Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Continuum-like DeX HDMI dock leaks

Galaxy S8 dock

There has been no shortage of S8 leaks in the weeks leading up to the launch of Samsung’s next smartphone.

Now, just one week out, images of the DeX HDMI dock have surfaced on a site called WinFuture. The dock is designed to take advantage of the phone’s computing power and turn it into a lightweight PC.

The dock, which itself is foldable, features a USB-C port on top. This port provides a data and power connection to the smartphone. The back of the dock has an HDMI port for sending content to a monitor or TV screen, two full-size USB 2.0 ports, Ethernet and a fan to keep the phone cool.

Galaxy S8 Dock 

According to the leak, the dock is capable of outputting an impressive 4K at 30fps. Apparently, the dock also activates a desktop-friendly UI when hooked up to a monitor called “Samsung Galaxy Desktop.” This model will also reportedly be priced at €149, or $214.47 Canadian.

Source: WinFuture

Via: 9to5google