Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ do not support Google’s Daydream VR platform

Daydream galaxy s8 support

Daydream View owners might be upset to learn that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ will not support Google’s Daydream VR headset, according to VRHeads.

Although it may come as a surprise to some, when attempting to download the Daydream app on the S8 or S8+ to use it with Samsung’s Gear VR headset, you’ll receive an error message. It’s not as if the S8 or S8+ is incapable of supporting Daydream given both new flagship devices are powerful and meet all the requirements for the Daydream platform.

Samsung’s Gear VR is far more developed and has a wider range of content on it when compared to Google’s relatively recently released Daydream service. However, it’s important to keep in mind that Daydream has only been out for less than half a year and that Google, as well as third-party developers, have been releasing software for the headset at a rapid pace.

According to VRHeads, Galaxy S8 and S8+ users may be able to use Daydream, though doing so may void the device’s warranty.  There is apparently a single line of code that prevents Galaxy S8 owners from using Daydream headsets. To access the code you need root access to the S8 or S8+.

Samsung is currently offering a special promotion in Canada where all customers who pre-order the phone will get a free Gear VR.

Source: VRHeads