How to use Android Pay in Canada


  • Stephen B Morris

    So how do you add loyalty cards if you don’t have any supported credit cards to start?

    • John Lofwire

      you dont 🙂

    • Stephen B Morris

      Sucks to be me.

    • Many99

      What you can do is ask a friend that has an eligible card, when that has been added he can delete the card, but you will still have access to loyalty cards. You also have to delete the card in google payments website.

    • Brian G.

      You use Stocard instead ????

  • Acrobat1991

    “Google will automatically pull any credit cards you’ve already associated with Play Store account” : my card is a RBC Visa card…so is this sentence still accurate?

    • DonkEkong

      I have a TD Visa card. Android Pay automatically pulled my card but it isn’t supported. The statement is still accurate.

    • John Lofwire


    • ChrisPollard77

      Yep. It pulls up my AmEx too – but it isn’t supported.

  • Sean McConnell

    I don’t think a fingerprint sensor is necessarily the best security for <$100 credit card purchases. Where and how many locations store that fingerprint data? How easy is it to change your fingerprint to stop <$100 purchases against your card?

    • L Moreau

      Uh your fingerprint is stored on your phone not the merchant lol. That’s basically like saying you don’t think a pin on debit cards is secure because the store saves your pin number somewhere.

    • Sean McConnell

      I know it’s stored on the device, and not part of the transaction. What I mean is the device stores the data and is connected. If there is ever a breach on your “super secure” phone, you can’t change your biophysical data that could be saved all over the world.

    • John Lofwire

      Its only saved on part of the phone hardware.

      Its cannot get sent on the web even if your phone get hacked.

      And as i said before when you setup a fingerprint scanner you need to setup a backup solution ( pin , drawing or a password ) i recommend a strong password with capital letter ,small one and symbol.

    • JD

      What are you even….

    • John Lofwire

      Fingerprint scanner data are stored in the hardware in a place called TEE Trusted Execution Environment.
      Its impossible to access it and its only stored there.
      Its similar to how Apple fingerprint scanner work.

      To change your fingerprint you need to enter the password you chosen as a backup ( you know in case your finger is cut lol ) My password is 15 characters long with capital letter , small letter and symbol so good luck trying to crack it.

    • It’s Me

      For purchases <$100 you don't need your finger print. So don't worry, they won't have to get your prints for those purchases.

  • Todd Moore

    Step 1 : don’t bank with TD or RBC

    • L Moreau

      I’m thinking the same, except my alternative to TD would be RBC, the rest I’m not really a fan of so definitely feeling stuck. TD has their own mobile pay app, but only works with Visa cards and keeps saying my TD Visa isn’t supported in their app anyway. Was so excited for this but am so disappointed now! Especially with my iPhone friend sitting beside me telling me he can use TD on Apple Pay for as long as he can remember. :/

    • JD

      Man your friend needs to get his memory look at.

    • John Lofwire

      At first TD was not supported by Apple pay.

      Apple pay came at end of 2015 ( october if i am correct ) in canada and was only supported around May by TD.

      Android pay came today to canada.

      So if in 7 months TD still not in then your friend is right to brag.
      Otherwise well nope he is not.

      As for RBC they want to force you to use there own payment app.

    • Todd Moore

      Rbc wallet works great except since the last update where it double charged me on 2 separate occasios Needless to say , I don’t use it anymore.

    • Canadiana Jones

      After working some time in Finance sector, I’d say these two are the only ones worth dealing with (from IT perspective).

    • Todd Moore

      Not if you want to use Android Pay anytime soon

    • Canadiana Jones

      You got me there 🙂 I have no intentions of using neither Android Pay, nor any pay-with-my-phone services. I realize I may look like that old grandpa that still refuses to use banking machines, but I consider all these wallet apps completely unnecessary.

    • canadadude

      TD’s website shows that they support android pay. I have O currently installed, so im rolling it back to N to see if it will work or not.

    • Brian G.

      You don’t need to roll back. The second beta of O supports Android Pay. You may be have been looking at the TD U.S. site where they support Android Pay.

    • Brian G.

      I suspect that they’re using Pay’s recently released functionality to build it into their own apps.

    • bigshynepo

      Came to post exactly the same thing; I am giving RBC a call about this BS.

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  • Adam Scissons

    Its a shame that Google hasn’t released an update to correct the bug preventing Nexus 6 users running Android 7.1.1 from using Android Pay. I love 7.1.1, but I don’t think it’s fair I have to choose between that and Android Pay functionality. I’ve been waiting for this for years, and now I’m stuck without, or I have to downgrade.

    • Stephen B Morris

      At least you have 7.1.1…

    • Adam Scissons

      I had to sideload the OTA update in order to get it though. It was never fully released by Google, and with that particular bug, they don’t seem to intend to properly release it at all, since their solution was to downgrade us back to 7.0.

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  • Beno

    Today, I paid 2 times using Android Pay with Visa Desjardins. At last!

  • Max Power

    Rooted edge with custom ROM. Purchased donut using Android Pay. Boom

    • Ipse

      Yeah, but did you try to purchase a lollipop or a nougat? ????

  • I’m curious. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 and have been using Samsung Pay since late December but now that Android Pay is here, I also have Android Pay installed with a few of my credit cards loaded in the app. Will I have to go into the NFC settings and change my default mobile payments app from Samsung Pay to Android Pay in addition to turning on NFC to get Android Pay to work?

    • Stephen B Morris


  • Zaptor99

    Do you have to have an NFC enabled SIM Card?

    • Igor Bonifacic

      No, you don’t need a NFC SIM card.

  • Thomas C. Riddell

    Royal won’t use Android pay have there own system

  • RS

    What about transferring cash to someone else?
    Apple pay does this right?

    • It’s Me

      Not yet for Apple Pay afaik. Rumours that it was being added to iMessage but nothing yet.

    • Brad Fortin

      Siri can send money, but it’s limited to RBC so far.

    • It’s Me

      Yeah but that’s a Siri integration with the banking app, not Apple Pay. The rumour was Apple Pay transfers through iMessage.

    • Brad Fortin

      Ah. I guess we’ll find out Monday at the earliest if the rumours are true.

  • Canadiana Jones

    Not that I want Android Pay, but the rule of thumb is to unlock bootloader first minute you get the phone, in order to avoid complete data wipe is you decide to do it later.

  • RG

    So …. when is Windows Pay coming?

  • Benoit Bourdua

    Unable to add cards.

    Nexus 5, unlocked, freshly wiped with Magisk installed.

    Passes safetynet but every card I try to add is rejected.

  • Paul Ber

    Loyalty card scan, either adds more digits at end or begining of digits?

    Scene added C1 to begining.
    Air miles added a 6 to the end.

    Is that ok?