Microsoft drops prices on the Surface Pro 4 by up to $350


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  • Jesse

    That’s nice to see.. Although I think I’ll be picking up the Acer Switch Alpha 12 from Costco for $909 soon here… 🙂

    Still quite the savings from the Surface equivalent “The Intel Core i5/256GB/8GB RAM model is now $1,449”

    Plus the Acer comes with the keyboard cover, although the battery only averages about 4.5 hours.

  • MXM4K

    My surface pro 2 is still running well, and I enjoy it very much as a hybrid device. The SP4 is even better in every way, a friend of mine owns one, and he also loves it.

    It’s an amazing device if you have the need for one. Most people don’t need THAT much power in a portable hybrid device. But as this is my only ‘laptop’ like device, I enjoy having the extra power.

  • Shogun

    One of the best computers on the market hands down as I write this on an SP4 now. 😉

    • Rev0lver

      The surface is junk. How much did Nadella pay you to write that. Lol

    • >I don’t like something, therefore it’s junk

    • Rev0lver

      That’s Shogun’s logic (I actually think the Surface line is great).