Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 Plus Camera Shootout

iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy S6

There’s no better way to compare two devices’ cameras than with a good old fashioned shootout.

On the heels of our Samsung Galaxy S6 review, we pin the newcomer against incumbent photo champ, the iPhone 6 Plus. The Galaxy S6 sports a 16:9 16MP sensor with an F1.9 lens; the iPhone 6 Plus has a 4:3 8MP sensor with an F2.2 lens. Both devices offer optical image stabilization.

The results are both surprising and reassuring. Both devices have fantastic sensors and high-quality optics, but each are superior in several categories depending on the lighting or subject.

Top: Galaxy S6
Bottom: iPhone 6 Plus

Note: The Galaxy S6 has a wide-angle lens with a slightly wider and longer focal length than the iPhone 6 Plus. As a result, some photos taken from the same distance look like the iPhone 6 Plus was closer to the subject.



Galaxy S6 – outdoor daylight

Photo 2015-03-17, 6 58 29 PM

iPhone 6 Plus – outdoor daylight

Both devices handle the variety of colours and shadow quite well. You’ll see this trend throughout the comparison, but the S6 manages colour quite differently than the iPhone 6 Plus — it tends to produce warmer hues, with reds and yellows emphasized next to the iPhone’s more neutral blue and green white balance.


You can see this perhaps most starkly in the way both devices handle a simple daylight shot with a foreground subject, in this a red wall and street lamp, with blue sky background. I took the shot several times, in fact, but the S6 came out fuzzy every time.

The iPhone not only renders the blue sky more vividly, with a richer, more accurate hue, but you can see far more detail around the bricks themselves, which on the Galaxy tend to fade into one another.


Galaxy S6 – outdoor daylight

Photo 2015-03-19, 2 15 46 PM

iPhone 6 Plus – outdoor daylight

Galaxy S6

Galaxy S6

iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 Plus


At an equal crop, it’s clear just how much more detail is captured from the 16MP rear sensor on the Galaxy S6: letters are more legible, and there is considerably less grain. The S6 does expose some of its sharpening — the white “halos” around the text — but as we’ll see in a future comparison, it’s a lot more subtle than on previous Galaxy devices.



Galaxy S6 – outdoor HDR

Photo 2015-03-20, 11 51 27 AM

iPhone 6 Plus – outdoor HDR

HDR works really well on both devices. The Galaxy S6 has a slight edge thanks to its higher-resolution sensor, as smaller details, like the branches on the tree, are more easily resolved.


Galaxy S6 – outdoor twilight

Photo 2015-03-18, 7 26 59 PM

iPhone 6 Plus – outdoor twilight

In this dimly lit outdoor shot, both devices perform well, but the Galaxy S6’s sensor picks up more detail, as seen in the clearer edges around the letters on the wall.



Galaxy S6 – indoor natural light

Photo 2015-03-17, 12 35 03 PM

iPhone 6 Plus – indoor natural light

Moving indoors, we see the iPhone 6 Plus tends to handle the natural lighting a bit better, but it overexposes parts of the wall, resulting in a less pleasing photo than the Galaxy S6.


Galaxy S6 – indoor natural low-light

Photo 2015-03-18, 7 31 17 PM

iPhone 6 Plus – indoor natural low-light

The Galaxy S6 impresses with the amount of detail it captures, but is once again felled by its overly-warm white balance, which emphasizes reds and yellows over the greens and blues in the scene.


Galaxy S6 – indoor artificial low-light

Photo 2015-03-19, 9 42 14 PM

iPhone 6 Plus – indoor artificial low-light

The limitations of the Galaxy S6’s sensor begin to show itself in this low-light indoor shot. The iPhone 6 Plus keeps its shutter open longer — 1/4 second — and limits the ISO to 500, with little apparent grain.

While the Galaxy S6 doesn’t expose EXIF data for low-light shots, the phone tries to find a balance between exposure time and sensitivity. We see less grain in the background than the iPhone, so ISO is likely around 400-500, but the the microphone and its surroundings are darker, likely because the Galaxy limits low-light shots to 1/10 second.


Galaxy S6 – indoor artificial low-light

Photo 2015-03-18, 7 30 18 PM

iPhone 6 Plus – indoor artificial low-light

Possibly one of the Galaxy S6’s worst showings, this low-light indoor shot highlights just how inconsistent the camera’s auto white balance is.



Galaxy S6 – outdoor macro

Photo 2015-03-19, 2 37 09 PM

iPhone 6 Plus – outdoor macro



Galaxy S6 – indoor macro

Photo 2015-03-18, 7 33 17 PM

iPhone 6 Plus – indoor macro


Galaxy S6 – indoor macro

Photo 2015-03-17, 12 41 11 PM

iPhone 6 Plus – indoor macro


Outdoor Winner: Galaxy S6

The Galaxy S6 uses its fast lens and extra spatial resolution to capture some phenomenal outdoor photos. Colours are accurate and generally well-balanced, with an emphasis on reds and yellows.

While the iPhone 6 Plus errs on the side of more natural, neutral tones, and produces clean, pleasant shots in the process, its 8MP sensor is often a limiting factor when trying to capture the expansiveness of a landscape. It does have the advantage of being able to better differentiate a particular subject, though.

Indoor Winner: Tie

In artificial light, the Galaxy S6 struggles with white balance, but produces photos with more detail and low amounts of grain.

The iPhone continues to better expose its subjects, with white balance that is more neutral and forgiving.

Low-light Winner: iPhone 6 Plus

While the Galaxy S6 is a big improvement over its predecessor, the 1.2um pixels in the 16MP sensor are no match for the iPhone’s 1.5um pixels. Despite a wider lens that lets in more light, the Galaxy S6 still struggles to differentiate between subjects, and there is heavy vignetting at the corners of the lens. White balance is also an issue for the Galaxy, though it can be corrected in post.

Macro Winner: Galaxy S6

The F1.9 lens in the Galaxy S6 affords it a unique ability in the smartphone space: real depth of field. While this effect may not be to everyone’s tastes (and can be manually changed through the Galaxy’s Pro camera setting), the effect with macro shots is just wonderful.


  • JB

    The S6 crushes it. No contest.

    • Chris

      Really? I thought the the iPhone had most of the better pictures, unfortunately. Hopefully the next Nexus has a very serious camera for once. The Nexus 6 isn’t bad, but nowhere near my friends iPhone 6.

    • Croc Ography

      Seriously? Look again! There is no freaking way you can say this.

    • Karl Dagenais

      White balance is often off. In low light the iPhone clearly wins, though the S6 gives good results. S6 wins in the amount of details thanks to the number of pixels.

    • kickmetwice

      u on drugs. S6 was probably somewhat sharper but color wise the iphone was better. I mean look at that 2nd shot of the sky and brick wall, S6 was brutal…

    • JohnMiller2013

      Are you crazy?? CLEARLY the phone that I feel better about is better in EVERY way!

    • Pumpkin King

      That’s a specific example of where the S6 is warmer. It does nothing for overall photos. U on drugs?

    • It’s Me

      No way? In some, the S6 was clearly better but not all.

    • R2-D2

      Funny. There was a blind comparison in PhoneArena on the Nexus 6 camera vs iPhone 6 camera. 70% of the participants chose Nexus 6’s pictures over the iPhone 6’s (The participants didn’t know the devices at the time of the polling).. After PhoneArena mentioned both of the devices, people just changed their opinions and said that the iPhone 6 is better..

    • Chris

      That’s interesting. I try to have zero bias towards brands and consider “fanboys” a joke. Who falls in love with a brand as much as to preach it with extreme bias? I’m merely stating my opinion. And I’m much more a fan of Android anyways.

      From the pictures above, the colors look so much better from the iPhone. Look at thebsky and brick picture. The S6 looks dull. Higher definition because of the image sensor, but so what if it doesn’t look good. The S6 wins indoor, minus that microphone pic, but the iPhone wasn’t lacking indoor as much as the S6 outdoor.

      Not sure about this PhoneArena comparison, but this is my opinion on these pics here, and after comparing pictures with my friend who owns the iPhone, my Nexus 6 is lacking too; not that it’s a bad.

    • R2-D2

      Referring to this article, the 1st, 3rd, and 4th picture looks better on the S6 (Outdoor pics). In the 1st pic, you can tell that the red plastic in the top flowers are more ‘red’ than the ones in iPhone 6 plus’ picture. In other words, the red looks better in the S6’s picture.

      In the 3rd picture, the iPhone 6 + is a little dull.. It is that obvious you can tell from the left side of the pic. The black trash can is also a bit more ‘yellow’ in the iPhone 6 plus’ pic.

      In the 4th picture, the writing ‘Falafel Queen’ and ‘Queens Fruit Market’ in S6’s picture shows a better yellow than the yellow in the iPhone 6 plus’ pic. The yellow in the S6’s picture is clearly better.

      Referring to the article in PA i saw a few months ago, if 70% of the participants picked the Nexus 6’s picture, then it is clear that the Nexus 6 takes better pictures because its pictures satisfies many participants. That is why the Nexus 6 is the winner. Probably you are one of those ‘30%’ who states the opposite…

    • Chris

      Guess so. It’s all subjective anyways. Maybe this crappy Pentile display is warping the perspective. And hopefully the next Nexus is LG again, with a camera better than both of these anways.

    • R2-D2

      Yeah. From what I saw, a lab test’s conclusion is that the only phone with neutral screens are the Note 4 and S6. All other screens have a little color in them.

    • JohnMiller2013

      I think the real question is which one is more accurate. Sometimes a dull picture is a more accurate one.

    • Kaostheory

      These comparisons (colour wise) have a huge flaw. I can adjust my white balance on my Z3 screen, that obviously changes the pictures I’m viewing. Without knowing if the screen your using is perfectly calibrated how can you make an informed decision?

    • R2-D2

      These comparisons are not flawed. If you compare a single picture on two devices, then that comparison would be flawed, because the white balance of those screens are different. But if you upload it to one place, then that comparison is not flawed because the color coding in the picture is the same. Colored screens, White Balance, etc. won’t affect the color coding on a certain picture.

    • Kaostheory

      That’s the problem everyone is comparing using different screens.

    • R2-D2

      There is actually no difference (in terms of comparison) if you viewed this comparison from any device. Either way, whether you viewed this comparison from an S5, S6, iPhone 6, XZ3, Moto X, etc. the results will be the similar. One picture will be slightly warmer or cooler than the other. Screen colors don’t effect color coding, hence the color difference in all of these pictures taken from two devices won’t change. Since pictures from both devices were uploaded to this site, the color difference found between these pictures are legit. So if I, for example, say that the S6 pictures are warmer than the iPhone 6 pictures on this website from a laptop, the results will also be the same if I viewed this website on any other device.

      The only thing different is if you see these pictures individually. You, for example, would probably see red while in another device, you would see maroon. But comparison results will stay the same, as both pictures from both devices would be affected by screen colors, hence whatever difference you see on this website from your phone, that difference would also be visible and similar on this website when viewed from any other phones.

    • Orion4tech

      iphone pics will always be less sharp and have less detail because of the 8mp sensor limitations.
      The thing is on a bigger screen(monitor, TV and even Laptop) sharper and more detailed photos look better, that is a fact. If you watch the picture on the phone yes it looks amazing but on a bigger screen not really. That’s why I use at least 4k pictures for may desktop background, they simple look better on my 24″ 1080p display that a native 1080p picture would look.

    • Pumpkin King

      Except the iPhone white balance is not spot on either and is sometimes a tad cold the same way the S6 can be a tad warm

    • Lee Long

      The funny part to me is that I think – overall – the S6 won, however I also am surprised by how poorly the 6Plus shot in a few instances. I know it can do better. I’m an Android fan all the way, but really respect the Camera on the iphone. The other thing that I never agree with folks on is the color of the sky from the iphone. It always looks way too “purple” to me. I think the S6 sky might look washed out, but more realistic…Sometimes the sky is washed out…

    • d a

      Crushes? Not really, frankly neither were great but S6 was more crisp in most shots. Hard to say which one was more colour accurate without being there yourself to judge it.

    • Tech_Ninja

      Exactly. We don’t know how any of these scenes look in person. That’s why I said the comparison was pointless.

    • It’s Me

      Shocker. I thought you’d vote iphone.

      Though realistically, it doesn’t really matter what was presented. I think you’d rather eat your own a*s than admit the iPhone was better.

    • Chris H

      There is contest, buy again most of it is preference. Some people prefer warmer photos. Some people prefer sharper, more contrasting photos. However, in this particular article, the S6 won in terms of camera quality. This is expected; Samsung has twice the amount of megapixels as Apple in terms of rear cameras.

    • JohnMiller2013

      MP != camera quality.
      I don’t think the differences seen here are big enough to warrant choosing one phone over the other. Anyone wanting good pictures will use a DSLR. These phone cameras both do a good job of capturing quick images from our lives.

    • RoboBonobo

      For me it comes down to one thing: do I want to be able to see the pictures taken in low light? If that’s the case, go for the iPhone. The rest of the shots came down to superficial subjective preferences with no clear winner. They’re both decent cameras in normal light, but in low light there’s no question it’s the iPhone that won.

    • Nadefrenzy

      I think the white auto color balance can be fixed with software updates. However, the lack of detail that the iPhone has in low light shots can’t be fixed. I’d give the S6 the win especially considering the final retail phone isn’t even out yet.

    • Marc Palumbo

      I can see Brad and It’s Me having a serious stroke by these comments

    • It’s Me

      Nah, no stroke. Objectively, it’s a great camera on the S6. It makes sense that many people will prefer it over the iPhone.

      Having said, idiotic comments like “The S6 crushes it. No contest.”, well, that’s nothing to get upset about. It’s just like BJ always saying that Windows Phone is for soft headed monkeys. You have to take his comments with the giant grain of salt they demand. He always meant for the BJ avatar to be more of a parody than anything else. How else does one explain the nonsense he posts? 😉

    • Marc Palumbo

      Listen, we’re all fanboys in one way or another. Being a fandroid is like be a carnivorous meat eater and being an iSheep is like being a feminist vegan. They will clash and dumb comments will be made. And I’m here eating my popcorn. And as you know, I hate any Apple products, but I find most of these comments entertaining. keep it coming

  • Tmack

    Good comparison. Nice to see how they stack up side by side

    • BB BB

      A good comparison would be the regular iphone 6 since most galaxy users arent phablet users.

    • MassDeduction

      ‘Tis true that the iPhone 6 is a closer match to the form factor of the S6.

    • Obaid Ansari

      It actually wouldn’t make sense to compare with iPhone 6. For example, the 6 Plus has OIS and so does S6 (iPhone 6 does not). Form factor doesn’t have anything to do with comparing cameras.

    • jeneral

      No it makes perfect sense. The S6 and IPhone 6 are similar form factors. It doesn’t matter if the iPhone 6 has OIS or not. If due to the lack of OIS the Iphone 6 pictures aren’t as good, then so be it. No need to skew a review to make a product appear better than it is.

    • Orion4tech

      And if you have an i6 what good does it do testing the i6+??
      The i6+ should be compared to the Note 4.

    • Obaid Ansari

      It actually wouldn’t make sense to compare with iPhone 6. For example, the 6 Plus has OIS and so does S6 (where as the iPhone 6 does not). Form factor doesn’t have anything to do with comparing cameras.

    • seattle tech

      You actually don’t make any sense. The iphone 6 competes with the s6 as the iphone 6 plus competes with the note 4. With your logic they should compare a dslr to the iphone 6 because they are comparing cameras.

  • Karl Dagenais

    Awesome work Daniel. Any opinion about shutter speed? I’m hesitating between the S6 and Z3/Z4, two completely different devices, but I’m mostly interested in which one can take the best (less blurry) pictures of my young sons indoors… something my G2 has great trouble with because of shutter lag.


    • I’ve got a z3 compact and love everything about it except the fact I can never get a clear shot of my kids. Always blurry and out of focus. Photos of still scenes and people that remain somewhat still are great though. My wife’s iPhone 5s (and even her old 4s) never seem to have a problem. However, I have an iPhone 6 plus too, and it is actually a huge step down from the other iPhones because apple won’t let you choose a faster shutter speed in low light and defaults to way too long of exposures to get good indoor pictures of children.

    • Karl Dagenais

      Thanks for the comment. Interesting about the 6 plus, I guess they probably put too much faith in OIS to cover for the photographer’s have shake and forgot about the subject induced motion blur…

    • Orion4tech

      I don’t know I’ve tested the 5S indoors and it does blur many pictures.
      Doesn’t the Z3 have some sport mode or something?? or you could lower the resolution of the imagine before taking it.

    • Okay, did some more playing with the Z3 compact. I originally remembered when I first got the phone that I didn’t get the greatest shots with sport mode. However, I think my expectations were just too high for a phone. Did some retesting yesterday and was able to get some well focused indoor shots of a 2 year old that runs toward the camera every time you try to take a picture. Seems to work as well as the iphone 5s and better than the 6 plus. Only annoying thing is the camera quick launch will always take you to auto mode and it takes a bunch of fiddling around to get into sport mode each time you launch.

    • Karl Dagenais

      Thanks for trying that out.

      Side note, it seems the camera will start up in auto mode if you use the button to start it, but will open in manual (or whatever else) if you use the icon

    • KiwiBri

      thanks for that info..

    • Florin Neacsu

      For indoors you need a fast shutter speed. For kids indoor you would need at least 1/60s of a second with image stabilizer. But the camera has to compensate that fast shutter with lens (which is not the case in phones due to sensor size and lens) or ISO.
      CONCLUSION: get a DSLR with a decent lens for motion indoors. Today’s phones (no mater which one) are not really up to the task… YET.

    • Karl Dagenais

      Of course, but my iPhone 4S and my parents’ iPhone 6s did/do a much better job at this than all android phones I personally tried.

      Considering the above comment, I guess I’ll go with the S6 or Z4, which should have phase detection auto focus.

    • Orion4tech

      I don’t know the Lumia 920, 925 or 930 seem to do a good job in this regard allowing you to specifically set the Shutter Speed.

    • Karl Dagenais

      Yeah but windows phones I’m not even considering due to lack of apps and high end hardware.

    • KiwiBri

      I’ve been using a LG G3 and thats been working out great, but still would like to reduce the blurry pics more when kids are moving too. I’m tempted by the S6

  • YeahRight

    Can I see all of that redone with the raw files, rather than the processed images?

    • Daniel Bader

      I’d love to, but the S6 can’t capture in RAW at the moment. The default app doesn’t support RAW capture, and none of the third-party apps support it yet (though theoretically the hardware supports it).

    • YeahRight

      Dang. I was hoping to see some real hardware measurements. Thanks for the beautiful shots, though!

    • The Dude

      Camera fv-5 will allow it, at least in DNG raw…

    • MassDeduction

      I’m curious how “incumbent photo champ, the iPhone 6 Plus” was decided. Surely the Lumia 1020, with denim (which, yes, speeds up camera start time) and Lumia Camera 5 is the smartphone photo champ? Whatever other virtues the iPhone 6 Plus offers, they don’t extend to best smartphone camera. The Lumia 1020 started off the best, and Nokia/Microsoft have kept enhancing the Lumia 1020’s firmware to keep it that way. The 2013 launch reviews don’t accurately describe the Lumia 1020’s performance in 2015, the software and firmware enhancements over the last two years have been substantial. Easily still better than the competition, from what I see.

      Fair enough that you wanted to compare two of the most recent and hottest devices on the market, but I’d recommend saying that instead.

    • Nadefrenzy

      Enough with the Lumia love already.

    • MassDeduction

      Does this translate into “I don’t like someone making an on-topic reference to a platform I’m not interested in?” Because I don’t see how the iPhone 6 Plus beats the Nokia 1520’s camera, let alone the Lumia 1020. And I don’t see why this isn’t worth commenting on.

      What’s next, referring to the iPhone 6 Plus as the BBM champ, and not referencing BlackBerry devices in the article?

    • 1020 doesn’t get the denim love. 930 got all the cool features.

    • MassDeduction

      And the 1520, yes. I thought that Denim was required for Lumia Camera 5, but perhaps I’m mistaken.

    • Will B.

      Denim doesn’t change the Lumia 1020 camera in any meaningful way. I don’t expect the Lumia 1020 to get any meaningful updates going forward. It is nearing it’s 2 year lifespan and requires special firmware for everything as it has an extra chip to process images.

    • MassDeduction

      Is Denim not required for Lumia Camera 5?

    • Will B.

      It is required, but Lumia Camera 5 is not compatible with the Lumia 1020.

  • SidMon

    Sony supplies Apple with the cameras for their ip6. In this case its the IMX220.
    Not sure if Apple makes any of the parts that go in their phones.
    Oh well….theres also chips in it from Samsung.
    Might as well put samsung and sony label by the apple label on the back of the iphone6.

    • The Dude

      You’re forgetting the biggest part of the phones internals – the SoC.

    • It’s Me

      That’s Samsung manufactured but not a Samsung design. Other companies can easily make the same part of Apple but almost none can make enough of them except Samsung.

    • Will B.

      Intel could, but chooses not to.

    • It’s Me

      Yup. Might not look good for intel to fab ARM chips that perform better than their own, even for someone else.

    • Will B.

      Intel fabs ARM chips today for Altera. Intel charges a huge premium because they have a big tech advantage on fab process, and mobile phone makers just don’t have the margins to pay for it.

    • bondosho

      And I’ll hand it to Apple, they have some of the best, most consistent post processing on the market. I’m looking forward to using Camera FV-5 with the S6, and seeing what kind of shots I get.

    • bondosho

      The Samsung uses the IMX240. No one really knows what Sony sensor the iPhone is using (I think it might be custom). The IMX220 is a 20.7mp sensor. The only pic where I can see the iPhone being the clear winner, is the 2nd pic. The f1.9 might just be letting in a little to much light on that shot, and for some reason it went into it’s depth of field programming, and frankly produced a terrible shot. IMHO, the low light indoor shot looks much more natural on the S6. Anyway, seems to can’t really go wrong with either. But I’ll be getting the S6.

  • BB BB

    For a fair test it should have been the 6 vs s6 not the plus since most s6 buyers are non phablet users

    • Karl Dagenais

      True. Not a big difference between 6 VS 6 plus though. It’s also a compliment to compare the S6 to the best.

    • MassDeduction

      But they didn’t compare the S6 to the Lumia 1020 w/denim and Lumia Camera 5. *THAT* is the best when it comes to smartphone photography.

    • framing god

      We’re talking about phones that people actually buy. Does the Nokia run windows?

    • MassDeduction

      Wow, if you have to ask….

      The article’s not talking about phones that people actually buy, it’s talking about best in class camera phones. If the article wants to limit it to just the best cameras of the popular models, then it could say that instead. That’s not what it said, though. 🙂

    • ShaBi

      The 6 doesn’t have ISO. Besides, they are comparing the camera, not the phone, so it only makes sense they compare using the 6+ with similar features.

    • Mohsen

      Doesn’t have ISO? lol my 5S does. The only difference between the two is dig photo stabilizer.

    • ShaBi

      You are absolutely correct. I just realized I made an embarrassing mistake.

    • Obaid Ansari

      you should have said OIS. iPhone 6 doesn’t have that.

    • Obaid Ansari

      It actually wouldn’t make sense to compare with iPhone 6. For example, the 6 Plus has OIS and so does S6 (where as the iPhone 6 does not). Form factor doesn’t have anything to do with comparing cameras.

  • Steve

    Um, doesn’t the S6 have the same camera as the Note 4???

    • Karl Dagenais

      Same sensor, not same lens, possibly different algorithms.


    Daniel, I roam the Web a lot especially on tech news articles and review sites. I must say that your initial review article of the S6 and now this photo shootout between the two top tier devices are probably the best at the moment. Great job and please keep this high level of writing… Thanks.

    • Honesty007

      In other words, you support the one site so far that seemingly comes close to your point of view!

    • Honesty007

      I didn’t know we were allowed to up-vote ourselves. Are you that desperate for up-votes?

  • Thomas Milne

    Why are none of the objects captured the same distance/angle/light? I have a bit of understanding for outside pictures of moving objects, but to create shots without setting the frame to match seems unfair for both devices. The crop example is a good example of this.

    I hope you are not just holding the phones with your hands and quickly tapping the capture button.

    • thomas nguyen

      I think they stated why the distance and angle and light may be different: The Galaxy S6 has a wide-angle lens with a slightly wider and longer focal length than the iPhone 6 Plus. As a result, some photos taken from the same distance look like the iPhone 6 Plus was closer to the subject.

  • Shaq Cooper

    Obviously a samsung fanboy wrote this article, cause those pictures above the iPhone 6 plus had way better pics. Clearly.

    • Honesty007

      So by extension, can we say an Apple/iPhone fanatic is making this statement?

    • Shaq Cooper

      No we can say anybody with eyes can see which pictures look the best, not samsung spec junkies the go by what the read on a box.

    • FlamesFan89

      Actually, in the past, Daniel had shown a tendancy to lean towards Apple products.

      Secondly, I found many of the S6 pictures far more pleasing than the iPhone photos. That includes the low light ones that Daniel sided with the iPhone for. The iPhone may have produced better technical photos in low light, but I found those by the S6 to be more dramatic, interesting, and pleasing to the eye.

    • neo905

      Daniel a Samsung fanboy? You must be new here….

    • keithtae

      What? Daniel is a samsung fan? Lol you have no idea he was and maybe still is the biggest Apple fanboy on this site! Are you new? Lol

  • Andrew English

    First phone camera’s are more just point and cameras than anything else. You can’t really nit pick on the for how they under expose or over expose the picture. If you really want a “REAL” camera go buy a DSLR then we can talk about all the finer details. But comparing them on a phone is just pointless.

    • thomas nguyen

      no, comparing a point and shoot on a phone is not pointless, as most people wont be carrying a dslr around for their daily needs. sure this is no professional photograph, but it is the go to device to take every day pictures.
      complaining reviews on photo quality on a phone on a mobile phone site is useless. I’m sure many here, myself included use photo quality as a premise for selecting one device over another.

    • Joseph

      I agree with you on that Thomas as a photographer I don’t want to have to carry my DSLR on every trip I go on….like to pick up a pair of jeans sometimes just pulling out your phone to get that perfect shot is what you need to get it done but some people don’t understand that.

  • thomas nguyen

    I dont think the 970 iphone 6 plus is the starting price. $750 is the price for s6, but when the 6+ came out, it was $820 iirc

  • Lyndon Boychuk

    This should have been another blind poll to let us decide which pics were better first…to reduce fan boys from just picking their favorite brands regardless of quality.

  • Charly Hiebert

    Again a great article but why is there no mention of shutter speed and examples of action photography? Does no one care about how well the camera will preform with shots of kids or pets?

  • marshallpower

    It’s weird, in the S6 Review, photos looked much better, and I don’t feel like visiting Toronto with these kinds of pictures. Must be something better out there no…everyday type of pics we might take…

    also Samsung claims the video in low light is way better than the iPhone so that’s a real plus…

  • Humberto Giambrone

    Interesting. Both cameras have their strengths.

    I think if iPhone had the same resolution to capture sharper detail, it would be a clear winner imo. I prefer the strengths of the iPhone slightly to the strengths of the G6. You really can’t go wrong either way, both cameras perform well for what they are, comes down to personal preference.

    For those saying it should’ve been iPhone 6 instead of the plus, I disagree, I want to see the best of what the two companies have to offer at the moment.

  • danielsba

    The Galaxy S6 crushes it. No contest is needed.

    iPhone 6 F/2.2 < Galaxy S6 F/1.9: Indoor & Low-light Winner – Galaxy S6
    iPhone 6 8M & small sensor & small lens < Galaxy 16M & large sensor & large lens: All image quality winner – Galaxy S6

    Even a real novice in photography and optics knows what the better camera is.

    Adding this, iPhone's camera does not support OIS (Optical image stabilization) for video recording, which is another crucial factor.

    • neo905

      The iPhone 6+ supports OIS just not the regular 6.

    • iTardsgoaway

      Not for video recording. Just pics.

    • mega

      No OIS for video.. Interesting. I didn’t know that. Also no 4k right?

    • kahiri78

      No need to put on specs here. On paper specs doesn’t always equals to real life results. “Real photographers” know that
      for the sake of comparison between these two phones, both have strength and weakness. There is no way a true photographer would simply say “S6 crushes it-no contest needed”.

      All samples clearly shows one brand win some, while the other one win some-though personally I admit the ‘wins’ more towards S6 & I personally prefer details on S6 more than 6 plus. (I’m an 6+ user by the way)

      And by the way, WB, Tone and Hue are a MUST in comparison between cameras. It has been done in camera reviews since a long time ago. If not, whats the point every manufactures/camera brands kept trying improving these aspects on their cameras?

    • danielsba

      As our universe follows the laws of physics, cameras also does the laws of physics – this is the real world.
      “Don’t try to break the laws of physics” with your personal preference.

      A digital camera is not A film camera and every digital camera has ability to adjust it WB, Tone, and Hue – In a film camera, WB, tone, and hue cannot be adjusted without changing films, lenses, and lens filters. Therefore, these cannot be compared in digital cameras.

      For a fair and accurate comparison, the article writer should show Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, Field size of view, and taken Image Format to each compared image. Or not, everything will be totally biased opinion or just cheating.

  • Jay Hong

    I could not believe this because there is no night scene picture. If u compared this, IPhone will be loser.

  • cooldoods

    I think you’re looking at an entirely different set of photos than the ones you’ve posted here because the S6 clearly took the better photo in instances where you claim it messed up.

  • Marty Despodov

    IPhone has more realistic colours and works better than s6 in low light, but it’s clear that the s6 pictures have more detail due to more pixels

    • The-Sailor-Man

      How do you know which colours are more real???? When you are not there to compare.

  • alfreduran

    Hi! I love the Android device, actually my phone is a Nexus 5 D820 32Gb (adore my phone) but I must confess that the photos in the iPhone 6 Plus looks more realistic, no oversaturated and very clean, just my opinion. Best regards!

  • Stephen Cernava

    Hi Peter, Great comparison. I have the galaxy alpha and use snapcamera hdr for all photography It removes all noise reduction and over sharpening, I wonder if you could try it and see how it compares to the main camera. All so I think your s6 may be defective, it produces amazing pictures in some examples like the tennis racquet on the wall, Most high end dslrs couldnt do better and the shot outside of the street with the trash can and traffic is really good. Then there’s the flowers, What happened the color, white balance, and dynamic range look great but it appears to have bad camera shake at 1/100th this shouldn’t be happening I wonder if a defective ois is causing this. The brick with the light pole look like a dirty lense perhaps a finger on the lens? Don’t know but the s6 has considerably more camera potential then the iphone 6 plus and when it performs well its a lot better then the 6 plus. Thanks again for the comparison.

  • Johnh24

    One big difference here, iPhone photos were shot it’s height 8mega pxle l but not with S6. The S6 16mega pxle is 4:3ratio as highest. As you see S6 photos were shot wide angle 16:9 ratio means phtos shot with only 13mega pxle not full 16 mega pixel but still beat iPhone photos.

    • Jason Nguyen

      I think you might be confused. At 16mp, the S6 shoots at 16:9 according to other blogs I’ve read. If you want 4:3, you have to set it down to 13mp.

    • Johnh24

      My note 3 default mode is 16:9 with only 9 megapixel if I want it’s highest 13 megapixel I have to reset 4:3 iPhones has no option to shoot 16:9 except video shooting. I own a Samsung Galaxy NX EK120A 20.5 megapixel mirrirless camera it act same way as my note3, to use 16:9 it’s drops megapixel to 16 but I use it alway 16:9 even with less megapixel because phtos show on my TV or computer in full screen without cutting off by black bar left and right. If S6 default mode is 16:9 with 16 megapixel that’s another reason I must buy it, I highly doubt it but soon we will find it out.

    • mega

      It has a native 16:9 sensor just like introduced on the galaxy s5 a year ago as well.

    • Johnh24

      Great to know, thanks.

    • Johnh24

      Thanks for the correction I was wrong.
      I found 16:9 default shooting mode started only Galaxy S5 and the Note 3 from last year.

  • Skeptic Spartan

    S6 winner, almost every shot from the S6 shows it has a much more dinamic range as evident by the shadows. Alot of the iPhone shots are over exposed in some areas. And colors are spot on with the S6, where in the iPhone they tend to be over saturated and the contrast is to high on the iPhone as well.

    Samsung knows cameras and color.

  • Can we consider low-light to be equivalent to outdoor night-time? The camera that has the better rating in that category will get strong consideration when my contract is due in 2 months.

    • kahiri78

      Yes of course you can. Actually that’s the different between a Camera reviews portal with a smartphone portal. When reviewing a camera phones, you still need to invite real photographers to test the cameras. A low light scene doesn’t have to be shot in a single room with only one candle been lit up. It can be outdoors at night, in a bar, in a museum-whatever as long as the light is low and you shoots using both smartphones around the same angles & light intensity.

  • pjs_boston

    The iPhone 6 Plus photos look better across the board.

  • NK

    Pretty comprehensive, though I’d like to have seen skin tone and slow movement indoor shots to see how they perform in that regard.

  • Gunther Mangelschots

    I am an Android minded person, but even I admit the iPhone does well with its somewhat limited sensor. I think Samsung still got some work left in color representation and what really surprises me is the dim light photos…well, actually being shocked is the better term. That 1.9f lens does not seem to be the only factor in getting quality photos in dim light and I suspect Apples software does a better job in this area.

    From someone who most probably will buy the S6 Edge, I admit there is no way possible to say the S6 crushes the iPhone as someone else here did. No sammy, there is certainly still a lot to learn for you. Instead of bragging on the MWC event, that energy should have been put in getting better quality in real life situations.

  • SSJ4Goku

    For me the winner is the S6, because I don’t really shoot photos in low light (except I’m drunk) and I liked the outdoor photos of the S6 more since they somehow seem more vivid and crispy, but frankly the iphone did better on the sky shot I think that the S6 sensor can’t handle strong lightning very well. A combination off both would be nice

  • The-Sailor-Man

    Even Note 4 beat iPhone 6 Plus camera.

  • seattle tech

    This test should be done with an iphone 6 not iphone 6 plus

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  • jamboy300

    The s6 won but it was close

  • geoff

    I was kind of hoping for a phone v phone shootout. I’m choosing between an iPhone 6 and a Galaxy S6. I’m not interested in phablets. Perhaps a Note 4 v iPhone 6+ would be better for people looking to buy either of the bigger models.

  • Thomas Kjeldsen

    well the picture with the bao sign in it is is shot from inside a car on the iphone pic you can see a reflection.

    and when you chop out something use the samme mask to chop out from both pictures, this test screams amature , better luck next time…. i own a sony z3 and a iphone 6….. and sometimes the sony is better and sometimes the iphone is….

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  • Shawn M

    Keep it simple people… “Almost” all shots from both are very good when comparing cell phone cameras and if not side by side most people would think both do the job good enough to be in your pocket. For me only 3 shots really separate the two and that’s the one of the microphone, the light pole, and the one of the zoomed in signs. The light pole shot is pretty bad compared to ip6, pretty clear to see, and the microphone shot for the s6 even though it has better detail (the ones you can see) is way to dark for me. Personally I would rather have less detail and be able to see my picture. If this can be adjusted after the fact that would make a difference, and the pic of the zoomed in signs is clearly lacking in clarity on the ip6, which everyone knows why. The only real disappointing shot for me was the light pole and he said he took that shot multiple times and it still turned out horrible other than that both were good. Can’t wait to see what the Z4 and g4 bring to the table, maybe we can get a clear winner. As of now not swayed enough either way.

  • tonny_m

    The results are shocking, I thought S6 would crush iPhone here. Good job Apple, once iPhone gets high resolution sensor it will be absolutely beyond every other competitor.

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  • Sienna Dcruz

    Now buy the S6 and S6 Edge online only at (BestAndroid Phondeals .com)

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  • phreezerburn

    Without a DSLR for reference all these tests are pure BS. A Nikon hasn’t a pro Samsung or Apple bias… OMG an actual unbiased review!!! Forget CERN, an unbiased review of two handset’s camera capabilities with an actual control might just cause the singularity that implodes the planet.

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  • Ali

    s6 is vry vry vry good cam

    no forget ois and in night cam this my phone s6 10 aprill waiting

  • Tech_Ninja

    Anyways. While these guys insult each other over a pointless camera comparison. I’ll give you the facts of the situation, from what I can see atleast. Galaxy S6 definitely produces stronger detail, however the IPhone 6+ seems to produce colors more natural, and similar to the way our own eyes perceive it.


    Once again, the only comment about the wide angle lens is this:

    Note: The Galaxy S6 has a wide-angle lens with a slightly wider and longer focal length than the iPhone 6 Plus.

    Take a look at all these photos and see which captured more of the scene. THIS IS A HUGE ADVANTAGE. Anyone ever take photos of landscapes, large groups of people? Why does EVERY SINGLE REVIEWER MISS THIS! Apple does this on purpose because its cheaper and easier to produce such a narrow lens, and the press never calls them out on it.

  • downhilldude

    Really, the more legitimate shootout would be between the S6 and the iPhone 6 (not the 6 Plus). They are in the same category, and will be vying for the same consumers. The 6 Plus is playing against the Note 4/Note Edge.

    In this match up, the S6 is really going to crush the iP6, as the iP6 does not have OIS, at the very least.

    Also, the shootout being discussed here is merely on the merits of still photography. We did not see how the S6 tracking autofocus would do, compared to the iP6 Plus, without that feature. I suspect the S6 is going to do better on action shots. Also, more options for special-type shots (new panorama mode on the the S6).

    Pro photographers also appreciate the RAW output option, on the Galaxy cameras.

  • SC

    8MP can only take you so far in terms of capturing detail. S6 clearly wins in that department.

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  • fifolo

    Hum S6 is “well-balanced, with an emphasis on reds and yellows” yet the iPhone is “more neutral.”

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