Apple Music gift cards now available at the Apple Store

Three-month and 12-month cards — priced at $29.97 and $99, respectively — are now available at Apple Stores across Canada, and they’re not just a way to get an Apple Music subscription without a credit card.

Purchasing the 12-month gift card from Apple, consumers pay about $8.25 per month to access the service. That is, they pay less than the standard $9.99 month-to-month cost. When everything is said and done, Canadian consumers can expect to save about $21, or 17.5 percent, off the regular price of Apple Music should they decide to purchase the 12-month card.

Apple Music Giftcard

According to iPhone in Canada, the prices printed on the gift cards are typos. Image courtesy of iPhone in Canada reader Daniel.

Despite early shortcomings, Apple Music has managed to build up a solid 15-million user subscription base, in part thanks to a generous three-month free trial month period. A revamped version of the Apple Music app will launch alongside iOS 10, which should come out in the next few weeks.