Experience the world’s great art pieces without leaving home with Google’s new interactive search cards

Google Art Search

Google’s Arts and Culture and Search teams have teamed to up create something every art lover will be able to appreciate.

Starting now, individuals that look up a famous artist on Google will be treated to a series of interactive search cards that provide a comprehensive top-down view of an artist’s career, including all their most famous works and where you can find them exhibited.

In some circumstances, it’s also possible to tour the gallery in which the artist’s work is being exhibited with the help of Street View. When looking at artworks in this way, Search users can zoom in on a piece to see fine details like brushstrokes.

Google Art tour GIF

To put together the feature, Google scanned more than 15,000 art pieces from some most prestigious galleries in the world, using the machine learning algorithms the company developed for Google Photos to index and catalogue each piece. According to the company, much of the process was automated.

To check out the feature, simply search for your favourite artist or artwork on mobile or using the Google Search app.