Google marks Mobile World Congress with several announcements about AR and VR

Google Cardboard

Google recently announced at Mobile World Congress 2017 that the number of Google Cardboard viewers shipped has surpassed 10 million.

Google launched Google Cardboard in 2014, and since then, there have been over 160 million downloads of cardboard apps, and more than 30 of those apps have over 1 million downloads.

As part of this announcement, Google also introduced Sky VR to its Cardboard platform, which joins the ranks of Hulu, Netflix and HBO (Hulu and HBO aren’t available in Canada). The Sky app makes available a wide range of 360 degree video including “Star Wars: Red Carpet,” “Anthony Joshua—Becomng World Champion,” and clips from “The Jungle Book.”

On the augmented reality side of things however, Google has another announcement to make. Several groups, including The Sims app, the Chelsea FC app Chelsea Kicker, and the Wall Street Journal app WSJ AR are coming to Google’s Tango technology.

Each app allows the user to try out new AR functionalities with their smartphone. The Sims app, for example, lets players use their phone to travel around the Sims house while WSJ AR lets users visualize stock trends.

No announcements regarding the timeline and availability of these new features were confirmed.

Source: Google