Telus enables LTE speeds for customers roaming in the United States and Internationally


  • St. Misery

    Finally no more 3G on AT&T!

    • cayaguy

      You don’t have to choose AT&T. T-Mobile has WAAAAYY faster LTE Speeds all over the USA.

    • St. Misery

      But no coverage outside major urban areas. T-Mobile is the worst for those US road trips.

    • cayaguy

      Dunno what planet ur on. I’ve traveled across the USA recently and used t mobile. Had coverage everywhere co workers on Verizon had. Don’t be a hater.

  • Crafter’s Imagework

    Great! Now customers can enjoy the entire 20MB roaming pack at LTE speed! Sweet!

    • Kyle709

      If you have been watching you can now roam with your plan for $7 a day in the states. Maybe not the best for long trips but that means you can actually use the LTE speeds without a huge data package.

  • SeriouslyThinkAboutIt

    I’ll stick with Roam for $4 a day and LTE.

  • Andrew English

    $7 a day is still too much. I get unlimited roaming in Canada and in the USA for far less.