BlackBerry launches month-long sale and bundles free accessories with Priv and Passport purchases


  • Joey N.

    Today ^^^

  • Surveillance

    Priv needs to drop $200

    • it will in 6 months

    • El Capitan Morgan

      I’ll wait until they throw in Priv for free when you buy a 39.99 charger.

    • AppleBerrySandwich

      $600-700 on Priv and I will buy. $899 is too rich, I can’t justify over $1000 with tax.

  • St. Misery

    They’re really serious about keeping that Priv at 900 huh? No matter 600, 700, 900, nobody’s giving much of a damn, it’ll show in their next quarterly report.

    • Rumble and Sway

      Yup. This company is a joke. Shareholders going to be in for rude awakening next quarter for sure.

    • AppleBerrySandwich

      Blame the CAD to some degree. It’s $700 in the US. Keep in mind you can buy it from a carrier for around $800 (a little cheaper).

    • Cyrus Wu

      they are canadian, and they want to screw us over

  • Rumble and Sway

    LOL. Another one of Chens famous accessory giveaways to boost flagging sales.

    • St. Misery

      As lame as this promo is I hardly believe it was signed off personally by JC. He’s got big issues to tend to.

    • Rumble and Sway

      Actually I think Chen is more involved than you realize. That’s why the company is such a clusterf8ck

    • robinottawa

      You sound like a market analyst. I’ve certainly never heard of any other company binding accessories….er, wait.

  • rtech

    Only seems to be available in the U.S.

  • Francis Gauthier

    Available in Canada. You can also use this promo code for a extra 15% off (oa7wmih9h or wrm7wy44x ) Pretty good deal.

    • Austin

      not working for it

    • robinottawa

      15%!!? That’s a lot!!

  • hardy83

    I wouldn’t mind this phone but I can buy a Nexus 6p for $700 CAD. The price is too restrictive for me. $200 is a pretty big difference for two pieces of hardware that are very similar.

    • AppleBerrySandwich

      Exactly – $700 for a Priv and I’m in. I have played with one several times and I love it. $1000 with tax is just too much though.

    • robinottawa

      Let alone a nexus 6.

  • gommer strike

    Don’t get sneaky guys.

    Don’t be buying the Priv, getting the accessories for free, then refunding the Priv and proceeding to resell the accessories on Craigslist. Please don’t do that.

  • robinottawa

    While supplies last? Heh, I assume they mean the accessories.

  • Jo

    I was a Blackberry fan until last month. BB10 is now a mess, apps are even less available, and if they are, haven’t been updated in months and are barely usable, with no fix in sight… I had to jump ship, and lose the little hope I had left for the company. 1 year ago I would have recommended BB10 phones to anyone, but today? I am typing this comment from an Asus ZenFone 2, so you tell me.