SyrupCast 61: I choose you Pepper and rate plan saltiness


  • BriniaSona

    Being able to use a to visa debit with the td App would be nice. But I guess they just want you to have a credit card for obvious reasons.

  • George

    Much better audio this week. Good job!

  • danakin

    Almost got thrown for a loop when I didn’t hear Cory Joseph from the opening tip.

    Mobile payments discussion; where we learned that Igor is a highly disorganized gent. The promise of mobile payments is big and the trio pointed out how education and especially ease of use (reducing friction for both consumers and merchants) are going to be the key to mass adoption. Excellent points were made all around throughout the segment and, as a listener, I learned something; that’s the value proposition so many of podcasts miss.

    Wind’s acquisition by Shaw was up next. A quick Wind history lesson and some conjecture on what Wind might do next and a possible name change to Shaw Mobile. For someone who has allegedly done a lot of writing on the matter, there wasn’t a lot of meat on the bones. Overall the segment was a little flat and left me wanting more.

    Pepper moves like Jagger. Inside joke? Lame joke? Not exactly sure. This is where Ian quarterbacked the show and, unfortunately, unless you were “in” there wasn’t much to substance to it. The narrative should have been better anchored in exposition. It was informative yet floating – not really connecting on its own merits. I’ll chalk this misstep to the new format still finding its legs. Igor salvaged the segment somewhat when he speculated on the social aspect of roboticizing interactions.

    Rate plans, Canada’s mobile pain in the posterior. Excellent discussion on the Big Three’s obfuscation of the mobile landscape. Revealing and intelligently discussed.

    Revealing discussion on accessibility and how the carrier(s) are/will market their devices and plans to yet another segment. As the population ages in our digital reality this makes sense and is inevitable. Kudos to the three for talking about this

    Not sure if any of the three hosts is yet at Daniel’s level as a moderator. The personalities are somewhat vanilla but thankfully the content clearly rises well above the charisma vacuum.

    This week’s show gets a 7.8 SMSPR (Subjective MobileSyrup Podcast Review) score. Despite some chatty background noise at times, everyone came through loud and clear.