Bell offers 10GB of data for $25 to new BYOD customers in Quebec


  • It’s Me

    “as a result of coordinated behaviour among Bell, TELUS and Rogers, mobile wireless prices in Canada are higher in regions where Bell, TELUS and Rogers do not face competition from a strong regional competitor. Conversely, the Bureau concluded that where Bell, TELUS and Rogers face competition from a strong regional competitor, prices are substantially lower. The Bureau concluded that the lower prices are caused by the presence of a strong regional competitor who can disrupt the effects of coordination among Bell, TELUS and Rogers.”

    Government is fully aware of collusion between the big 3 and the effect of of lack of competition. Until they actually do something, there will be special pricing in areas with a strong regional competitor, like Quebec or Sask and the rest of Canada gets screwed.

    • Techguru86

      We are starting to see this happening because of Shaw buying out Freedom and finally putting out Everywhere plans and LTE

    • It’s Me

      See what? Seems they are still collaborating to gouge everywhere except areas with an independent regional player.

    • Techguru86

      If people were calling into retention at Fido, they were trying to price match the LTE plan with 6gbs

    • Scott

      It’s happening in Quebec because Videotron is the strong fourth player in that market.

    • David

      And remember, residents of Ontario, BC and other non-competitive markets are funding (through price-gouging) the big three to undercut competition in these smaller markets inhibiting their ability to grow and compete.

    • It’s Me

      Yup but not just undercutting, but eliminating. We funded Bell buying up and killing MTS.

    • Techguru86

      That’s why people need to start supporting Videotron and Freedom, the only competition against the Big 3 and now that freedom is owned by Shaw, the network has vastly been improving since. And the Everywhere plans stick it to the Big 3

    • David

      Yup, that is the eventual outcome. Beat them down and then buy them up.

    • Andrew

      The government/Competition Bureau is fully aware of the collusion and even state a strong regional competitor keeps the costs down (like you mentioned) and then they let a strong regional competitor, MTS, get sucked into the big three. In short, the Competition Bureau is a joke.

  • Techguru86

    So if they can offer this in Que, why isn’t the CRTC mandating that they be made available across Canada ?

    • Warren Chang

      Because they’re getting paid more by Robelus to keep prices high elsewhere

  • Benoit Bourdua

    they will raise prices in a few months when no one’s looking. not biting this time.

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  • alexb88

    Videotron’s deal is better and cheaper than this…

  • vn33

    Ontario is the milk cow for big corps!!

  • AppleBerrySandwich

    Wow – great deal.


  • Jesse

    Wow that’s a disgusting deal…. lol

  • Eluder

    Man we need this type of plans here in Ontario. Why do we get bent over on everything?

    • Scott

      because Videotron exists in Quebec

  • phatboy66

    Glad to be in Montreal! We the best

  • jay

    That’s a deal. However I have the fido 6GB plan and barley get 4GB. 10GB is really a lot data. But still it is bell

    • Andrew Brown

      Are you with bell? If you are how much are you paying if you don’t mind me asking?

  • Miles

    Anyone know if this can be hacked to use in Alberta like the Saskatchewan 5gb plan?

  • Ron S

    This is why we need more national competition.

    • Yeas

      Sadly, that’ll just make it more expensive in Manitoba/Sask/Quebec, not lower prices for the rest of us.

  • Chris Chen

    should’ve moved to quebec

  • Jason

    This is really painful when in Ontario a “deal” is an extra GB or more minutes on your $70/mo plan

  • Mike Driehuis

    There are guys on kijiji who sell Quebec plans for cheap. I live in Ontario and just got 8gb for $55 with Koodo and I kept my number. I could have done it with my own device but I chose to upgrade to iphone SE so i pay an extra $21 / month for the phone. I was with Bell before, they wanted more than double that. I paid an $80 fee for this and it was all done over text.


    SWEET! Can one bring a Z10?