Charizard, go! Pokemon TCG Online now available for iPad

Pokemon TCG Online for iPad

Most MobileSyrup readers may be too young (or too old!) to remember Pokémon fondly, but I’m sure that deep down, a subset of you feel the urge to dust off that Pokédex and get back to catching ‘em all.

While not part of the classic Game Boy series that launched a thousand Pokémon trainers, the release of Pokémon TCG Online for iPad will be greeted warmly by those that prefer a bit of card-based strategy with their pocket monster-rearing. The iPad version of Pokémon TCG Online is free-to-play, and as you’d expect, allows you to combat against other trainers online in addition to a computer opponent. Decks built and cards unlocked in the game also sync with Pokémon Trainer Club accounts, allowing trainers to switch between iPad and desktop easily.

Unfortunately, Pokémon TCG Online for iPad only supports Retina-enabled iPads, which might leave a significant amount of older-generation iPad users out in the cold. New gold iPad, I choose you?

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