Pope Francis is now on Instagram


  • philnolan3d

    Not if it means supporting facebook.

  • I thought this was Mobile Syrup, not random internet garbage.

    • Patrick O’Rourke

      Oh no, is Instagram no longer a mobile app? Someone should have told us!

    • slothmang

      Don’t feed the trolls, they thrive on attention

    • It seemed sorta superficial yesterday, but I forgot how influential the pope is. I take what I said back.

  • Jack

    I don’t give s**t for any religion or religion leaders. Religion is a form of control for idi*ts.

  • OttoVonBismarck

    Maybe if the Catholic Church also decided to join the 21st century with some of their dogmatic thinking when it comes to social issues like the ordaining of women priests, abortion, euthanasia, and same sex marriage they’d look more relevant. Instagramming, Facebooking and Tweeting means nothing and doesn’t make an archaic institution any more relevant. Sorry.

  • Jonah Emery

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words, will I guess a Papal Instagram is worth a thousand fairy tales.

  • jar jar

    This comment section is so edgy

  • fruvous

    Can’t wait to see nude selfies of the pope.