we place a Scholastic book order.

    • John Lofwire

      Exactly 🙂
      I allow my lil girl 5$ a week for anything she want ( she can accumulate it ) this include app purchases.

      So she know what to do and learn value of money.

      Parent need to start parenting.

    • John Lofwire

      Android now automatically ask for password or my finger to make purchase in all app.

      Still before that was the case i told my lil girl that if she purchase stuff its will impact any future gift of toy ect i will give her as well as reduce or eliminate restaurant ect.

      Funny she never purchase something or ask me very nicely and if i feel like it i say yes.

      Parent need to control there own children and government have nothing to do with this.

  • John Lofwire

    My lil girl play those games all the time and never made a purchase.
    I was clear with her that if she did its would reduce any toy ect i buy her.

    I agree with its the parents fault for not having control over there own kids.
    Lazy parents who need governement help to handle there own kid is a joke.

  • Jon Duke

    i really don’t see how someone can think it’s not the parents fault? i have a daughter and I control what she is exposed to. It’s my job to protect her and to explain things to her. If you are a parent and you give your kid a tablet to buy peace and then don’t check what they do with said tablet, it’s all your fault.