Global Bixby Voice release may be on the horizon


  • Sam

    they have taken way longer time to do this, may be they want to build up market for Note 8

  • southerndinner

    Hopefully this update will come with the ability to remap or disable the Bixby button. I like my S8 that I absolutely hate hitting that stupid button for that stupid software that I never use and would never use.

    Come on Samsung let me at least use it for Google Now or a camera or something else useful. Even Bixby voice looks kind of useless not that I would know because I live in second-class Canada by your standards.

    • Kevin

      Pretty sure the Bixby update itself won’t give the option to remap the button. I think that will have to be an actual OS update.

  • Kevin

    I chatted Samsung Canada. As I do about 4 times a week 🙂 Just, well because, I have a useless button on my phone I either want to have full features or a stock way to disable or remap it. Here’s the reply I received today from their fantastic support.

    Info: Thank you for choosing to chat with us. An agent will be with you shortly.
    Info: You are now chatting with Vaughan.

    Vaughan: Hi, thank you for contacting Samsung Canada support. How may I assist you today?

    Kevin: With the update of Samsung Contacts today. There is a note under the “What’s new” section which reads, “Bixby English global launching.” Does this mean there is now a date set for the Canadian Launch of Bixby Voice?

    Vaughan: As of now we don’t have confirmed dates of launch.

    Kevin: So, what exactly did “Bixby English global launching.” mean under
    What’s new. Then if there is no launch date?

    Vaughan: That might be a heads up for the customers.

    Kevin: Well, ya….Something that should have been there for launch of the S8 that has now been pushed, what? 3 times. It would be nice if Samsung would put out a press release when they add a WHATS NEW note like that instead of just teasing their customers, again.

    Vaughan: We appreciate your feedback and suggestions on our product. We will certainly take a note of your suggestions since Samsung strives to help its customers and serve you better in future.

  • Tom Anders

    I’ve given up myself, I just hope the LG v30 come out this fall when I can still get a reasonable resale amount for my S8. What a disappointment Samsung has been in my experience. Other then HDMI wired support and a super fast camera focus speed I’m regretting spending the money on it. My LG G6 blows it out of the water except for those two features.