Super Mario Run update adds Princess Daisy, new world and game mode

SuperMario header

Nintendo’s Super Mario Run is set to get a much-needed update on Friday, September 29th that includes a new character and a variety of other features.

As the below tweet indicates, Princess Daisy of Sarasaland will be joining the lineup of playable characters in the Mario-themed game. Additionally, Nintendo will add a new world called, World Star — not to be confused with World Star Hip Hop — and a new a Remix 10 mode.

Remix 10 shakes up the different sections of levels which already exist in the Super Mario Run, with the level changing following each subsequent attempt.

Other updates include the ability to listen to your own music while playing Super Mario Run, which amusingly gives Mario and the game’s other playable characters, a pair of in-game headphones.

Lastly the game will be discounted by half, meaning all six worlds are set to cost approximately $6.99 CAD across both iOS and Android, from September 29th to October 12th.