Nintendo’s second smartphone game will feature a ‘familiar character’


  • I love how the picture has emulators on it, the very apps used to pirate said games with familiar characters 😛

    • heynow00

      That’s like saying torrents are only used for pirating. It can be done, but it’s not the only use.

      Roms are backups, nothing wrong with it if you own a copy of the game already.

    • Well obviously… 😛

      Picture this. You get stopped by a cop walking down the street, In your pockets he finds car burglary tools. You explain to him that you only carry them in case you lose your keys. Not a compelling argument is it.

      So technically you’re right, but 99.8% of the people who posses such tools aren’t using them legally.

    • Laer

      Where I’m from those tools are illegal to carry without a license.

      This analogy is just another stawman argument.

    • Very true. But any way you look at it ROMs violate various copyrights.