Your Android phone will notify you the next time a new device accesses your Google account

Android Access Notifications

Google is rolling out a new update to Android smartphones it hopes will help users keep their Google accounts safe and secure.

The next time a new device accesses their Google account, Android users will get a notification on their smartphone or tablet, telling them about the activity.

Expanding the notification provides information on what type of device tried to access your account and its IP address, as well as when and where the login came from. Users also have the option to secure their account if they believe it’s at risk.

In its own testing, Google says Android users were up to four times as likely to review the information shown in these notifications as they were the same information presented in an email.

Like most of Google’s server side updates, it’s going to take some time before all Android users have access to this functionality. According to the search giant, the update is gradually rolling out to users across the globe over the next two weeks.