Update: Winner announced in our Samsung Galaxy S5 contest, courtesy of Virgin Mobile’s RE*Generation initiative


  • Jordan Lambe


  • Fernando Rangel Rodriguez

    Pretty dope….

  • Jordan Lambe

    I remember when I started working at virgin and I researched this initiative. It has helped so many of our youth it’s amazing! This phone is an epic choice and having it can help me sell more, this contributing to the RE*Generation movement!!

  • Joey Naft

    Umm me…

  • Martin Guay

    The program will definitely help at risk peeps!

  • Steven Asmundson

    This sounds like an excellent program to help get kids off the street and find something they can be motivated or passionate about!

  • Melody

    Getting youth off the streets not only benefits them directly, but benefits society as a whole for generations to come. I want to win this phone for a father’s day gift!

  • Jason Russell

    Good program if it helps people who need it and big corporations should be doing more to help society . Would love to win !

  • Ryan

    No one should have to live that way in 2014, especially kids.

    On another note, I’d like to win the GS5 mainly because of the camera and display.

    • Dan Covaliu

      What he said!

  • Marco De La Rosa

    It’s a good way to raise awareness and help homeless youth off the streets

  • Frederick Edwards

    Great initiative. Winner should donate to Re*Generation just by principle. Not sure what they mean by zero-rated phones are given to youth, but I applaud them giving the youth financial/budgeting advice know-how for handling a mobile phone; phone debt destroys so many credit ratings when you aren’t prepared for a contract.

    Why I would like to win this device? To give to a relative who would never have a phone like this on her own–I already have a Galaxy S5. 🙂

  • Jeff Soohoon Yu

    Excellent program! Would buy one to support if I didn’t have a contract

  • umnikke8

    Sounds like a great program and a good phone.

  • Lucas Secord

    I’ve done a number of volunteer fundraising for non profit organizations. And this is by far the best idea I’ve heard in a long time. We should be doing this more often!

  • Sarah Grace

    Its important to have programs out there to reach the homeless youth. More needs to be done to help these children/youth. Some knowledge and help to point them in a positive direction is needed. I’d love to win the new Android, donate my old phone to local charity to help homeless. Thanks for the chance and inspiration. =)

  • jacob

    Helping each other is the most important part of our lucky life ! I would love to win this phone and to donate my old one to my uncle !

  • Anas Ingar

    The program is important because no one should have to be homeless. And as per the phone, because I really need a new phone and this one is awesome.

  • Darren Chen

    This program is important because I believe that all children should have a future regardless of who they are. They will become the foundations of our world and must be given the opportunity to grow in a comfortable environment. At the same time, children are innocent and didn’t ask to be put on the streets just by being born. By helping the homeless ones, we are making the world a more beautiful place. I’d like to win this flagship android so I can always be connected to the world and I’d love to use its amazing camera to the max to take pictures of the world around me.

  • Dave

    It helps create awareness and also deals with something that is close to all our hearts. Great program!

  • Pat Simeon

    Virgin is legit the coolest service provider with its perks and community contributions. This phone would be nice to have for its removable battery. I also really like amoled. Don’t know why people hate on it.

  • Mike

    I think it’s great to give disadvantaged populations a little help with getting on their feet!
    The GS5? I’d like it because I think the heart rate monitor is nifty… and the water resistance would help here in Vancouver.

  • peter

    The program sounds like a great way to help those who don’t know where to look for a job. Staring off can be hard and any help would be an added bonus to get them on their feet.

    • peter

      My Samsung Note 2 has taken a beating and a new phone would be sweet for the summer.

  • AeroBrennan

    It’s simple as to why it’s important: It’s a program that helps youth, and gives them a chance that they otherwise would not be able to have.

    These individuals are (Sadly) at a pretty big disadvantage. Thankfully, programs like this can help turn things around for them and help them get on their feet. In turn, they can help do the same thing and hopefully work hard towards helping others that were much like them.

    Let’s face it–it’s all a cycle that goes ’round and ’round. And anything to help break that cycle is in everyone’s best interest.

    • AeroBrennan

      As to why I’d like to win this phone? Well, it would be a nice upgrade from a Desire HD, wouldn’t it? 😛

    • nekkidtruth


  • Jason

    Every kid should have the right to a place to sleep and feel safe. It is unthinkable that this is still an issue! Kudos to anyone willing to make a difference.

  • Jordon Festa

    The program is important because it raises awareness about how Canadians can help at-risk and homeless youth. Also It is committed to creating new opportunities and support for at-risk and homeless youth across the country to help youth emerge out of the cycle of homelessness.

    As to why I want it; who wouldn’t want the fastest and best smartphone out on the market? Need the latest and the greatest!

  • Colby Watson

    I think this is beyond amazing that Virgin gives $15 for every s5 purchased. Such a great initiative to help get the younger generation of people off the streets and help them with their lives. Words can’t even express how this makes me feel. We need the youth to be strong as they will be the next leaders of this fine country! I love what Virgin does for people! I’d absolutely love to have this phone, as I’ve been eyeing it up since the release day, stuck with an s3 with a severely broken screen until November! Help a sister out! 😉

  • Andrew P.

    So many street youth ha e one thing in common: they feel hopeless and stuck with no way out. This program hits both those areas

    I’d like to win, then I can gift my S4 to my mother-in-law or a friend

  • Michael Wu

    The program is important since it is a win win situation, virgin mobile gets the sales they need as a company, and also at the same time makes them give back to the community to help people. The s5 is a nice phone, and would love to have one.

  • Koolbreeze

    Youth is our future, let’s feed and nurture! I don’t need it but I’ll give it to my nephew

  • Dave Walker

    Habitat does a great job. Over the years I have donated goods to my local store and have been a customer as well. My Son loves his S3 so I would just love to have a Samsung to replace my tired 9790!!

  • piscatornf

    Sounds like a good project/program and a great phone. Would love to have one of these to replace my old, dead Galaxy S3!

  • Jeremy Oeg

    Need to replace an HTC Amaze that can’t manage an hour of screen time on a full charge.

  • Philippe Manh Nguyen

    . If you found yourself without home and you were unable to get some form of assistance throught any of the home less support service angencies ? Who will help you ? Virgin respect that approach that people need helps. This is why think how the program that Virgin plan is very nice used for helping homeless. Also, a lot of service agencies have the lack for having an adequate funding. Ths is why that engagment of Virgin will give hope for homeless people around the world.
    Also, the only thing I have is a Camera,a laptop and and old flipflop phone. I never used a smartphone, because I cant afford those things. It would be nice if I can afford that smartphone.

  • Jeff Kim

    It is important to give the youths the chance to use a new phone. It puts hope and dream in to the youths.

  • Susan

    This program is important because no kid should be living in the streets. It’s sad to see. But this program gives kids a chance to have a future and give back to the community. It’s great that Virgin Mobile is doing this. But it’s also important for the kids who have gotten help from this program to give back to the companies who gave them a second chance in life.
    I would love to win the S5 so I can give it to my mother. She has an iPhone 3GS that’s falling apart. The larger screen will be great for her.

  • Tara

    The RE*Generation initiative is great because it helps young people that are starting out and may not be as fortunate as others. It also allows them access to a phone to better their future by giving them access to jobs and other essential services.


    I would like this phone to replace my S3. Also, its helping a great cause!

  • Ernie Chan

    It’s good to know a program like this exists out there so at risk kids have a resource to go to when they’re vulnerable.

  • Michael Farrell

    With so many youth living on the street today and turning to less then reputable ways to make money to stay alive, this program offers hope and chance for a better life. I’d love to win this and then rather then spend 230 buying one for myself, I can spend it helping youth in my community.

  • Daniel Atienza™

    RE*Generation can really help people and put those youths back on track and help them towards a better future

  • Frederic St-Pierre

    Helping the young is an investment to any society. Who knows what potential is lost by losing only one kid to the streets?

    As for why I’d want this phone? Because it’s free. 😉

  • Yannick Ricard

    NEEDD !!

  • alvin

    I work in jail. dont want kids to end up there as a career.

  • Thom Peppard

    The youth of the world are THE future of our world. Therefore, we should all encourage and support organizations & initiatives like this one.

  • Geila

    Anything that helps youth get off the street and on towards a better future can only be a positive step in their life 🙂 as for why I would I would want to win ..well my ridiculous xperia j I got suckered into buying is not worth turning on 🙁

  • Glenn Li

    The youth of today are the future of our society. By raising awareness about at risk youth, the RE*Generation initiative serves to protect our future by helping today’s youth and give them every chance to succeed.

    I really want the GS5 because it is one of the best phones to be created yet; I run a lot so the heart rate monitor seems great and the huge battery is a big plus as well

  • jaywest

    The youth need to be in schools and not the streets.. They should be sleeping in a comfy bed in a loving home, not in an alley somewhere.. All companies (and all their products, not just 1) should have an initiative of this sort.. As for the phone, I just want to win “something/anything”.. Well, my partner can use a new phone too.. 😉

  • Yi-an Chen

    It is great big corporate are giving back to the community!

  • E. R

    1) Raising awareness for charities such as this program is always great and beneficial to those in need.

    2) By me winning the phone, I would give this phone to my dad as a Father’s Day gift, along with the Galaxy Gear 2 watch.

  • Oem Dave

    Re*Generation is a very significant program that helps lead high risk and homeless youth towards a better path where they can be successful and lead a life worth living. This is important because many people are not given a chance to become better and the bad choices and helplessness continues into the future where it is harder to break free of the vicious cycle. I would like an S5 not for my self but for my sister as a gift because she does not have a way of communicating with the family when out the house and this is one way to show that we are thinking about her and are here if she needs us

  • Adil

    This is program is very important because anthropologically the youth of today have a prolonged juvenile dependence period far bigger than any other species. The youth of today have a greater risk to vulnerability both physically an emotionally and thus it is necessary for initiatives like this to help them before they associate with anything leading to risk.

    And I would love to have this flagship since the S3 I bought last month turned out to be a dud and worked outside only so I had get rid of it.

  • nemir1977

    Great to see a big company helping out underprivileged instead of share holders. Looking for an update so I can pass my old phone to one of my kids

  • Marco Bairos

    The RE*Generation initiative is an amazing thing for the less fortunate. I’m happy to see companies like Virgin are doing this.

  • Ash H

    The youth today are the future for our community and our world. There are to many underlying issues and the youth will be the ones to rectify these issues. We are seeing more and more young adults and teens on the streets and with unemployment at a high these are perfect areas to focus on.

    Virgin has always been a company that focuses on customer service and support and always offering member benefits. Now it’s time for people to help contribute to an amazing cause. 🙂 Goodluck everyone. And awesome program virgin!

  • softturbo

    Good cause

  • Jindi Argente

    The program without a doubt is important because it helps those in need and we need more people like that in this world… Oh and I never win anything so it’s worth a shot.

  • Tainan Lu

    The program helps homeless youth get off the streets and seek new opportunities.

    contributes to local economy
    I like Samsung
    I believe it’s a good product

  • habaryu

    This program is a great initiative to give opportunities to those that don’t usually have them. I want the phone because I want to have the latest gadget, as simple as that.

  • Noah Ingersoll

    I think this initiative is a huge deal. Instead of just using money to advertise, Virgin is putting their resources towards keeping our youths off the streets and where they’re safe. I’d love to have a GS5 for its great combination of durability, display, power, and camera. It would suit my pursuit of becoming a photographer perfectly by offering portability, as well as the tools to take, edit, and view all the fantastic shots I’m sure I’ll achieve.

  • Ivan C

    Very cool.

  • YourPalRob

    The program will definitely help at risk peeps!

  • Yannick Ricard

    awesome phone!

  • ASH

    The Virgin initiative is a great move to give back to the community. And re the device, the S5 would be a great upgrade to my current phone, which is lights years behind in terms of features, and functionality…

  • AReid

    Thumbs up for Virgin investing in the future aka our youth and I’d like to gift it to my other half.

  • Ryan Mallon

    So often you find that young people are the hardest hit by poverty and homelessness. Any initiative that helps to combat that is worthwhile and important.

    And as for the phone, it’s the top of the line right now and would clearly be a great phone to use.

  • Mavs Gillis

    I’ll chuck in 15 bucks to that project if I win the phone.

  • Brandon

    I think the RE*Generation program is a good idea because it helps young people before this lifestyle becomes the only one they know.
    I would like to win the Virgin Samsung GS5 because I desperately need a new phone and I am interested in this phone’s waterproof ability.

  • linsanity

    It’s amazing to see a large company branch out to do something great for society. It’s so important to not only raise awareness for at-risk youths but to provide solutions and the help needed to end the cycle. Awesome to see Virgin Mobile take an initiative to make a positive difference in Canada. I would love to win the Galaxy S5 from Virgin to better support the movement!

  • William Moore

    Have the S4, would love to try out the S5

  • Brian Nguyen

    The program is important because youths are the future. Everyone needs an equal opportunity to be guided towards a better life and shape our world. It would be great to get the latest phone as it would help replace my S4, as it has been acting wonky. Got some weird marks inside the screen (not cracked/lcd issues) and my camera doesn’t want to cooperate anymore.

  • Eric Kung

    Cause its awesome

  • Anthony

    Our youth benefit from the contribution!!! I would love to win the Samsung galaxy 5 because of the amazing clarity of the screen and the quality of the camera!

  • Eric Parisien

    This program is great, even if it would only keep one kid off the streets it would be good, but it will help so many that it is great! And the S5 speaks for itself, super device for a super good cause.

  • brandon forsyth

    This program can provide assistance to young homeless, and give them opportunity to get themselves off the streets and find a job. I would like to win the samsung galaxy s5 as its the best phone on the market. I have an s1 and i need to upgrade.

  • adolflow

    Mobile phones are a great donation for the homeless because it’s one of the first things you might lose when going through something as traumatic as losing your home. At the same time it’s also probably the most useful things you should have to keep in touch with loved ones and look for a job.

  • Thuy Tran

    Great phone and great program to go with it, focusing on kids is best way to prevent crime.

  • Guamon

    Amazing initiative. I hope I can be a part of it and maybe even win this phone.

  • Guest

    This a great program, the more kids we get the better their lives will be. For the GS5 it’s a great device with awesome features.

  • Alexandre Beaudoin

    A better future for this kids. My S3 began becomes old 🙂

  • KAPT Kipper

    Getting kids off the street is a good thing. No one deserves to be homeless. Great work Virgin. I really want to tryout the new features on the Samsung.

  • Dominic S

    Nothing worse than seeing homeless youth. Great of Virgin Mobile to bring awareness to this. After all, they are the future. A great way to raise money in todays material world. Also a great phone that many, including me, would like to have one day!

  • congrey

    The program is nice as well as the phone. Badly want to owe it.

  • Anupam Nath

    This is a great program, the more kids we get the street the better their lives will be. for GS5 it’s a great phone with awesome specifications and features.

  • Becca Donofrio

    Our youth are the most important part of our society right now! They absorb every vital piece of information! I would adore winning the SamsungS5 because of the new features and amazing camera!

  • AntiNorm

    I hope it really helps because I see so many youths on the street day to day, but they have to want an alternative to their lifestyle. Hopefully this program can help steer them in the right direction.

  • Owen Horn

    This is a great initiative by Virgin. As someone who works with youth everyday I see how many disadvantaged teens could really use that little bit of help. Kudos! And my wife is in dire need of a new phone, so winning the GS5 would be fantastic.

  • tbutch

    I am a huge advocate of this cause. I will donate $200 toward the cause if I win and $50 if I don’t. I’d like to give this phone to my girlfriend because she’d be thrilled with a new Android. Good luck to all.

  • jeff

    This program is important because kids don’t get to chose how they live or where they live . And they don’t need give homeless or hungry so this is a great way to help our youth get off the street. And fill their belly with food and a roof over their head. Way to go virgin mobile

  • DeeZ

    I would love this phone. Such a capable device for everyday life. And it’s always good to hear of a program supporting yet another great cause.

  • Eric Reardon

    it is good for a large company to think about the social aspects of society and help the less fortunate to improve their lives. I would like to win to give the phone to my dad.

  • Dee

    Winning this would be nice.

  • Andrew Norton

    Its about time a company is doing something to give back. This is the best idea out there.

  • Five sixth

    I always feel sad for homeless people on the streets they look so sad and uncomfortable, I wish I could help but I can’t. I think its pretty nice of virgin to do this. Also GS5 is a awesome phone too, would like it.

  • Jean-Francois Laplante

    Never heard of the program until today but I think it’s a nice way to give back to the community…. Good luck to y’all!

  • Kenton Rycroft

    There is no rational reason for homeless youth. Help them on to the roughy track and odds are they will pay it forward tenfold

  • Chris Parsons

    Waterproof is a feature I am terribly excited about as I have had two devices suffer water damage. LOVE the Samsung 5.

  • Ryan Harris

    The importance of this program not only the awareness is key. Our youth are important in every aspect and this program through Virgin gives them hope, belief and is an overall positive influence into their life and the life they are able to live through this program and beyond. The joy, happiness and peace gained from knowing they have a chance at a new start and away from homelessness is what should brighten anyone’s day. The key to this program is generosity. Although the proceeds don’t do all the justice, its the awareness that shows people, here and around the world that Virgin is doing more than just selling phones- they care and we all should, as well. One for each other through giving. The Samsung S5 is an awesome phone, I would love to win this phone due to the simple fact that I’ve never won a contest in my life and because of the real reason behind this competition, makes it even more worthwhile. Thank you.

  • Warren Johnson

    This program from Virgin is a real great opportunity to help at risk kids as well as showcase how Virgin thinks outside the box when it come to marketing their products. Their a breath of fresh air when compared to some of the other carriers out there

  • Mad-elph

    Anything that can be done to change one life for the better is worth it. $1 million is a lot of money to have raised. I trust they have done a lot of good work.
    As for the phone, it is a flagship Samsung and it is well deserving of its sales success!

  • edwin

    best smartphone out there! and help some homeless youth..amazing

  • artstate

    This program is a great way to help resolve problems that affect our local population. Homelessness is a sad thing, any prevention measures and help given to the young population in need could go a long way. Regarding the contest, I’d like to win the phone to give it to my mother; she’s been looking at some midrange options and this would be a great surprise gift.

  • Peking Duck

    Great initiative, great phone!

  • Ray

    My nephew could have used some from this program. Wish i knew about it before.
    And this phone is sweet!

  • Manolo

    The RE*Generation initiative is a great cause to combat something that should be an issue of utmost importance. Raising well fed and housed children, along with proper education, not only helps them but also our economy and society as a whole.

    I would love to get an upgrade to my current Nexus 4. The Galaxy S5 is a beast.

  • Eric Lam

    Good initiative by Virgin Mobile

  • thefancyland

    This program is important because it gives people an opportunity to take control of their own lives. I’d like to support this initiative and win this phone because I own a terrible phone.

  • MW

    This initiative is important because homeless youth need the resources to help develop their life skills. I would like the S5 because I like the multitasking function.

  • MobiDude

    RE*Generation program is a great idea as it caters the homeless people, which are often neglected by other charities. Ample of others care about dogs cats, nature or africa yet in canada we still have to give shelter to human beings. I’d like to win because my 4mp ultra pixel is a fail camera. I need pixels, not lights. Hopefully i can use 16mp and zoom in.

  • MrDPrize

    it’s important because it gives a hand up to one of our most vulnerable segments of society which ultimately will benefit us all.
    I’ld like the latest Android as I need something with the right cpu horsepower to run the latest gen apps and games

  • Victor Loo

    Every bit counts to help kids with their future

  • James Kato

    this is a great way to spread awareness about homeless youths. I didn’t know there were so many.

    Also I need to replace my old Samsung Galaxy S Glide and a Galaxy S5 would be much welcomed.

  • Waqas Awan

    Its a great and noble cause. Young kids who are supposed to be the future of the country need more and more attention and support from elders. So this program will bring them back in the state where they can be good and useful citizen and can live a respectful life.. I am already working as volunteer in my community for youth support program where we arrange free sports events, useful workshops, etc etc. So If I win this Cell phone by Virgin mobile than this will be a reminder for me to work with more passion and more energy towards the betterment of youth in my community.

  • WoozleWuzzle

    RE*Generation is a great initiative that helps those in need. This program is very important because it helps those in need a second chance that some of those less fortunate never had and by doing so helps the community grow.

    I would like to win the Samsung Galaxy S5 for my mom who’s been using the Samsung Galaxy Nexus all this time. I think its time for her to upgrade.

    Thanks to Virgin Mobile and Mobilesyrup for this giveaway!

  • fudoki

    Unfortunately as time progresses some charities due to a slew of reasons may see their available donations dwindle from what the once were. I know foodbanks are hard hit lately. Anyway, everyone loves a new phone and would rather drop money on that then donations. So with someone willing to take a portion of that to give to charities. I can’t see anything wrong with that. I would like this phone because of it’s camera. Take pictures of my miniatures and my girls beadwork for her etsy shop. I love camera phones.

  • Rimba

    The true is, SAVE The Youth. And save the human race from extinction because free sex, drugs, etc. Let Virgin do more, Go… Go… Go…

  • Sylax

    I never win any free gadget before, could this be my lucky moment? #thankYou #Virgin

  • Luuthian

    Nice to see someone trying to keep young people off the streets!

  • Tom Brouillette

    Sign me up

  • JC

    Kids need help, I need phone.

  • Azreik

    Great program to help the youth and selling a hot phone like the GS5 is perfect. Its really a win win and it would be a win for me if i won one.

  • William Z. 

    To give young generation a correct direction to develop. My gf like GS5 a lot~ Good luck to everybody!

  • Emilio

    Wonderful program for Canadian youth, especially considering that is Virgin Mobile’s main demographic. Offering support though a popular device like the Galaxy S5 is a great idea!

  • Steven

    Helping homeless youth is a worthy cause and my S3 is showing its age. New phone please.

  • stacey dempsey

    I was a troubled youth and they didnt have alot of programs for us back then, things might have been alot easier if they had so I think this is a great program. My phone is ancient so this would be such a great upgrade and I really would love to have an anrdroid phone

  • Axay Patel

    Would be perfect to win this since I’m with VirginM! Let’s get it!

  • It’s Me

    It’s important because we need to get homeless kids off the street. I want it because I like toys.

  • haesslich

    More kids working and making a living means a better experience for all. And better service at stores?

    I’d love to get my hands on it.

  • Clinton

    What better way to help then to get homeless kids off the streets. Kudos virgin. I too would love an s5

  • Mike Lemmy Monner

    Samsung and Telus are doing a great thing and more services to youth is great because some of them need the help. I have someone in my life who is using youth services right now. I could use really use this phone for my big hands! Thank you!

  • GolfGtiFan

    I need a new phone soon…That is great program because It is committed to creating new opportunities.

  • Steve

    The program is important for all the updated tec, and need a new phone because my service provider sucks.

  • Kyle Smith

    Helping homeless youth is a key to their future. Everyone deserves a promising future. It’s great to see companies taking initiative and making a difference where they can.

    I want the latest Android device so I can better myself. I’d use it’s health monitoring/management features to better track of my fitness and stay on top of my goals – and play a few games!

  • dyl

    Would like to win; Great phone. The program seems like a good inceptive for youths for a better future.

  • Glenn Law

    Kids need a future. This is a great way to help them. Oh, and I need a new phone too. Lol.

  • Bradley Marlborough

    To help give support to those who feel like they have none, and provide opportunities to the future generations.

  • @Richard_Hansen

    Many kids live desperate lives on the streets, unable to see a way out. This initiative gives them hope.

    Galaxy S5 … that’s why!

  • Basem Chafik

    It is honorable cause to help the youth of the street. The youth are our country’s future.
    Hopefully I win this time add my S2 is on it’s Last stretch

  • Roger Antony

    The more kids off the street the better…the next durant?

  • T Raza

    I need it. Please

  • Kyle de Wirth

    Of course this is a good initiative. We could all use a little lift me up at one point in our lives or another. Why not help out our youth from such a symbol of affluence.
    An of course I want, want, want this sweet phone!

  • TheFlash

    Helping get homeless youth off the streets is always a good thing. Good on Virgin to support the cause.

  • AJ

    The Re*Generation program is important in making those less fortunate achieve their dreams and get back on their feet! The S5 is a sweet phone and would be a great upgrade from my S2.

  • Pasalacqua

    As someone that spent a portion of my youth homeless, I definitely see the value in programs like this. I got help from an organization that helps at-risk youth, and now I am in a happy home and will be going to college in the fall! I devote all my free time volunteering with them so I can help others going through something similar.

    Thanks Mobilesyrup and Virgin for supporting this great cause!

  • parag Shah

    good initiative and good gadget to be won

  • Eric Tackaberry

    Having been friends and eventually roommates with someone that was homeless, I had to watch him struggle with employment as I had no means to help him. Situations like this make RE*Generation all the more important.

    I just want the phone for myself, because I’m using my gf’s iPhone to post this.

  • J_techie!

    Initiatives like these are great. Helping the community as a company is simply responsible and good PR. Finding a easy way for it’s customers to help to is golden. .. And finding a way to get a leading edge weather-proofed phone in my hand is great too!

  • ShawnMerrikin

    Great things from VM. Love that they are helping kids get off the street and getting them settled.
    Would love this device as VM won’t let me ever do a HUP because I’m on a grandfathered 6gb data plan at $55/m. Now they want $105/m with only 3gb.
    Winning this would be sweet.

  • Dominique Voyer

    This program is a very good one and there should be more initiative like that. About the GS5 I’d really use a 5.1 inch screen to surf the web.

  • Chris MacIsaac

    This program has the potential to positively impact so many at-risk and homeless youth. A small donation as part of your cell phone bill, contributed by a growing number of individuals, would collectively provide the necessary funds to continue this outreach program as a means to assist the youth.

  • David Bacon

    cross finger

  • Wes

    I’ve never worked with homeless youth, but I have worked with poverty quite a bit. It’s terrible and reaches across generations as parents miss out on opportunities and skills that they can’t give their children. Anything to help that is a noble goal I support 100%.

    As for the phone, it would be quite an upgrade from my GS3 and the water resistance is something I hope all OEMs adopt for their flagship’s.

  • J S

    Always important to help the youth get a good start in life. Not everyone is blessed with all the essential tools to succeed.

    I’d like to win this phone because the S5 has all the specs I want in a phone and some more. The new software features are so immersive. Would love to pair it with one of the new Samsung Gear and see how they interact.

  • Neil Friesen

    Any program that helps the less fortunate should be supported. A GS5 would be a great upgrade from my s3.

  • Tomi Les

    No child in today’s world should be homeless. If we can work together and create great technology like the S5, then we can work together to keep children off the streets. It would be great owning this phone knowing it contributes to make a difference.

  • MarKeeMarK

    I want it!

  • Trevor Mckenna

    I believe Virgin’s RE Generation program is truly important because it helps this generation remember that although things like cool, high tech phones are fun and all, there are people out there looking to just put a roof over there child’s head or eat a single solid meal a day… I think we get too caught up in our “wants” that we forget to think about other people’s needs.

    That said, I would like to win this phone because I’m in need of a new phone as my current phone is cracked and only holds a half day charge at best. It would help me a lot at work and the camera would be used to capture photos of my family.

  • Many99

    As someone who’s parents were always struggling to make it and not go homeless on a everyday basis these programs all help. Free phones should also be a part of this programs for safety and health reasons. This also happens to be phone that I want for myself a lot so please let me win

  • Pushpinder Purba

    Its kind of double dip…you can help raise money for those at risk and win a S5 too….definitely a very good initiative from virgin

  • Kelvin Chee

    This program is important because it’s something Virgin is going out of their way to do this. Not only does this help the youth, it raises awareness and may inspire others to do the same thing or at least help and contribute to a cause like this. I would like to win this because I am currently using Virgin and im getting really tired of my old phone, and its really slow and tends to lose battery faster now

  • Nicolas Bedard-Maltais

    Helping other = good! Galaxy S5 = good!

  • teeslee

    The program will help kids get off the street and away from more danger. Woudl like to update my phone.

  • Ali F.

    It is the duty of every society to help the youth to seek new opportunities.

    As for the sgs5, it is always great to use the latest in mobile technologies .

  • Scribler

    Now this is truely a win-win…. win for the homeless ppl and a win for me to get the S5

  • Olay K Gureje

    The world is so screwed up and change starts with the youth. This program is a step the in right direction in taking kids out the darkness of the word and showing them light at the end of the tunnel. A little hope and a hand goes a long way. Personally I would like to win this but it is not what matters the message behind the contest is. #Hope #NewOpportunities

  • clye

    As a dedicated Android user I’d love to see the latest offering by Samsung.

  • mkvAndrew

    This is an amazing cause. Youth deserve anything we can do for them to help them get ahead in life. The GS5 draws a similar comparison as it is also a life conscious phone. Very cool!

  • Orest Bilyj

    Any kind of program that helps anybody, especially youths get off the streets is important and should be considered seriously, because these people need that hell to have a better future. This phone I want to get for my mother for her birthday that is coming up ! She would really love it

  • Ringhawk

    This initative is important because its harder to get a good job these days and sustain a good standard of living. Housing and other costs go higher and higher. Plus this phone would be better than my current phone with corrupted screen.

  • Cindy L

    This is AWESOME!

  • Victoria Ess

    It’s an important program because it goes without saying that homelessness among youth is on the rise in North America. I would love to win this as it looks like a sweet phone!

  • Mike

    This is definitely a good initiative, building it into a retail purchase like this is a good idea.

  • Jean Charestan

    pick my name please

  • Jason Kaye

    The future of the youth is our future also as they will be the ones we rely on in the future.
    This is a sweet phone and I would like one but being on long term disability wining one is my best option.

  • G W

    Pretty Nice phone! Fingerprint sensor is neat.

  • JasonField

    This is a great program to give our youth the chance at success and to get off the streets. I would love to have the phone cause I need a serious update and can’t afford it.

  • Tpickles

    The less young people we have on the streets means the better the entire nation is in the long run and with how many s5s are being sold there is a lot of money going to help those in need

  • Nick T

    great initiative for our youth! and obviously, this phone is top notch !

  • David La Pegna

    Bring the homeless is an important cause!
    I’d also love to upgrade my phone!!

  • Brandon James Starcevic

    Super program. Good job Virgin!

  • Martin Chan

    Answer is simple. Most of us know someone or ourselves have been through drugs and such, it’s not easy getting out of it alone. Support good initiatives like this.

  • TiMXL73

    Youth is the future and we should take care of them. To be honest, I feel it should be natural/normal to give back to the community when you have the means to do it. As to why, it would be an awesome upgrade from my S2x!

  • Pawv

    I think the program is important for giving at risk/homeless teens another chance to fulfill their dreams and to set them on the right track!

    I want this S5 because I’ve always been a fan of Samsung and would like some protection against dust and water! Thank you.

  • jet

    I think this is a good program that helps homeless youths utilize their idle potentials. I’d like to win this as i have always been a huge fan of the Samsung phones and it would be nice to have the new S5.


    There is a lot of potential on the streets that could be turned into good things.
    Also, I need this phone to replace my beaten down phone.

  • Jefferson Won

    This program is needed for those confused and aware youth who is dealing with many problems physically and mentally. and there are not enough money and people to help them

  • James Lactao

    Is this for real?

  • Jason McLeod

    Think it’s a great way to help kids. Would like this one for myself as an upgrade.

  • Dudley Lalonde

    It is important to create opportunities for young people who might not have as many opportunities. This initiative is important for that reason. The Galaxy S5 is a great phone and popular enough to push this initiative forward.

  • Andrew Phillips

    It sounds like a great program IF it helps youth up and out of the welfare pit. Anything to prevent this modern day slavery. It is a fantastic idea!!

  • Duey

    Wow, I didn’t realize there was so many young people out on the street and/or using emergency shelters. Looks like this program will hopefully help a lot of them get out of homelessness and poverty. I’m lucky to be able to afford a roof over my head, and necessities as well as some luxuries. But, I’m only be able to afford a small upgrade to my Galaxy Nexus. Winning this phone would be a great generational leap.

  • Harmandeep singh

    This program is important as it is helping youth to stand on its own and youth helps country run. and i would like to have because i want a phone and i dont have the money to afford a new one.. hope mobile syrup helps me in getting a new phone

  • BeeDub

    Children are the people that our religious zealots refuse to care for. Having Virgin Mobile join such a spectacular effort certainly raises my desire to be a Virgin. I am a long time BlackBerry owner and this new Samsung Galaxy S5 would be the reason why I switch brands.

  • Tia-Marie McCulloch

    Wicked! Me plz. lol

  • cmdrkeen01

    wow, there actually donating a significant amount of money from each purchase, which is actually surprising. I think that programs like this are very important, as it can help young people who either through past mistakes, or through no fault of their own, get out of the spiral of poverty.

  • haissam93

    $15 per phone seems very generous. Getting support and help for youth is important, as the teenage years often dictate how individuals will live the rest of their lives. Getting them up on their feet and giving them a head start can make a huge difference. I would like an S5 because my 3 year old phone can barely pull 3 hours in my pocket without dying.
    Please and thank you.

  • Christopher H


  • Darren Yung

    I wouldn’t say no if I won this phone!
    Sounds like a good group to support.

  • Jonathan Wong

    This program is important because it helps solve a serious issue. Getting youths off the streets is helping the future of our society. As for the phone, I could use an upgrade.

  • Geetika Gupta

    All respect for Richard Branson for coming up with this generous initiative for homeless.Excited to win Samsung S5, big fan

  • Golucky

    Count me in!

  • Ilias

    Beautiful initiative to actually but also increase awareness! Bravo Virgin!

    Love the optical stabilization. Just wondering if the battery is removable though…

  • KusunokiMusashi

    this program is important because it gives kids less fortunate the opportunity they otherwise would not get. it allows them to succeed. I want to win this phone because I like that it is dust & water resistant and being an outdoors guy this is helpful

  • David Rawlins

    The Regeneration initiative is an awesome idea! Helping people while they are still young is one of the most effective ways permanently raising them out of the debt cycle. Good to see Virgin mobile!

    I’d love to win this phone and give it to my son, (whose current phone is acting up). 😉

  • Imtisal Rana

    A very good program good job Virgin should add more devices to the list.

  • Tu

    Youth is the future of Canada, so the idea of this initiative need to be supported.
    I love the GS5 because it is this year’s best smartphone.

  • rgl168

    Why the program is important: create new opportunities for youths whom may otherwise fall victims to homelessness or unable to support even basic needs.

    Why I want to win: it would make a great gift for mom.

  • Ogi Pogi

    Anything to help the homeless is of course important, particularly helping the youth. They are our future.

    As for the Galaxy S5, it is THE flagship Android phone. My wife has one and she loves it. I’m jealous and i want one too.

  • scrichards101

    while I’m not familiar with the program, it seems great that it gives people a second chance in life. I want the phone for the great camera, power, and waterproof build

  • Bilal Yusuf

    I think this program will give homeless youth the chance to live up to their potential and become active members of the community once more

  • Rawrrr

    Great initiative! Homelessness is becoming more common even in rural areas now. I live up in Markham and I would see people, some don’t even look old enough to be done highschool beg for money by the off ramp by Steeles/404. It’s sad to see these people out there, especially in the winter season. I usually give up whatever I have on me, but that’s not much because I don’t keep much change around. I’d sometimes offer them coffee if I had more than one. All I can say is this is a great idea and something other companies should consider doing. Getting them off the streets = saving lives!~

    Definitely want this phone.. the water/dust resistance is probably something I’ll be looking for in my next phone, so this will be awesomeeeeeeeeee!

  • Chris Miller

    It sounds like a great program to help kids that can’t help themselves.
    I’d love to win this phone for a father’s day gift.

  • Yvon

    Good idea to redistribute the money to the less fortunate… To change my really old s2. Since I’m with Virgin it’s a good deal for me 🙂

  • Mirza Zafar Nausherwaan Ahmad

    Great phone love to have it

  • john

    Give’s youth another opportunity or A opportunity at life at the little expense of those who can actually afford $500+ phones. just ludicrous ….that said pretty cool that its waterproof! Sad part is this phone has more power and memory than my desktop ) =

  • Pmay

    Already with Virgin, It would be great to have a premium phone now.

  • Robyn Kidd

    The re*generation project is important because it gives back to communities and gives youth hope that there are always opportunities for anyone who dares to think big!

    I’d love to win this phone for the cool camera features!

  • bembol

    Gives youths a second chance and opportunity in life.

    I would love to win this for my father, as a father’s day gift.

  • Riley S

    Helping homeless youth is particularly important as I live in Vancouver where there are many underprivileged people living downtown in terrible conditions – any help that can be offered to them would be great for the community.

    I’d like a new phone but that seems kind of trivial when talking about homelessness in Canada…

  • Richard Williams

    This kind of charity initiative is a win-win for the youths that receive the benefit and Virgin’s public relations. I would love to win this phone. The Galaxy SX each year is the benchmark for comparing Android devices. I love that Samsung keeps the microSD slot. Smartphones could use more storage.

  • Desi Jatt

    The Program is very important and I want to Thank Virgin Mobile and Samsung for graciously taking part in this program.

  • goorpy

    It’s a self-perpetuating prophecy when chances to change your life’s direction are few and far between. It’s great for them to help some people take a critical step towards re-defining themselves.

    In for a sweet phone and some goodwill.

  • Kenny S. Zhang

    the youth are our futrue and we must invest in them and invest in giving me a new phone!!

  • Matt Gustavson

    Could use a new phone.

  • Kerwin Poon

    Didn’t know Virgin Mobile is doing so much to help the
    youth! This program is really important
    as I have seem more and more young people became homeless in downtown Vancouver… Would like to win this S5 to join the Change for a Dollar and look forward to see less homeless people on street!

  • DCanuck

    Any charitable organization is important. Homelessness is a terrible thing to happen. Helping out and getting a nice phone would be awesome.

  • smoraes

    youth need to feel empowered and not disillusioned by society and adults so activities/sports keep them busy and learning especially when they or their parents have no time for them or money to enroll them into programs that they are interested in

  • Nikki Tucker

    This sounds like an amazing program, any program that helps raise money to get youth of the street and help youth reach their full potential is a wonderful cause as I believe that youth have so much to offer and all they need is a to be nurtured in a positive way and they can accomplish pretty much anything. The reason I would like this phone is I think its an amazing phone, plus I really could use a new phone 🙂

  • xrevolution

    The program is important to make a difference for at-risk and homeless youth in our current generation by giving them opportunities to escape the cycle of homelessness. I would like to win this phone because it is one of the newest phone releases, as well as using the opportunity to spread the word about the RE*Generation program through winning.

  • Luke Rinderknecht

    Never heard of the program, but glad to see a youthful brand helping out youth! Helping them out as early as possible is key to setting them up for a better life.

    And hey, wouldn’t mind a new S5 to replace my S3 😉

  • Taka_San

    Great to see Virgin help people in need get back on their feet. I want to try the 16 megapixel camera!

  • Eesha

    Programmes like this will help one of the major issues of the world today to come to a standstill. The Unemployment and homeless issue in youth is one of the major crime catalysts which aids the upsurge of crime, so it is seriously one of the best endeavors i have seen in a while as i personally know what its like to be in that situation of unemployment. The feeling i received when i got help was life changing, so i would gladly support this initiative to give that feeling to many others! Regardless of winning an S5 or not, im honestly glad of getting to know about this program. Kudos to virgin RE*generation initiative! As to why i would like to win an S5 simply because it shows how far samsung can achieve to amuse and provide the best! I’ve been using a samsung phone for the last 4 years and it has not disappointed me yet, fell in love with the S5 the moment i saw it…and honestly..i would like to finally have an android touchscreen phone…would be a treat. 🙂

  • Jiro G.

    Homeless youths can use all the help they can get and like others have said, it helps everyone, not just them. They will in turn most likely help others in need later as they understand the hardships one faces all too well. I’d like to win because my phone isn’t charging properly lately and the S5 is a fantastic phone. To be honest I’m not a big fan of touchwiz but I think their hardware is second to none. I personally like the hardware home button as well to turn the phone on.

  • Sean F

    Living in Vancouver, we see too many homeless people and too little resources to help them get up in life. Thanks for Virgin for stepping up and leading by example.

  • Angela

    It certainly sounds like a beneficial program. I’d like to win this device to replace my several year old cell phone.

  • Brian Yeung

    Pretty much the initiative needs to continue to help those who are in need. I want to give this phone to my wife to replace her current device.



  • Chris Mitchell

    Wont complain with a win. Go s5 and virgin.

  • Andrew Tang

    It is easy to overlook awareness campaigns like RE*Generation just as easily as it is to overlook the issues that they try to advocate for. However, it is awesome to see virgin and Samsung utilizing their brand recognition to elevate a social group that is just beneath the radar, a group that we would see more clearly if we just decided to look. As an ex Tbooth employee and now working in youth counseling and working with vulnerable populations, this campaign speaks louder to me now than it did when I was just selling phones. I really appreciate any support the field can receive!
    And thank you mobile syrup, for keeping me in the loop; I do miss selling phones.

  • Rory

    This is a truly great initiative, helping at risk youth not only helps them greatly and gives them the opportunity for a much better future, but society as well in the long run. This phone would be a great gift for my mothers birthday!

  • daydreamsun3

    what a great program, homeless youth need all the help they can get!

  • Gordon Yang

    kids deserve better

  • Mashimaro Snatched

    Thanks for the contest. Good to see companies giving back to the community.

  • ostaylor

    Great to see corporations supporting these important causes! I’d like the new GS5 because, ummm, I don’t have one 🙂

  • Guelphtonian

    Great cause! Great device!!

  • Tung Nguyen

    The program is important because it’s another option underprivileged youths can pursue that they otherwise would never be able to.

  • Albert Mallette

    I want badly

  • Brian Breit

    Helps keep them off the streets. And I would like an Android phone

  • Stanley de Leon

    Helps give people a chance for a better life.

  • Mathew Wong

    pick me pick me need an upgrade from my BlackBerry curve 8520

  • mary

    Help the younger generation… Would love to see why everyone loves samsung

  • chopstickz

    It’s definitely an important program to allow kids with better opportunity to succeed. Good luck to those who enter. I recently dropped my phone and shattered the screen. Hope I win it!

  • Andrew English

    Would love this as an upgrade from my Virgin Mobile Canada Blacberry Z10 and I am not picky on the color either, well as long as it doesn’t come in pink! 🙂

  • Wasted Mass

    I’m already with virgin and support this cause as did Cory Monteith. Not a flagship for very long but still very expensive to upgrade.

  • Matt Watson

    Nobody should have to go without shelter in our country so I think this is great. I would love to get the s5 because I’ve never used one of the galaxy series phones and I’d like to see what the hype is about 🙂

  • Sophia

    I think this program is important because it gives customers a way to do good and give back through the purchase of a phone. And I would like to win this GS5 because it has some of the best specs of any phone on the market today.

  • Jason Mckinnon

    Me señor?

  • Riley

    I’ve seen programs like this turn people from homeless helpless people into well developed people with well paying jobs. It’s important that we have programs like this because the youth is our future. I would love to win this phone because having an outdated broken phone isn’t beneficial. Especially when you are a salesman yourself, and rely on new features in devices to help sell customers the right product that they need.

  • Russell Porter

    It’s an importnat program because any support for our countries children is great. If it helps just one get off the streets and contributing to society then it was a success.

    I would give this to my son if I won. He just turned 13 and we are thinking of getting him a mobile phone.

  • smsisko

    Programs like these are important for the future of our youth, as long as there is one on the streets, that is one to many.

  • Sunny

    The program is important because it gives people without a strong financial or education base an opportunity to integrate with society. When you are living on a street, it is almost impossible to get a job, let along a decent one, often because you don’t have an address. And it is equally difficult to get back into school. This program helps address that.

    I would like to win it because it is a very good phone with high marks in performance and style.

    Thank you.

  • Impartial_Observer

    It sounds like a very worthy cause and am impressed with Virgin for taking it up. They are amongst the most vulnerable people in society.

    I’ve never owned a Samsung phone before and I’m interested in what their latest flagship is like.

  • Darren Higgs

    This program helps reduce the number of youth who end up in the criminal justice system, which is a win. The GS5 though, would be a super upgrade for me, which would be a win for me 🙂

  • Shane Yorston

    This program is uniquely Virgin. It helps youth that really need support at a bad time in their lives and echoes a corporate philosophy that many companies need to emulate. A great phone and a great cause. Would love to win the S5!

  • Srinivas Yarlagadda

    Wish me luck

  • John Dorado

    Thanks Virgin Mobile for raising awareness about how we can help at-risk and homeless youth. Most importantly, you are creating new opportunities and support for those in need. As for the GS5, I need a new phone and this would be an awesome upgrade!

  • Kronos288

    I’ve been with Virgin for 8 years now because I love their customer service. I’ve always recommended them and I still do. But, my S3 hasn’t been able to keep up with my teaching. I would absolutely love to get one of these so I can use it in my classes.

  • Craig B

    Sweet…Need an upgrade for the wife!

  • EddieWinslow

    I haven’t heard of the program. Been with Virgin for almost 4 years now. Nice to hear they are doing something For the greater good. With the gs5 being such a big seller they will have a large chunk of change to donate. Be awesome to win.

  • John R

    Keepin kids off the streets is great

  • Derek Vipond

    any program that supports our youth is awesome and this phone would be a great upgrade for my son from his S2.

  • Rexel Cabilin

    Give it to me!

  • Sylvain

    You get the best phone and help the homeless. Great combo Virgin!

  • Eric McDace

    I want

  • Matthew van Amstel

    It’s important to help the less fortunate in our own country. It’s a great idea for Virgin to take proceeds from people who have the money for expensive phones and help those in need. If I won this I would definitely show it off and pass on Virgin’s message.

  • Nav Athwal

    This program is important..as it will provide a roofs upon some people’s heads and give them a chance to regenerate their lives, the way they once hoped for. I would like to win this phone to be able to regenerate my life from old to new phone.

  • Rezadue

    Yes please. I got scammed on kijiji and am on a burrowed phone for now. I need a phone.

  • Doug Irwin

    Sometimes all it takes is one little break to turn a life around. If one person is helped by this program then the money donated has been well spent.

  • Dan Hirsch

    One year ago today I was homeless. Any initiative to help those who walked those lonely streets knows how important a good meal is or how important a warm bed is on a cold Canadian night. I truly appreciate what Virgin is doing and wish more companies took part.

  • Marc

    Any program that lends a helping hand to troubled youth has my vote. Also, I would like a new phone avec Kit Kat and a >4″ screen. 🙂

  • Malcolm Smith

    Awareness is half the solution. Nice move Virgin.

  • DadsGreenLife

    This sounds like a great program to help kids and give them opportunites

  • eszklar

    Worthwhile cause and the phone is sweet. Everybody wins.

  • Bodmon

    This sounds like an amazing initiative. You don’t see these kinds of things associated with phone sales too often! Hats off to them!

  • Nigel Rodrigues

    this is a nice way of helping the less fortunate, and the phone is nice as well

  • Léomike

    Carriers already make a lot of profits on us, especially in Canada, it is nice to see them share a part of it with the poorest.

  • Freelancer22

    The program helps homeless youth get off the streets and seek new opportunities. I’ve never used an Android phone and it would be nice to try one.

  • Mit Mehta

    I want this one. My S2 is about to die.

  • Weifeng Yang

    I’d like this phone. I want to switch from iOS to Android

  • Dennis

    I’ll take it, thanks!

  • Roger Leblanc

    Looks like a good idea.

  • Paul d’Ottawa

    Please, please me!

  • spooti

    great program & great phone

  • plsamuel

    Helping youth is very honorable of them, and they need to be commended. As for the phone, my old phone’s battery is close to dying on me, so the timing would be perfect!

  • JHead82

    Assisting youth to help them get on their own two feet and off the streets is an incredible and admirable initiative. This has the potential to help so many young adults to become positive influences in society, who can turn around and try to help others do the same. Winning the phone on the other hand, would just be amazing to receive a top of the line product the capabilities of the phone and health and lifestyle features the phone offers would be amazing to use.

  • Matthew

    It gives opportunity and hope to those who have little. The benefits are exponential. I want to win this phone because my wifes phone just got chewed by our puppy.

  • Cody Gallant

    Helping each other is the most important part of our lucky life! I would love to win this phone and to donate my old one to my wounderful mother!

  • Z A

    Great program to help the kids. The phone is great too 🙂

  • Sumth

    This is for a good cause. And I’ve played with this demo, despite reviews the unit was incredibly snappy fast!

  • Cara

    No one especially youth should ever have to be homeless!

    I would love to win to device as I am currently without :(.

  • Carlos Rios

    Excellent program! and Phone too

  • Mathias

    I’d love to win this to replace my iPhone!


    It’s a good program to help kids to get back on track and have a good life.

  • Jonathan

    Good cause and win-win for everybody.

    Desperate need of new phone…

  • Dwest1814

    Any program that will assist our youth – our country’s future – is always a worthwhile cause, and deserves our support. It’s important that they know that they can change their situation in life, and I’m happy to see a phone carrier like Virgin fund a program like RE* Generation that benefits these worthwhile individuals. On a side note, I really hope I win this phone!

  • Ian M

    Its quite simple, the youth are our future, it falls on us to give them the base to stand on, and the basic skills to move up and onward. Those (homeless/parent-less) are in the most need, anything helps.Like Frederick Edwards, I dont want this phone, I like mine. What I WANT, is to give this phone, to someone who NEEDS this phone.

  • Nithunedel

    This program is the perfect example of corporate responsibility. I just wish more companies were willing to put their profits into similar porgrams to help our society.

  • Yves Benard

    Talking of generations, that would be perfect for my grand son!!!!

  • DrPleaser

    Well, any program that targets youth at risk is well worth the time. Less troubled youth means less troubled adults down the line! As for the phone, I use a samsung GIO. It sucks and would love to use a modern phone!

  • Shin Jun

    This could be a great upgrade from my iphone 4

  • D. Leduc

    Very Nice program. it help the future generation by keeping them off the streets and let them know it’s possible to leave all this.
    This phone would ne really Nice to replace my old GSII

  • Zed

    The program has always been important, though, unfortunately the choice of phones which supported it was poor. Now, with the GS5, a lot of money will be heading the way of kids in need. If I’d be looking to buy a GS5, I’d buy it here.

    That being said, getting one free is even better!

  • Mathieu Joanisse

    I really need a new device like this one ! pick me please !

  • Mouad

    That’s a very nice and noble initiative. To prove my support, if I win this device I will donate my current (Galaxy S IV) to charity as well. Best of luck to all!

  • Monsieur Real

    well virgin is doing something good for the community and helping to shape better future for our country, and GS5 is the best Samsung phone with lot of health oriented feature, which can help me to more active

  • Vineet Sharma

    Yes, Please…Mobilesyrup ROXXXXXXXXX

  • Winston Lee

    Program is for a good cause and I definately need a new phone.

  • Waqqas Khokhar

    Those who can afford this phone and its price plans should automatically consider ways to help the marginalized and disenfranchised youth out there. The phone itself can enable people to be more efficient and find better ways to be contributing members of the community.

  • krishani de silva

    It is refreshing to see that Vigin Mobile giving back to the community.We need more organizations like Virgin. When homelessness is considered. .youth are the last to be considered. The elderly and the children are always considered. Keep up the good work Virgin!

  • Rj

    Because the mind of someone who could cure cancer or invent a totally feasible alternative to combustion engines, could be trapped inside an individual who is stuck in a lifestyle they did not chose.

    I’m hoping to win the GS5, so that I can give it to my dad as a father’s day present after he has given me so much in my life.

  • Pran

    I’m with Virgin Mobile and I’m glad they are supporting the youth of today to build a better future tomorrow. Too often we forget that if the younger generation doesn’t have guidance and a path, it’s easy for them to sway down the wrong alleys.
    It would be nice to win an S5 since my last phone was stolen, but overall I think it’s definitely a good thing that Virgin is doing something positive and supporting a good cause!

  • Sam Petrie

    The RE*Generation is an amazing program that assists the often overlooked issue that is underprivileged children! This phone would be great for using when exercising because unlike most of the phones in the market, the s5 would provide ip55 water resistance to protect against sweat and rain!

  • Peter Lee

    I need a new phone

  • Matt Yu

    Any program that helps homeless youth should be promoted and praised! And S5 is the best phone ever!

  • Q.

    People tend to forget that kids are the future, and are part of our society, no matter where they come from. We tend to focus too much on a small part of the population and forget that anyone in the street is a product of our society and it’s our fault and our responsibility, not theirs. We have to brake the cycle and fix this. I support this kind of initiative, get the kids off the street, build an inclusive society, no one left behind.

    Funny anecdote about the phone, I had an S3 and went overseas for a whole week this month, and lost my phone between the hotel and the airport on the last day. So I wouldn’t mind a shiny new phone because…. phones are expensive and can’t pause my contract !

  • Stefan Schnablegger

    This is great, shows that Virgin Mobile actually cares

  • Norm Schwartzman

    Raises awareness about how Canadians can help at-risk and homeless youth.
    My wife needs this phone to replace her old one.

  • HB_ICO

    Anything to help kids is an added bonus

  • Sohil Naik

    Every Kid deserves a fighting chance in this world. And we need more programs like this that support kids and get them into playgrounds and classrooms and off the streets! Love to win this phone and so I can give to my brother as a graduation gift. He’s still living in the stone ages with that BB 9780!

  • Lin C.

    You’re helping out kids in need of shelter and guidance. Worthy cause! SUPER LIKE!

  • Vince

    we need to do good to get good back, help them before they are changed forever

  • Michael Chow

    It’s important for companies to contribute back to their community as it shows they care about it. Even if this helps one y i ung person, it would have been worth it! Also, the S5 is an awesome phone, who won’t want one. I definitely have gotten spoiled by a big screen! 😀

  • Peter

    Sounds like a great program to help young people to get back on their feet. Youth homeless programs are severely underfunded in Canada and every bit helps

  • Rona Y

    I used to work with at-risk youth so I know how difficult it is to get funding. What a wonderful initiative Virgin offers! I’d love to win this phone so I could possibly find a phone that lasts longer than a month past warranty!

  • alantsay

    Thank you for taking an initiative 🙂
    and Thank you for the GS5 😀

  • Jackson

    Helping youth is good. Winning the phone even better!

  • Jena Celestino

    This is the first time I’ve heard of this program and I think it’s great. I believe that when youth are given the chance, they are are able to achieve amazing things. All they need is to be given a chance, and I’m happy that with RE*Generation, they are given that opportunity to change their lives (and maybe even help others) for the better. Great initiative!

  • JaySea

    I would like to win it as a support for this very good program! helping youth homeless is a very good initiative!!!

  • Sunny Lalli

    Why. It helps shelter, feed and ultimately saves lives. 15 bux a day to keep kids off the street. I wanna win this phone to help show virgins support for this cause. It would be a great segway to talk about such charities. Maybe get more people on bored. Once u have saved a life. U know just how good it feels.

  • Esto007

    Good program to help get kids off the street… Helping youth it a win for the future!
    I love Samsung Android product, fast,good quality, i want it!

  • Andrew

    The contest creates awareness for such an important problem with today’s homeless youth. I’d like the phone because of that battery!

  • J. W.

    It’s great that they’re doing this.

    And on a completely unrelated note, my dad could use a new phone.

  • Tony

    The programme is important as it assists the homeless improve their lives.
    As for why I want to win this phone, it’s simple: I need a new phone and can’t afford to buy a flagship phone.

  • Bryce

    These kids need to be given a chance. We need them to have a chance so they can support the human race.

    It’s the new Samsung. Of course I want it and should win it.

  • Compatico

    First time I heard about this program, it sounds like a good idea. And I like Samsung products…I could use a new S5 to replace my broken phone…Thanks!

  • g0pher

    Be nice to your kids, they decide which retirement home you end up in. Also, S5 is one more S than S4.

  • AD

    Great program to help youth get back on their feet.

  • effa114

    Glad to hear of a telco making charity work a priority. For a semi-welfare state, canada could definitely do more to help the homeless. However, the onus shouldn’t just be on the government. Having private companies step up like this is an excellent step in the right direction.

  • Serge Cote

    I love every company started by Sir Richard Branson. That’s why I am client of Virgin Mobile. And my wife’s cell phone was purchase from the RE*generation program because we know they help kids here ini my area. The GS5 will be a great remplacement phone for the 3 years phone of my wife.

  • RyGuy

    This is an amazing way to improve the lives of those less fortunate. I’d like to win this phone because I’m looking to get out of my iPhone and the GS5 is sweet! Thanks!

  • samsungfan

    Sounds like a great cause. And an awesome phone.

  • corey Dyck

    Great to see Virgin giving back to the community. A very important program to help our homeless youth.

  • blessedta

    It helps people.

  • Garbanzo16

    Any program that can help get kids off the street and get them back on their feet sounds great. The s5 is a great phone and I’d love to win one but more than that I think it is a great phone to help raise money for this program

  • jppetines

    Kids shouldn’t be on the streets hungry and without shelter. I’m glad Virgin Mobile is providing our youth opportunities to better themselves.

    I hope Virgin Mobile also gives me an opportunity to win the S5 as my iPhone 4 is almost dead. I’ve been longing to switch to the Android platform.

  • Zackary Chan

    Glad to see some money used to support the future generation. Keep up the good work! As for this giveaway, I never owned a Samsung device before and this one seemed to catch my eye, could finally not worry about my phone getting wet. Good luck to all though!

  • ledan


  • Tommy Tran

    Great idea! Way to go Virgin! Helping the future generation is always a good cause. I love the S5

  • Brandon Roberts

    Glad some money is being raised for this as it doesn’t seem like the government can ever do enough!

    What would a GS5 do for me? Allow me to pass phones throughout the family and donate our working (but with issues) Nexus 4 to the local benevolent fund.

  • Stan_B

    Who ever wins the phone should donate their old phone to a homeless kid on the street or a non profit organisation that deals with homeless kids. All the carriers in Canada should have a similar program so that more homeless kids will benefit.

  • RJMcDonald

    It’s a great initiative.

  • Mo Dabbas

    This program help the youth, the youth are who will one day help out in making the country as great as it is or hopefully better. That’s why it’s important to invest in the youth.
    The S5 is a sweet phone and I wish to try it out to see how it is. After all, it the phone with the most buzz at the moment.

  • Adam Wynne

    I think that is a fantastic program to help out homeless in the community I am a strong believer in helping others who are in need of help no matter what. I would love to win the gs5 because it would help my keep all of my schooling in order as well as keeping me in good health after being hurt in the military.

    Thank you

  • kyle brodie

    This program sounds great and will help society in the long run when we support troubled youth. I’d love to win this phone since my wife just lost her Nexus 4!

  • Valeriya Shegay

    When you hear homeless youth, you initially imagine a third world country. It is unfortunate that around 20% of homeless population in Canada are youth. I work at a community health Centre in Toronto which mainly helps homeless, undercooked, and vulnerable population. We have a program for troubled youth, and witnessing these kids going through troubles is truly heartbreaking.
    It is fascinating to hear about such programs initiated by big organizations. Campaigns that are aimed at changing the society and breaking stereotypes, building brighter future together.
    The problemproblem of homelessness is not managed by the government as a priority. However, homeless youth and homeless adults are not the same. Youth are expected to be adults and live adult homeless life. Little do people realize is that they are not adults and are not able to make those decisions not because of their age but because of norms implied by society. As an example, a 10 year old boy cannot support himself financially, he doesn’t want to go to school for certain reasons, he’s in conflict with his parents and runs away. Now he’s homeless. What is he going to do? He is going to go to shelter and perhaps live Street life. This reminds me of that commercial where the boy asks a salesman if he could work for him and the man answers: “shouldn’t u be playing hockey?” and the boy replied he was trying to. People expect kids to play, go to school, enjoy life… But not everyone is fortunate enough. They are not prepared to be adults. It is important to prevent that from happening.
    Thanks to Virgin Mobile, owning this phone means helping the community and being a part of larger movement towards greater and brighter future.

  • Valeriya Shegay

    Oops… Autocorrect. Meant to say underhoused not undercooked lol.

  • d3v14n7

    Great program to help keep kids off the streets and live a productive life, the number of homeless / at risk youths in Canada is staggering, and without guidance and help, it will only get worse, anything being done at this point will help tremendously, and so the Re-Generation program is a huge step in the right direction… Now, if only others would step up, we could get rid of this problem once and for all…

    I’d love to win the GS5, mostly because my HTC One M7 was stolen not too long ago, so now I’m stuck with a HTC One X, I’d love to give Samsung another shot, mostly for the replaceable battery, SD Card slot, and the ability to pair it with the Galaxy Gear Smartwatches…

  • James Fleetwood

    Great program to help youth on the street.

  • j villa

    My gs3 is failing T.T

  • Nightbird

    Someone has to initiate a wave.

  • Cole545

    When hope is lost, all is lost. Programs such as this allow the beginnings of hope to be restored. When someone has a roof over their head, hope can begin to be restored as one of the bare necessities for a decent quality of life has been restored. Once that has been accomplished, there is one less problem for youths to worry about and can focus on other issues.

    I want the S5 so I can replace and donate my current SGS3 to someone who has given me the opportunity to have a smart phone in the first place, my dad. He has the first note and it’s been giving him issues.

  • Garrett Cooper

    Damn, good on ya Virgin, sounds like a great cause. I’d love to rock this is my DD.

  • Nathan Burke

    Please be mine!

  • Jack_de_Bean

    Nice phone to ween me from my N4 😀

  • Elena Rico

    It’s always a blessing help those less fortunate than yourself. It’s good that VM has this program!

    I would love to win this phone because the one I have always had a terrible battery and it’s running out of RAM, I’m getting a message that the phone is getting “Low memory”, it’s getting annoying 🙁

  • Dave Herrick

    Love the new camera features on the s5!!

  • Gary Barclay

    Because homelessness youth need a chance. They are our tomorrows. The Samsung Galaxy S5 would catapult me from the digital dark age of my feature phone to the smartphone universe of creativity and possibilities.

  • Brendyn Mclean

    Honestly, Me and my family used to live on the streets and that program helped us, i really support this cause and also want this phone

  • Bob McCarron

    Helping homeless youth is a great way to show young people that there is life outside of gangs, my cell phone is a old Nokia because I can’t afford a new phone on a disability pension… 🙁

  • Lucas Rotino

    free stuff is always good and better still when it promotes a good cause

  • ef4ervescent

    I think the Re*Generation program is important because it will help street youth find opportunities to help themselves into a better situation. I’d like to win a GS5 because I think it’s the greatest phone out there right now. Samsung has successfully refined this over several iterations and the reviews are amazing.

  • Jason

    The Program is important because it gives kids a chance to
    do something that they otherwise would not have the resources or opportunities
    to do. It’s amazing what a simple thing can do for so many that can have far reatching and profound changes through their life. and the S5, well come on, it’s an S5, arguably the phone with the best specs out there at the moment. If for nothing else, i would want the Camera and the gorgeous pics it takes

  • George

    wonderful program to help youth on the streets~

  • piaz

    Virgin’s regeneration program seems to really help people directly, and that’s valuable. It’s great when programs can make an impact directly within a person’s life. As for the phone, well the GS5 is a great piece of tech, with some nice refinements over previous models. It’s a mature device.

  • Steven Godfrey

    Important initiative to help youth get a better start! And of course would love an S5 with that gorgeous hi-res screen!

  • Jared Bedi

    I have a friend that has been impacted by this program and I have to say it’s really be a positive impact in his life. Good contest to help promote an already great program! I would be happy to help if I won this phone but giving it someone in my circles that could really use something positive in their life.

  • Chris Pinard

    Its great to see social media and devices like these being used to promote good. Excellent example of how tech can do so much for us. Hopefully I can win this and give it to my mom!

  • Luckshya Mehta

    Youth are the future of society. Being able give youth the opportunities that everyone deserves will allow them to reach their full potential. As a youth myself I know that many of us are willing to work hard and be positive members of society, when given the opportunity. Therefore Virgin Mobile’s efforts will lead to a generation of youth who work for a better tomorrow.

    I would like to win this phone because I really need a smart phone that will allow me to use educational applications and create documents/presentations. I am starting university next year, and this will help me save money by not having to purchase a new device. Plus, its an amazing phone!!

  • Michael D


  • SC

    Kids and everyone deserves a second chance and this program helps! I would love to have this S5 as a graduation gift for a friend

  • thedesmodes

    I believe that this program is important because I feel that people act like youths can never be homeless and this program helps to raise awareness of youth homelessness. I would like to win this phone because my current phone has lost all support from the manufacturer and from after market roms.

  • Rachel

    So want!

  • Romel

    Many youth are in an unfortunate situation and it’s great to see an organization willing do help and provide them with opportunities to get back on their feet. Everyone needs some help at one point or antoher. I would love to win this phone and give it to my girlfriend as a surprise gift!

  • Gary Red

    The program is important because it helps youth get off the streets and feel that not everyone has given up on them. And I’d like this phone so I can retire my blackberry

  • redsymphony

    not only is this program helping youths better their lives but winning this phone will help me better mine as well great contest and really great programs for the youths

  • J H

    I think it is a great initiative to help to break the cycle for yougths to be at risk by helping them to find a stable job. I think it is a great way to support it by showing virgin S5 that i win to people i know and spread the words.

  • Dave Cooke

    It is important to help youth before homeless starts them on a negative spiral of consequences. Youth need to be given opportunities before they get into serious trouble. Virgin RE*Generation is a perfect instance of an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure down the road. It is also really nice to be able to get a great android device and feel good about it.

  • nada mansour

    This program is important because it give homeless the chance to live a normal life in a house, away from streets, where he can be protected from cold, heat, harm and all kind of dangers that me might be exposed to while he live in the streets.

    I really want this Samsung s5 because I am a big fan of Samsung and I am trying to participate in every competition made, but I never won, I deserve this Samsung s5

  • Daryl Albert

    Would be cool win for sure! Let’s do this!

  • Kristen

    Virgin is such a supportive company, I love that they give back to the community. Especially helping youths get off the street and get on the right track. When you’re young and feel defeated, it’s hard to get back out.
    Other than that the phone is beautiful and a power house! Amazing camera beats my iPhone 😉

  • Han

    RE*Generation is a great cause because it helps out those kids who need a little push to help them succeed. I’d like to win a S5 because of the sweet new fingerprint scanner and the upgraded camera. Please and thank you!

  • Kenny Rooney

    This program is amazing some of the homeless youth is just asking for a second chance a lot of then just went down the wrong path and need a little guidance good on Virgin for helping
    Also I would really love this phone my friend has it and its amazing

  • disqus_s5N6BcyzDD

    Really great that they’re supporting homeless youth! That aside, I’d love to win one!

  • Fiveleaf

    A definate +1

  • Natalie

    What a great initiative. I fully support an exercise that directs money to helping youth. Hopefully a lot of people with purchase these phones as $15 from each can make a considerable difference. Given that my own phone is 4+ years old I would love to have something that is more current with more than 175MB of internal memory!

  • Tarrance

    getting children off the street should be the governments top priority, especially in B.C where child poverty rates are the highest in the country. The phone would replace my aging old phone 🙂

  • Jason Ku

    I need a new upgrade from my S3 :$

  • Joe Sunderland

    This program is important because as an ex-street kid I know first hand what it’s like to not have a home or any place to go, I personally got put into a group home after several weeks of living on the streets.

    I would like to win the S5 because it appears to be an incredible powerhouse!

  • Nicolas LeBlanc

    This looks like an amazing program! More businesses need to start having this sort of program implemented to help our youth. These children have not made the choice to be homeless. They have made choices that have led them to being homeless, and some of them have even been born into it. They need opportunities like these in order to turn their life around!

  • Yu Zhu

    This program is very important as it gives many people hope who are on the streets that just want a second chance.Maybe they’ll become a Steve Jobs or a Bill Gates. You never know when one oppertuntiy might spark into an innvation that’ll change the world. Why would I want this phone? Well, because I have a Nokia 3330 that plays no games. 🙁

  • Khuzaima Durrani

    would love a s5!! and i think its an awesome program!!

  • danny wood

    Just few years ago I was homeless, and over the last two years I’ve been hoping to win a device from Mobilesyrup. This initiative is close to home for me, and know these programs do work in many cases! There is no way I could afford an S5 so a contest is my only hope. Fingers crossed!

  • ELMR

    I think it’s great that Virgin gives back to those who need it most through his program to help homeless kids get off the street. I’d love to win this phone so I could use it to spread the word about this great Virgin RE*Generation program- kudos to Sir Richard for making it happen

  • travelinty

    yes please

  • IanDickson

    I think every kid deserves a chance, and it’s good to hear that there are initiatives out there attempting to rectify that problem.

    What would I do with the S5? One of three possibilities:
    -Keep it, give my Note 3 to my wife, and her Note 2 to my oldest
    -Give my wife the S5, give her Note 2 to my oldest
    -Give my oldest the S5

    It’s a great situation all around!

  • Keith

    That’s a great idea, and it’s a huge step in the right direction when it comes to companies being less of a money hog.

  • blackidle

    Homelessness shouldn’t exist in 2014 especially for youth, so this is a great initiative!

    I’d like to win the GS5 mainly because of the camera and slicker Touchwiz UI

  • Patrice Berube

    Great program by Virgin for a growing problem that needs awareness and actions. S5 by far the best offering by Samsung. Would love to upgrade.

  • Solomon Abraham

    Living on the street can suck away all your hope for the future. Any help that can be provided to the youths of today is fantastic. As for the phone my S3 is on it’s last legs and I could really use a new sexy phone like the s5

  • Barry

    Would be a great replacement for my current phone.

  • Riyalyn Gatdula

    I can say that it’s actually gotten easier and safer! Good and cool program! I want one!

  • jerseyasian

    “Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed”, – Its always good to help. A new phone is cool especially the S5 anyone would want it, but helping out people in need is more important.

  • Peter

    If the program can get even one youth off the streets, it is worth every penny. Nobody should have to live like that, especially youths! Neat idea to add $1 on your bill every month. Most people wouldn’t even miss it.

    I would love to win this phone so I can surprise my wife with an early birthday present 🙂

  • Aaron

    Youths are our future, so of course anything that helps youths is important.

    As for the S5, who doesn’t want one?

  • David Hollister

    Everyone needs a helping hand at some point, so its good that they are donating to a good cause. I’d like the phone as my current S2 X is just too laggy and I can’t afford a new phone with the increased monthly prices nowadays. Thanks!

  • Chris Parsons

    I want this too

  • jk1m

    This is another way to effectively contribute to the homeless. The Galaxy S5 would definitely bring more use during the summer season of swimming 😉

  • Sam Monty

    Youth are the future of any country. They can either make or break a nation based on what and how they make up of themselves. Considering this, the initiative is an awesome way to contribute to the community at large & to the nation itself.

    As for GS5, Samsung has outdone its last flagship by quite a margin by packing in more goodies for any future android owner to be proud of. So why not win it then.

  • MerkurMan

    I find Virgin’s involvement this project to be pretty noble and commendable. $15 from every sale is a sizable amount of money, and I think it’s great that they’ve made the commitment. The cause is important, not only because it’s positively affecting our future leaders, and helping those who are most deserving, but also because the positive influence and supportive attitude that the initiative represents can spur that generation to help the ones proceeding it, and continue to improve our society as a whole.

  • David Ma

    I think the program is important for providing a chance for homeless youths to get off the streets and increasing awareness about them. And I would like the Samsung Galaxy S5 to replace my old Galaxy Nexus 😀

  • Ekcol

    The program is important because most of the time children aren’t responsible for the crappy lifestyle they experience, and of the ones that are, they probably don’t know any better.

  • Elle

    The RE*Generation program is great because its helping as well as bringing light onto homeless youth. I’d love to win this phone because I dropped my nexus 5 into a pool of water, and it isn’t working anymore, even after sitting in rice for 1+ week

  • Dorothy Sy

    A little help goes a long way…

  • Linda Balat

    Great organization to assist youth and the phone is of good quality.

  • Roberta

    I use Nokia C3 (!) and so I would like to change it with Samsung Galaxy S5, other comments are unnecessary

  • Kreegwaldo

    I think Virgin (and MobileSyrup) are promoting a great cause. As a Vancouverite I’m exposed to the homeless population (particularly the youth) regularly need all the help they can get. I’m glad that companies are taking the time and effort to set programs like this up and support them!

    Of course I’d love the S5 too – it has all the specs I need in a phone to get my job (and entertainment) done. Plus I’d really like to get a Galaxy Gear 2 Neo to use with it!

  • Matthew Cheung

    I am really glad that an organization such as Virgin cares about the community. It is important that our youth gets the proper support and attention, so that they can stand on their feet again.

  • Cristen Berkley

    I think this program is amazing because what people need to pay attention to more, is the younger generation because they are our future. Giving them a place to live and giving them the guidance that they need, will help bring a brighter future for the world. Id like to win this phone because it is the best phone on the market for sure!

  • Zachary Lerner-Muloin

    Everyone deserves a fair chance at life and this program seems to really help people get one. On a side note, this phone is a great choice for anybody who wants a premium phone

  • pyriflegethontas

    Every program that improves at least one person’s life is important! I want this phone as its the best gift ever!

  • daniyaliqbal

    samsung is a lovely brand.i like its all mobiles.

  • daniyaliqbal

    This is a very important plan because i wanted to win samsung galaxy s5.

  • PTF

    Any social program that helps bridge gaps and provide opportunities for kids to reach full potential is awesome.

  • disqus_BIq5G12Kuz

    Helps people. Wouldn’t mind a new phone.

  • Vinnay (Vince) Ram

    Anything supporting getting the youth and homeless off the street is a great idea, good stuff Virgin…. As for why I should win… My old Note 2 is in its last legs and my contract still has over a year on it.

  • Metroyyc

    Sign me up ! s5 time Re Generate my mobile experience

  • Brendan Heath

    The Organization seems to have some creative approaches to helping get youth off of the streets including mentorship (though giving youth free phones and presumably signing them up to virgin seems a bit self serving in the long run).

    As for the GS5 I appreciate the performance, battery life, water resistance, and the fact that unlike most phones these days the battery is user accessible.

  • Sean

    It doesn’t matter why I would like the phone, what’s important here is the work Virgin is doing to help kids get off the streets and move forward in their lives. This is an outstanding initiative!

  • Christina Bolton

    I’m proud to be part of the Virgin Mobile family not only has a customer but as a sales associate as well. I live in a town where teens struggle to stay in school and support themselves. This intuitive is a great way to help these teens realise thier potential. I had a number of friends that my family took in when they needed help and a loving family that could have really used this program. I’m currently using the S3 and kind of embarrassing to show my “old” phone when working in the wireless industry.

  • Mike M

    Regeneration is an important program for the homeless and good on virgin for supporting them.

    I’d like this S5!!

  • Pieria Protopapa

    A programme helping vulnerable people is very important, I am glad to hear that virgin is working on that direction and the mobile is awesome!

  • Jason Datt

    great phone and even better cause!

  • Olerius

    I think the Re*Generation program is important because it puts a local connection to a problem most of us face in our own communities (youth homelessness), rather than the traditional “big guy” incentives like tree-planting (certainly a worthwhile cause, but one I don’t see the local benefits of). The 5S would be a great phone for me to replace my aging HTC Sensation with…

  • mike s

    the program helps kids who are our future. The GS5 is a solid phone and I need to upgrade my 3 year old phone

  • Sushrut

    This sounds like an excellent program…I want to win this phone because still stuck in a poor Nokia…Thanks for the opportunity… 🙂

  • Sushrut

    This sounds like an excellent program…I want to win this phone because still stuck in a poor Nokia…Thanks for the opportunity… 🙂

  • Ashley Johnson

    This program is amazing because there are so many more needy young people out there than we realize! I would LOVE to win this phone being a young person myself in college and raising a child! Would be amazing because I could never afford it otherwise!!!


    Good work Virgin Mobile

  • martin

    Homelessness is a big problem. Everything in life gets more difficult or even impossible once you become homeless. That is why the issue is important.
    I need a new phone, the old one has evolved into an evil entity. It might be a Sith by now.

  • Aaron Arellano

    This program is important because the youth today determine our future. I’d like to win this phone to help me become more productive.

  • SycloneRob

    Any monitary help for a good organization is great as it helps the young in need to get back onto the right track, as its easy to be on the wrong path. This phone can also help me with my weight loss with its heart monitor and with other apps help me reach my goal!

  • N D Tran

    Helping the homeless through awareness and community is a great way to go. Cheer. BTW, the phone is nice.

  • CobraG7

    This program is important because we have so many impoverished people in the US and this program will help give them a bit of comfort that we take for granted.

    I would love to have this phone because it’s the best phone currently available with the Super AMOLED HD screen being my favorite.

  • Jay Xu

    People that been through the harshness and toughness of life at a young age will value what is given to them even more. And they will strive to work harder in life compared to some that are pampered by their parents. Therefore this program will be giving a chance to the less fortunate kids to get off the street and get their life together for a better future. This is a great program, other large corporations should be looking into joining this program to help the future generation. Great program!

  • bluerage

    The youth are our future and helping the homeless is a positive move towards that future. I also need a new phone so this would be great

  • Ecliptical

    any company that takes a consious social approach these days in where the bottom line seems to mean more is cool in my books. Count me in

  • Ali Salman

    Everyone deserves a roof over their head. I need a new phone x_x

  • Damon Rose

    Everyone deserves a good chance at life, and boosting homeless youth off the streets and into a better live is always a noble cause.

  • den03

    I have long been a Samsung user. From nexus to galaxy 1,2,3 and now I have to have the Samsung S5. I left Blackberry and have never looked back. I have converted all my friends from iphones to Samsung. I am in the industry and would love to help promote Samsung.. The best company with the best products. Heck get me a job please.
    fingers crossed I get picked 🙂

  • MattManDo

    I appreciate any initiative that a company puts forth that gives back to communities and those in need. Kudos to Virgin for this. Plus who wouldn’t want the highest selling phone in the world? 😉

  • Amit Jain

    The program is important because youth is the future and I would like to win S5 because its a nice phone

  • Alexa

    Hey guys. A few of my friends are living in the poor part of China and homeless people aren’t hard to find. This is a very important and nice program for those who needs help. And I am really happy that Virgin introduces this and I will be participating it for sure. My old phone had just breaks down and I am really in the need of a new phone. Galaxy s5 has always been my dream phone. Please and thanks.

  • imaged

    Re*Generation is a great way to divert a little from a luxury to an important cause. And the S5 would be a luxury!

  • g. leong

    great cause .. future of a country is its youth

  • Rod Ruppenthal

    I have volunteered at a homeless shelter/food bank. I think it is important to help others who are in need, especially our youth, as they are our future

  • Megan

    excellent program. I’d love to win!

  • Tyler Hamilton

    if the program works than wow and the samsung galaxy is it good all around phone

  • iamthedruman

    Everyone deserves a second chance and helping fund youth through the latest technology seems like a great way to connect two similar markets. Thanks MobileSyrup and Virgin Mobile!

  • Aarti

    I think this program is important because it’s an easy way to help youth and give them the opportunity to create better lives for themselves. I’d like to win the phone because I’d like to replace my GS2.

  • Sarah Miller

    This program is a great idea.Giving kids the knowledge and tools they need to get off the streets will make for a much brighter future.
    I would like to win this phone because my phone is crappy and I’d like a nice one 🙂

  • Gurkamal Dhahan

    Well the program does sound like a great initiative to get kids off the streets, everyone deserves a chance after all!

  • DawnDawn Xin

    I think it’s extremely nice of virgin to launch this program because it will help a lot of homeless people

  • Jake

    Homeless people deserve help. I’d give this phone as a gift.

  • Ames Kwan

    As a youth apart of the current generation, I genuinely believe Virgin Mobile’s initiative is towards a very great cause to end youth poverty in our country. I believe the impact and the program is significant as it allows many individuals in our country (including myself) to realize that these types of living issues exist in Canada and that the contribution to improve the living standards are stagnating. It puts into perspective that our society is very fortunate and take several things for granted such as money, education and human relationships. There needs to be a positive change to increase commitment towards human rights and this program is an amazing step towards the cause of solidifying education and job opportunities for youth today, which will be the ones who ultimately determine our future. As a young high school student, I would be very willing to support this cause if I had a job as I strongly believe in human rights and I just feel overall inspired to know that I could make an impact on someone’s life and this growth of inspiration can spread so other people can realize the positive influence of taking youth out of homelessness.

    Finally, it’d be awesome to win the S5 for a Father’s Day gift. I want to give back to my Dad for everything he has given me and he is very loving of technology so I think it’d be a perfect gift for him seeing as he tries very hard to support my family and himself and I want to display a degree of gratitude towards him through working hard in school and possibly an S5. He is also fond of the long battery life on this device so it is a major plus and would definitely surprise him if he won this phone :’)!

  • Anupam Chowdhury

    The program is essential to give youth who otherwise would not get the help to learn how to get off the street and live a normal life. Have been to others countries and realize that this program does wonders for people.

  • Uneeb Memon

    I’d love it if I won. Would be great to replace my
    old a*s samsung (it’s not even a smartphone) which I’m currently using
    in place of my broken HTC Explorer

  • Cruise Deshevy

    Virgin is doing something with this program to help those in need.

    Bigger companies with a lot more money have yet to contribute.

    The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the currebt flagship device I would like to own.


  • Jai Ramotar

    This program is important because it gives homeless youth a chance to start their life with new and exciting opportunities. I would like to win this Samsung Galaxy S5 because my Samsung Galaxy S3 was recently stolen at a local rec centre. Itwas my very first phone, and I had EVERYTHING on it. I only had it for 3 months. Ever since then I’ve been stuck with a non-smartphone
    that has a half broken keyboard and that I can barely hear calls on (3 year old
    LG Neon 2). Since I lost my GS3 i will not be able to get a properly working
    phone for AT LEAST 2 years. In the meantime, I have been entering contests
    right here on MobileSyrup to try and win a properly working phone, since I had a Samsung before, I would love to win Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone.Thank you.

  • Lloyd Parsons

    pick me !!!

  • emily

    sounds like an excellent program too bad i cannot yet purchase a new phone

  • Philateech

    This program gives hope and helps youth dream of a future. Nothing is more important than that.

  • Kevin

    Having always been skeptical of Samsung’s hardware, I came away impressed with with I felt.

  • Guest

    When Major companies offer programs that support at-risk and homeless youth is a win in my books. Great to hear Virgin doing this and makes me respect them more as a company.

    As for why I would love to win this new phone, well as a major techie getting to see and use the latest devices is just a major bonus.

  • EFlo

    Any program that could potentially give a future to our youth is a major bonus. Who knows maybe one of those young people will grow up to do something amazing and it all started with programs such as this.

    Why would I like to win this phone, well for one its an Android device which i swear by and am a major techie so getting to use and own the latest devices is a major bonus.

  • Rodney Ellis

    Saving youths should be priority. They’re our future. And I would also like an s5 too. Lol. Here’s to hoping.

  • Matt Davies

    People are what ensures the future of this planet. No matter what cause you choose to support RE*Generation will help build the people nessissary to support those causes. People who are given a second chance in life will return the favour!

  • Manel Sondes Dosa

    Regen is important because there is so many homeless people in Canada that needs help. The GS5 is my favorite android phone and i really need to change my old phone !

  • John W

    This program is important because it helps homeless kids to get off the street and learn how to make a better life…… I like to win the S5 because it has the heart rate sensor where my son can use it at school to check his heart rate instead of asking teacher to check if his heart is beating too fast.

  • Šimon Slávik

    Homeless is worldwide problem and any help is very good and i would like to win this Samsungs flagship, because dont have yet any Samsung so it would be great to start with this canon.

  • jhakv

    The RE*Generation Initiative is very important as our population as aging. We need our youth to take care of the old people! That’s why we need RE*Generation!
    The S5 would be an awesome phone; it has a great display. It would be awesome to replace my older getting phone with the S5.

  • Garry

    There are many issues among society and anybody doing something to help out is always significant, but a huge company recognizing an issue and willing to help, support and work efficiently to end an ongoing occurrence is always rewarding in itself. Taking troubled, homeless or abandoned youth off the streets is such an important, yet tragic cause and Virgin Mobile being able to help out is such a huge step. $15 from each device will do so much and being able to be a part of that cause would warm my heart. I would love love love having a device that is a part of this cause and I personally would do anything to help out. I would use this phone to sell my current phone and donate a portion of the proceeds. Every little thing helps. Not only is Virgin providing someone with a free phone, but the company is also helping homeless youth. What an inspiring company! Best of luck to the youth and to the commenters who want to win! -Garry

  • Luis Guev

    Social responsibility through business is always a plus, it would be nice if more cellular companies invested back in to the communities they serve through programs such as this. I currently have an S5 but my father is in need of a new phone and provider, would be epic timing with Father’s day being so close.

  • Miguel

    With no credit, homeless youths are incapble of getting traditionsl telephone accounts. And yet they require a telephone if they are ever to find adequate accommodation, employment, social support and the training or education they need to participate in society. The seemingly simple gift of a smartphone to a homeless youth can make all the difference in the world for them in giving them an opportunity at a healthy, safe and productive life. Good on you, Virgin Mobile.

  • mariostamile

    Our younger generation is our future. You can’t feed their brains without feeding their stomachs first; that’s why this program is important. I’d love to get this flagship phone so I can finally check out the Android OS.

  • Lisa L

    I am so grateful for being able to get a good education, and it has helped me grow so much as a person. Without it, I would not even have had the chance to try for medical school. A better future starts with education, so it is really great to hear that Virgin is actually doing something to better the lives of children out there.

  • Chantal

    Great phone, great cause. I love Virgin, they’re always doing cool things!

  • Gloria Cheng

    Homelessness is a very tough issue to address since the reasons and causes for the inception and continuation of homelessness are multifaceted and vary from person to person, situation to situation. Helping the youths get off the streets and into better situations will help stop future homelessness and possibly empower those people to improve the current homelessness issue.
    Id like to win the latest flagship Android because I have enjoyed Android phones for a little over 2 years now and I can’t imagine using another type of phone.

  • kraaly53

    Good on Virgin for this. Something that is so insignificant ($15) to them, but will really add up and go to something that helps. Who wouldn’t want the phone but I hope they push the sign-up for the $1 per month on your bill, most won’t even notice it.

  • Alex Styles

    I think it’s a great program, because nobody deserves to live on the streets, and kids shouldn’t starve.
    In terms of the phone, it would be a great replacement for my currently defective phone.

  • Hassan

    Because its amazing and want to be part of it

  • Saiyam Gandhi

    I love the initiative. We need more like this. And the flag ship is a wonderful way to do it. Can’t beat the super amoled, processor and package.

  • Sid Scotchman

    I’ve worked with at risk youth and have seen many youth “Couch Surfing”. it is sad to see, and even more sad to see that these youth fall through the system so many times. seeing that Virgin helps these youth is so great to see and gives me hope that other organizations will do their best to give these homeless youth a chance. Keep up the great work

  • Mike Rumble

    1) Because it’s a matter of social justice. The fact is, we can afford smartphones and data plans and a place to call home. There are a lot of people, even in Canada, who do not even have that. They have no home and if we, as a society, can’t help give them the opportunity to help themselves then we need to re-evaluate our priorities.

    2) I use my smartphone in every aspect of life… from listening to podcasts on my way to wherever I’m going to GPS in the car. It wakes me up in the morning and charging it is the last thing I do at night. It keeps my wife and children in reach at all times, and organizes my real and digital lives. That’s what I would use it for, exactly as Samsung wanted: a life companion. Paired, of course, with my Galaxy Gear watch on the Virgin mobile network.

  • Jacob Menchaca

    It’s important to help underprivileged kids because some may not have help and direction that others do. Children are the future.

    Also, it’s important to be technologically up to date, and the Virgin Mobile Galaxy S5 would be definitely be awesome!!

  • Johanna Gale Solano

    We all know that in this age of technology, smartphones are a great way to communicate and also help a cause. I think this is an awesome program. It encourages us youth to see the greater benefits technology can give out. To give great opportunity to the homeless youths a wonderful future. This is great hope for humanity.

    I would like to win the phone because I know that the GS5 is a one of a kind phone of 2014. Great screen, specs, camera and features. How could you say no? More power to Virgin Mobile! And to your program.

  • fred

    wow did not know about this charity it is a great idea i wish it was around in my area.

    anyway i would love to win this phone asi have recently soted my life out but dont have money for extra stuff like the s5 please let me win!

  • Philip Nguyen

    This social program is one that is needed in order to better take care of of youth without homes. Smatphones like the Samsung G5 can help to spread the word through connectivity!

  • Jenni Barreca

    Hi! Virgin is a great initiative to offer a better life for needy people, it’s amazing..About the phone, I love samsung galaxy s5!This phone’d be perfect for me…I really want it 🙁 🙁 pleaseeeee 🙁 🙁 🙁 I need a new phone, help me to have sg s5 🙁

  • Josh Andrews

    While no one should be living this way in 2014, it is a great initiative to help the youth whose lives have not even really started yet. Glad to see large companies putting their weight behind such a great cause.

  • Wingwing

    I think the program is important because it helps raise a lot of awareness towards these issues especially nowadays because more and more people are getting new cell phones. When people look for a new phone, they could come across this program and might just purchase that phone to contribute to the cause.
    I would like the S5 because my phone is now very laggy and slow and will shut down at random times when i don’t click the power button o.o Not to mention the camera would be great for taking pictures when i go on my cruise this summer 🙂

  • manicmaniac

    Helping others is always awesome! I’d like to win the galaxy S5 as my current galaxy S2 is a little old and slow and needs a replacement.

  • Chourrito

    1) Homeless youth have a lot of potential and helping them realize that potential starts with helping them get off the streets.

    2) I’m in need of a new phone because my current phone lasts 3 hours before losing its charge.

  • Mark M

    Helping the youth…good, helping the homeless. ..good, free galaxy s5…good, what’s not to like about this program ?

  • Eli

    The youth is the future and that’s why this program is important

  • hele3120

    No comment on the economy, but we should help out vulnerable (at-risk) people from being homeless before it actually happens, and I think it’s really great that with the popularity of such a phone, Virgin would donate $15 to the cause. I’d like to win this and have Virgin donate another $15.

  • Jesse Hooke

    I really appreciate Virgin’s RE*Generation initiative to help at risk youth because everybody deserves the opportunity to become successful. If i had the Galaxy S5 i would finally be able to ditch my point-and-shoot camera and upgrade my old Nexus 4 that has a terrible camera.

  • Cathy Canton

    I support anything and brands that supports helping those in society that need help. It is our responsibility as humans to help those who can’t help themselves, and support those who can’t support themselves!

  • J. Wong

    Program is important to help the youth become contributing members of society. Would love to have a new phone.

  • Dylan Corless

    It’s something that helps a group of people who need some help to get on the right path. I could use a new phone.

  • Felix Brousseau

    Any serious charity is worth supporting, so having such a program making money off consumer good (and a popular one at that) is worth supporting!

  • Patrick Western

    A phone like this would help me create awesome images for my social awareness page. I live in windsor Ontario and try too promote youth standards awareness with my video camera and still camera. A phone like this would limit the amount of equipment I would need to take with me! Thanks for the chance virgin!

  • Jesse Hooke

    This is a great program because nobody should be homeless in 2014 and everyone should be given the opportunity thave a better life. I would finally be able to ditch the point n shoot camera + nexus 4 combination I carry around. Seriously the camera is stunning.

  • CeMara Adams

    I believe that this program is very important because it gives less fortunate people opportunities that they could not get by themselves. This program helps raise awareness about homelessness.This program also can show people the love that they may not feel and it can give people a second chance to do better with their lives. This program changes people lives for the better. It would be a blessing to this phone because I do not have a phone. I am a high school student and who needs a phone to get in contact with my parents and this smart phone would allow me to call them and it would allow me to get on the internet when I need to get on the internet. My family does not have the money to buy me a phone. I would be very appreciative of getting this phone because I know that this phone is expensive.

  • Ned K.

    Programs like the RE*Generation initiative help to stop a problem early by getting youth on the right track and out of harm and trouble. I would like to win this phone to show my support for this program and help raise more awareness.

  • Blair Craigon

    Any program that helps get kids off the street is a worthwhile cause, I just wish more Corporations would give more of their profits to these programs.

  • Clinton Hammond

    A wonderful initiative helping under privileged kids…

    If I won the s5, I would give it to my wife as a surprise

  • dgfish

    This program is excellent because it’s helping out a group that’s especially vulnerable. People love to talk about youth as the future, so it’s nice to see an initiative acting on that. And it would be great if I could win the S5 as a belated birthday present!

  • Chet Manly

    Youth should be in school. Not the streets. Also, sweet phone. 🙂

  • OMFCody

    Good cause and great giveaway 🙂

  • annie wong

    A lot of the organizations that help troubled youths are non profit. The extra funding they can get will help them provide them better quality help provided as well as more training material for the volunteers

  • outburst

    Gives back to communities.

  • David Foggia

    Donating to charities that deal with homelessness? What is bad about that? Seriously tho, i don’t know what you guys expect me to put. Anyways, I’m entered!

  • Kevin Vaughan

    Nice to see a corporation step up and make a difference for those in need. My contract’s up soon and that S5 would be schweet.

  • Dan King

    The thing that’s good about this program, is that some donation is guaranteed. People need phones; they’re going to get bought. So they’re bound to get some sort of income to send to the charity. Plus, homeless adults are homeless because of (usually) bad decisions made in the past. But, homeless youth often didn’t get the chance to not be homeless; it’s a result of their parents’ decisions. A charity to help them get back on their feet is a fantastic idea because of this.

    If I won this device, I’d probably give it to my best friend since 12 years who has an old GS3 with a demolished screen and can’t afford an upgrade.

  • Joel Garand

    Great program. I’d love the S5 and would use it to its fullest potential.

  • Victor

    its important because it helps those in need! this phone looks awesome

  • Yannick Ricard

    perfect phone!

  • Kilauea

    Its important to help those in need whoever they may be. My phone getting old, winning this new one would be perfect!

  • JD

    $15 from every purchase should help feed a lot of hungry mouths and help give them a hand up. A GS5 would be a much needed upgrade from the iPhone 4 I’m rocking

  • Dave Dman

    Youth homelessnes is one charity that I can fully support, far more worthwhile than all those large corporate charities. I would love to win this phone as my iphone 4s is too small.

  • Leifer

    Yes please, for the kids… and me

  • Carole Dube

    Excellent program to help kids get off the street and help them create a future for themself.

  • David Huynh

    That RE*Generation is a great initiative in the sense that it helps homeless youth get off the streets in order to become an active member of society. With their independence, they will be able to go out and do great things in life. As for the phone, well, it’s a gem.

  • LiLAzNNewB

    It’s always a good thing to help the community, and in this case, the homeless youths. 🙂 Good to see them actively helping them out! As for the S5, well.. It’d be nice to give it a try for a first Android device!

  • Arthur Erickson

    Great program, helping the youth is helping the leaders of tomorrow. I’d purchase one but I’m locked into a contract. Thank you

  • Jamie Joss

    Well maybe… OF COURSE!!

  • Mike Stefanyk

    Powerful phone. Powerful cause. Powerful people?

  • Tainan Lu


  • Brandon G

    It seems like this program is getting some much needed funding into helping kids stay off the street.

  • Keegan Taylor

    Homeless is a serious issue in my home town, it’s great to see such an affordable cell phone brand (best prepaid hands down) help with a serious issue.

  • GameChange666

    Very important to help the youth as they are our future. Of they can succeed we all will be better off.

    I’d love the S5 to try out a Samsung phone.

  • Martin Lemieux

    Great thing to help the young homeless

  • Doug Branscombe

    I’ve got to top my Father in law (has Galaxy S3) and my wife (has Galaxy S4) and would love to contribute to this program!

  • Sia

    this phone is so good

  • Albert Thai

    Its cause is very important for our youth’s future. I want the phone because its the best phone on the market today

  • John Mead

    Anything to help the homeless and youth is a great program. We have to many homeless people in this country who are in need. If i won u would actually give it to my wife, she needs a new phone and we don’t need to spend the money right now to get one.

  • Andrew Grant

    The program helps people in need. Its important so they can be n seen as a positive company giving back and not just keeping the profits for their stockholders.

  • Zia Khan

    Virgin mobile of $15 from every GS5 purchase to various programs that help homeless youth get off the streets and seek new opportunities is helping the youth around the world . Raising funds over 6-years of $1 million to-date is impressive. The Samsung S 5 would make a nice surprise gift for my sons 15 birthday. Wishing the initiative all the success … Winning the cell phone would be nice surprise first cell phone for him as well.

  • David Carignan

    I think politics and public services don’t do enough for the poorest people, there’s still a lot of inequity…that’s why this type of program who helps homeless youth is very important. With a new phone like this one I could give my old one (galaxy s4) to a friend who has difficulties to get a job.

  • Josh Ticsay

    I think it’s pretty amazing that Virgin Mobile is using their corporate power to help the people who need it in a positive way! And using the Galaxy S5 as the RE*Generation since its a popular phone, so many people will purchase it and help many people who need it. I’d love to win this phone because i’m in need of an upgrade from my old and broken down phone and it would help me out like Virgin is helping the homeless.

  • gilliebee

    I have a daughter entering her teen years, and appreciate programs like this. Very cool phone and cool initiative.

  • Adam Wright

    This program is great to give tooth the jump start they may need to reach further success in life. I’d love to win this phone to progress my venture in becoming a tech unboxer/reviewer.

  • Allen Sutedja

    to make nation stronger! by send youth back to school! i want to switch from iphone!

  • vnjcas

    It gives the youths the opportunity that they can change their lives around towards a real future, if they want it.

  • Hot Toronto Deals

    Its great that Virgin Mobile is taking the opportunity to give back, in a serious manner, and using a flagship product to do so. Helping young, homeless people benefits all of of us.

    The first thing I would do, if I won, is add a new Samsung Gear smartwatch to use with my new phone!

  • Apocalypso

    I think this program is important for the simple fact that our youth are the back bone of our society’s future. Therefore, an investment like this where marginalized youth are empowered to be functional, productive people in society is ultimately beneficial to us all as a whole.

    As for the device, being able to upgrade to one of the latest and greatest smartphones is always good reason to want one. 🙂

  • tishabarr216

    This program is very important because there so many young people that think it’s too late for them, or they might think all is loss. This might be able to give them hope for a second chance at life. I would like to win because the Galaxy s5 rocks!

  • AamirandAliyah Khan

    One amazing piece of tech. Apple can cough on the dust cloud.

  • Warren Paul

    I think the program is good because it’s a little boost from “corporate America”

  • Patrick Tudela

    These programs are essential for the future. The youth are the future and programs like these help point them in the right direction and help them when no one else can. Winning this phone would be a huge upgrade to my current phone. 4K recording!

  • Senk

    Any program that helps out the less fortunate is very important. Good on Virgin Mobile!

  • Stephen Lew

    RE*Generation is doing such awesome work because youth deserve better than a second chance as they’re the next pillars of society. Preparing for tomorrow is the mentality we all need to have. I’d like to win this because I’d like to have a new device.

  • Neil Osadchy

    Helping the homeless is always a good cause. And because im still rockin a 4s

  • Terry Campbell

    Way cooler than anything else ….

  • Henry Lao

    Many of these individuals were forced into their current lifestyles; but if they were given a chance to turn their lives around, they would certainly take you up on that offer and do amazing things. The RE*Generation mission aims to do just that, and I find it very admirable.

  • Hux Bear

    Programs like RE*Generation are vital because homeless & at-risk youth are as much a valuable part of our future as the more “squeaky clean” & “white-bread” youth could ever be… Having a new, flagship phone like this would finally take me out of the 2nd-hand, Ebay-phone ghetto & give me a device that can take a decent pic & run the latest apps the way they’re *meant* to be run! 🙂

  • Enrico

    This is great, helping kids get off the street and give them new life ia really important.


  • Nascar Dog

    Good program to help kids in need. I really need to win this phone to replace my very old near extinct BlackBerry.

  • stephanie

    Great program that has a great source of donations.ordinary people are able to have a part in providing support for homeless youth, and it helps them give in a way that they can.

    The Samsung phone would help me capture countless moments in any weather! It’s a smart, fast and well built phone that seems quite reliable and suitable for many lifestyles 🙂

  • Kat

    It’s important because programs like this give young people hope for the future. When a person feels hopeless about the future, sometimes they give up on life and this can lead to youths getting into trouble. I would love to win a Samsung Galaxy S5 from Virgin, so I could give it to my niece who is the best niece ever and who would be so happy to get this awesome phone.

  • Ironhide Delta

    There are too many kids on the street that need support. And it’s a pretty awesome phone too.

  • Shaun Conway

    All help is welcomed, thanks to those who care

  • Diderot

    Helpless the homeless youth is important to give them a second chance in life. I would like to win this flagship smartphone to namely make use of the heart rate monitor and for its dust proof capabilities.

  • ajhall62

    Kids need a chance to succeed. They need a stable environment and homelessness is no way to go.

  • Shawn

    Very interesting way to raise money to go back to the people who need a hand. That phone looks pretty great too!

  • adkins76

    It is very important to give back, especially to those in need. It’s just the right thing to do. I would love to have the large screen on the gs5!

  • GS

    This is a great initiative. Unemployment and homelessness are issues that go hand in hand – once you’re homeless, it’s very tough to get a steady job to build yourself back up. Though I have been fortunate enough to never go through many of the hardships experienced by thousands of Canadians every day, it’s important to remember to share our wealth to try to provide every young person in Canada with the same opportunities for educational and personal growth and security.

    As for why I’d like to win the phone…my dad is still using a CDMA flip phone. ‘Nuff said!

  • johnfr

    i want it

  • Michael H

    homelessness is a huge problem that needs all the help it can get.
    …and I totally need a new phone

  • Jason

    Youth programs keep kids out of trouble and are one of the best ways to improve a kid’s future for good. And this phone looks great, definitely one of the top in its generation.

  • Dee

    I need this!

  • Roberto Flores

    This is a great initiative… The GS5 should go to one of the kids on the program

  • Tysen LeBlanc

    Great program….. A little help could go a long way. I’m due for a new phone. Texting in T9 isn’t what it used to be.

  • PJ

    The initiative has a noble goal and hopefully it’s effective. As for the S5, it’d be nice to see what Samsung devices offer now.

  • Christie Acuna

    The importance of a program that offers opportunities to homeless youth is priceless! Would love the Samsung GS5 as it’s one of the best smartphones of 2014!

  • Deanna P

    I like the program because its mean everything when youth homeless and marginized groups know they have people who care about their future and want to see youth be successful, safe, and in housing that is affordable, adequate in size and along with financial supports. #housingfirst

  • Deanna P

    I would like to win this android because I had a samsung gs4 i loved the screen broke and i got a nexus 4 which sucks so bad am having problems with everything on it. I like to stay up to date with the latest technology. Thank you for opportunity to win this.

  • Chris Knopff

    I have an S2 that needs upgrading.

  • Moustafa

    Count me in please!

  • Sibin Maynalovski

    This is very important program and I wish that someone initiate such here in Bulgaria because it’s crucial for people not to forget that they are human beings and it’s divine to offer a helping hand! Hope that you pick me for winner because this is one amazing phone and I would love to hold it in my hands

  • Aamir Siddiqui

    This is certainly a noble initiative by Virgin. Goes around the saying, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for the rest of your life”.

    The same saying can be extended to my Desire for a beast phone. With my current driver, HTC Desire S, I’ve learnt so much trying to push it to its limits. Can’t wait to see how far a beast could let me go and experience its internal workings. The S5 would be a whole different learning lesson with regards to how Android/Touchwiz works on the inside.

  • Mindmeld

    Any program to give the youths of this generation the opportunity to succeed is good in my books. You’re doing it right, Virgin.

  • Eddie Panopio

    I been logging for my first smartphone through mobilesyrup. I hope to get this one. Thank you.

  • Svetlana L

    People from RE*Generation are doing great job! Often people take homeless as a trash… People shouldn’t judge cause we don’t know why those young people are on the streets… If they are on the street it doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve bright future.. I’m sure many of them are gifted… even some of them don’t know about it… So i appreciate much work of those who are doing their best to help them.

    As to the s5.. Well i personally love Samsung… and s5’s specs in general:0 So why not to try my luck in this contest. Thanks for th contest 🙂

  • cobakk1812

    Simply put, would love to win this phone cause it is the best on the market. Virgin consistently has better programs. I knew about this from a friend who worked for BestBuy and it is a great program, possibly the only one like it in Canada.

  • raj

    It is very easy to get lost in our modern world, anything that can help steer the youth the right way is an awesome idea. I just really need a new phone cause my s3 is about to kick the bucket..

  • Karlos Alpajora

    This program is very important in order to raise awareness and make us realize that there are many homeless youth’s ,youth without a decent job or even going to school, The youth is the future of every nation, They deserve our love and care, They can change the world!. As they grow up they slowly make our country or world ,wonderful or awful,So lets make the change, Let’s help the youth,Let’s guide their path. for a better world.

    I would like to have this awesome Galaxy S5 because I always pray to have this,This phone is amazing, fingerprint scanner and waterproof,Nice battery life, How cool is that ,HD screen ,and made by my favorite brand Samsung. Love it!!! 😀

  • Jax J

    The Re*Generation program is important because as a country Canada is always helping other countries, but it’s time to help our own citizens. Canada’s youth are the leaders of tomorrow and helping them is important for Canada’s future! I would love to win the Galaxy S5 not only to help with the Re*Generation initiative, but because Samsung cellphones are THE BEST cellphones on the market hands down. I love Samsung products!!

  • Titoeuf

    Always been a client of Virgin and proud of what they do to help today’s youth.

    It is really nice for them to also supply phones like that for contests. Thanks!

  • nicfortin

    Youth is The future!

  • Guest

    The program is important because it gives youth a second chance, often they end up homeless threw events that are out of their control. The program helps them get back up and grow.

    The reason I’d like an S5 is my Samsung Ace is at the end of its lifespan and has very little memory/CPU power so I’m very limited in what I can do with it.

  • Uchuu

    The program is important because it gives youth a second chance, often they end up homeless through events that are out of their control. The program helps them get back up and grow.

    The reason I’d like an S5 is my Samsung Ace is at the end of its lifespan and has very
    little memory/CPU power so I’m very limited in what I can do with it. An S5 would cover my phone needs for at least a couple years.

  • mcneilljamesc

    Great program by Virgin. We should all be doing more to help youth in our communities have a chance at a better life. I’d love to win this phone so I can replace my father’s 5 year old one for him.

  • cigarsonist

    RE*Generation is a great program. somewhat unheard of, for a mobile company, if i’m not mistaken. it’s important to get young homeless people off the street before they become older homeless people. they have their whole lives ahead of them.

  • Colin R

    Yes please! It is nice to see a company give back to the community. I would love an upgrade to this amazing phone.

  • Chad Hammad

    The RE*Generation movement is pretty simple to stand behind. The people who can afford a phone like this should naturally want to help the less fortunate homeless kids on the street. I would probably donate the phone as i am not currently with Virgin Mobile or want to be 😛 Thanks for Opportunity!! Psst Can you hook me up with a GS5 that works on Wind 🙂

  • 66Sidewinder

    Our future lies with the next generation.

  • Shacha GC

    Its important because i remember seeing my friends founds and old friends in the streets he didn’t event recognize him

    and the reason why would love the phone because i have am still using a htc one x i think for a freaking sweet update please

  • Adam Wynne

    What a great program. I just heard about this program. I am a very strong believer in helping people in need of help ie finding a job or a worm place to stay and a worm meal they can eat without fear of being judged or getting sick from the unpredictable weather can bring.. Thank you virgin mobile for this program you have heard all ye respect..
    Thank you

  • Steeve Francillon

    Good luck to you all!

  • Evan Thomas

    This sounds like an amazing program. People have the right to basic necessities which this program sounds like it helps to achieve. Bravo to Virgin to have this program in place. I have the original Samsung Galaxy S and it’s on its last legs, so a new S5 would be an awesome replacement!!

  • Mike Lemmy Monner

    My S3 keeps crashing so a new phone would be great!

  • Chris Callanan

    Programs like this are awesome to give back to communities – we don’t have enough of this! I need a new phone since mine is getting a bit long in the tooth, and would love to go a bit bigger as well! 🙂

  • Kristal

    What a great program to get kids off the street and help them seek new opportunities. I would love to win so that I could upgrade from a Galaxy Nexus.

  • sharkhark

    My gs2 needs to be replaced it well past its expiry. And I’m already with virgin. Best customer svc around.

  • Jill

    I’ve heard of this program before and thought it was an amazing idea. Homeless youth have a lot of difficulties thrown at them and any help given is both deserved and needed.

    As for the S5, it’s designed really well and very user friendly, plus it’s specs are pretty sweet too.

  • Eros

    The re*generation program is so necessary in our society because the youth are more and more often left behind. One look at unemployment statistics will tell you who is really suffering in our post recession society.

    As for the phone, I’d love to get a free phone, especially one as good as the S5.

  • Tyson Wagner

    I have worked with many youth who are homeless. it is heartbreaking to see them this way. Also, its hard knowing that could be any of us if we were born in a different situation. So i think that this is a great program that could help youth who have never had the opportunity to change their lives. I want to win this because my current galaxy S1 is falling apart and its time for a new phone

  • Cathy

    I think this program is important because it takes great resources to help youth that get caught in such situations and why I’d like to win this latest flagship Android because I have never had an Android device so i hope to stay up-to-date.

  • Sarah Conlin

    I think the Re* Generation project is great as it gives more opportunity to those who need it. In this day and age if you do not have something as simple as a cell phone then you become cut off from the world and cannot progress or get the help needed. A simple phone call can change your life and this program gets phones into the hands that need it the most. I would like to win this phone so that i can have better contact with friends and family that are distant. With all the features it makes it alot easier staying in contact on the go!

  • Lei Han

    This program is good since it helps the youth and sees the company gives back to the community. I’d like to have this new phone to upgrade my old device.

  • Not Fail Whale

    The people who can afford a phone like this should naturally want to help the less fortunate

  • FF12

    This program sounds excellent because it can help those youth to do better things and reach new levels! I would love to have this device because I could gift it to a friend or family member.

  • jonfry

    Need this please!!! This program to help our youth is fantastic! Hook a brotha up!

  • Jordan

    Great phone, great program!

  • Usman

    Dont know much about virgin mobile but this whole initiative sounds cool.
    Plus S5 is just an amazing device, with all the new features that are actually useable.

  • Aidan F

    I’ll be honest..,I’ve never heard of this program before, but it is nice to see that they are giving back. A very cool program. Good work.

  • AZTECA24

    I would love to win this for my daughter! Good luck to all.

  • Jordan Kelly

    I think this initiative is awesome. It has the potential to help so many youth which will in turn help everybody’s future! kudos to virgin mobile for continuing this great program and picking a great product to piggyback on this time around. S5 to replace my aging S3 yes please!

  • M. Dmnt

    Any organization trying to better the world is important.

  • Jess

    yes, please. Thank you!

  • Daniel

    I would love to have this phone because it’s just one of the top current awesome phones that are circulating right now, i would be so happy and grateful for one. The RE*Generation initiative is great because not only does it stimulate more people to buy the s5 but helps the marginalized at the same time and the revenue it has garnered for the cause is not a small sum, it also shows how successful this initiative is. Rock on!

  • E.J

    The phone is great. Especially that it is now water resistant… almost perfect.
    And the initiative is important – people must take care of the weakest and poorest among themselves. $15 from each purchase is lots of money – too bad Samsung doesn’t give $15 from EACH S5 it sells for homeless youth.

  • Jesse

    Glad to hear companies are helping out youth in need. Every little bit helps.

    I’ll spread the word with my new S5 if I win!

  • Alex H

    It is nice seeing companies use their ‘weight’ to make an impact, and influence others to do the same. I wish that they had mentioned what the programs are somewhere other than way down at the very bottom right of the entire page.

    Anyway. I want to win an s5 because my girlfriend’s note 2 has a shattered screen, and i’d love to be able to replace her phone for her.

  • Kim Long Luu

    This program help kids out from the street that they do something good for they life.

  • Francois Schneider

    Youth is the future, and by helping them we’re helping ourselves.
    I’d like to win this phone because I always wanted to play Asphalt 8 in the shower.

  • TerranceFraser

    This program is great. I’m sure virgin doesn’t have to do it, as sales of the flagship Samsung can’t possibly be increased that much by the program, and I’m proud that they do it. As I sell virgin phones at The Source, having an S5 would be a great demonstration tool to sell more Virgin S5s and help fund this program further.

  • TheRealTachyon

    A lot of our youth have been let down by the rest of us. They have ended up in situations of our making. Whether it’s poor parenting, bad government or a broken education system, it’s within our power to fix the problem.
    I think this is a great idea. Hopefully the program includes STEAM education as that’s where the future lies with regards to no only jobs, but fitting into society.

    As for the S5. What an amazing device. It’s the only thing I’d give up my S4 for.

  • Sam

    Think any organization battling youth homelessness should be given recognition. Think that if youth were given that first step – i.e. a home – they would then be able to consider things like education and all that comes with it.
    As for the phone, sweet! Would be nice to take a step up from the 4inch iphone I’m using now.

  • GPman

    Free is good and helping is good.

  • Martin Snetsinger

    Sounds like a great program, wasn’t even aware of it before this contest. Can’t wait to see a Galaxy S5!

  • tootoo

    Great initiative. This is a first for sure in the mobile industry. Program is important as times are getting tough, youth are unable to find jobs and don’t have the funds to get through education. $15 can go a long way. I would like to win this phone because I’ve been a blackberry user all my life and would like to try this Samsung Android. Good job Virgin!

  • Jo C

    Well, I’m in desperate need of a new phone. I’m not just saying that I mean I really could use a brand new device. I’ve been entering countless giveaways on the mobile syrup site for years!!! And I’ve never won anything I keep hoping that I will get lucky soon.

    I currently have an iphone 4 (I know its so old!) but I can’t afford a new phone at this time as I am unemployed University student. I appreciate what Virgin Mobile is doing with this initiative youths really need our help there is no opportunity right now for us so I can sympathize for those who really have it hard.

  • Ian M.

    The RE*Generation initiative is an important program. Youth homelessness is an oft ignored but very serious issue. Often homeless youth fall along the LGBTQ spectrum as a result they face even more discrimination, and need all the help they can get.

  • jrmtl

    I think Samsung makes some of the most advanced phones on the market and this S5 is simply the complete package

  • miker33

    Help at-risk youth *and* replace my iPhone? Win win!!

  • cmeinc

    The program is awesome for it present (kids off the street) action and its future impact (a generation who can help others at-risk)

  • Greg Diduszko

    No youth deserves to be homeless, I believe this is a great initiative by Virgin and more companies should follow suit. It would be a bonus to get the S5 but the importance here is the focus Virgin is giving to the at-risk youth. If you give the youth a chance, they may surprise all of us!

  • Greg Diduszko

    No youth deserves to be homeless, I believe this is a great initiative by Virgin and more companies should follow suit. It would be a bonus to get the S5 but the importance here is the focus Virgin is giving to the at-risk youth. If you give the youth a chance, they may surprise all of us!

  • Darren Toews

    Great phone and a great cause! That’s a win-win … get kids having fun while doing something constructive, and keep them from being DEstructive.

  • Bill Gillard

    Would love an S5 to replace my S3, which I would give to my mother. Any program that gets helps homeless youth is worth investing in.

  • Jay

    excellent program that benefits everyone! and an excellent phone!

  • James

    The RE*Generation program actually helps people…unlike other charities. I’d like the GS5 cuz it kicks butt!

  • Linda Hearns Montgomery

    This is a wonderful chance for today young people they sure need all the help they can get. To be noticed and help feel some self respect and be respected by others mean a lot to teens.In today’s world many have had to grow up to fast and missed a big portion of learning and maturity, thanks for helping them.

  • Bhatanaka

    I would love to win this contest. I do a lot of work with kids in the Toronto city centre. Typically these kids come from bad situations that are outside their control. They need investment of time and money to get access to the opportunities they deserve. Win or lose this contest I respect this program a lot and give everyone here a high five for taking the time to enter and spread the word.

  • Bhatanaka

    I would love to win this contest. I do a lot of work with kids in the Toronto city centre. Typically these kids come from bad situations that are outside their control. They need investment of time and money to get access to the opportunities they deserve. Win or lose this contest I respect this program a lot and give everyone here a high five for taking the time to enter and spread the word.

  • Fiel Olivo

    good job for this program! This is very important specially for the less fortunate children who will benefit this program. Thank you for helping the youth and kids on the streets, i salute you guys…..i would love to win GS5 as a father’s day gift for my loving partner in life

  • Jaime

    I want this phone my phone sucks.. and is old I need an upgrade lol

  • Chris

    I never knew about this program from Virgin, that is an awesome program! Too many times these youth get stereotyped as “bad-troubled teens” and about of them are just our kids needing to get away from “bad” parents”. This is great.
    Would love to pay it forward and win this contest.

  • Kevin White

    A good example of company PR doing something in the right direction.

  • Ryan

    Corporations giving back to the community shows the homeless youth that the companies do care. By helping the adolescents get off the streets, they are less likely to experience violence and will have fewer opportunities to be involved in high risk activity such as crime, drug use, and risky sexual behaviour.

    I would like to win the GS5 because it is the latest and greatest, and I would donate my current device.

  • Ashley McIlvena

    In a technological age where kids are getting access to cellphones earlier and earlier, its important that we give back. All youth should be given opportunities to succeed in the world so its awesome that virgin is getting homeless youth off the streets. I’ve been Android obsessed ever since my s3 (recently stolen) and cant wait to get the s5!

  • Jesse Ubani

    This programme will really help alot of less privileged people to find a meaning in their lives. The GS5 is soooooo awsome, I’ll love to win it cause it’s one of the best phones ever created

  • Vintila Cristian


  • Merrill Nuttall

    Screen Size, NFC, Biometric Unlock… so many great new features. One awesome piece of hardware and software…

  • Murilo M. M.

    get kids off the street and find something they can be and do is so lovely so congratulations to all of you! and i would love to win the galaxy s5 , than i can change my old cellphone 😀 Good luck everyone and thank you!

  • Tornado15550

    It is quite sad to see over 200,000 of today’s youth being homeless, on the streets and without a school or job. The key method of eradicating poverty is to ensure today’s youth (and tomorrow’s future) are armed with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in life. Things such as education will go a long way towards the betterment of our society. The RE*Generation program is an immense help. By tackling the problem early on, we can prevent mass poverty, which is exactly what the RE*Generation program pursues.
    I would love to win a Galaxy S5. It would be a great upgrade to my Galaxy S2.

  • r3pwn

    This program is important because not all people are lucky enough to have a good family that can keep everything in order. I would like to win the Samsung Galaxy S5 because I do not have a smartphone. My only phone is a crappy old Verizon flip phone, which, in modern day, is quite limited. I can’t partake in group messages, I can’t see certain texts from people’s newer smart phones, and, hell, I can’t even send pictures from it.

  • Jan Eckert

    a good pr action where everyone profits

  • Dustin Betts

    Looks like a great program for people at risk. The phone looks amazing.

  • Jide S. Agbe

    this program benefits all, the less homeless people the more happier the world is!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JD

    It’s great to help anyone less fortunate than you, and that being said, my current phone could use an upgrade too 😛

  • Anwar Khan

    I want to win the phone because I need an upgrade from my Samsung Captivate! This program is important because it helps many of our youth!

  • Julian

    with Virgin? No thank you!!!!

  • Nitin Kamra

    I would love to win this

  • Denis Boudreau

    Want it cause it’s a wicked phone.

  • andrew

    A program like RE*GENERATION is necessary because youth, whatever the contributing circumstance, who find themselves at the disadvantaged end of the social-economic scale, on the streets, will suffer in their daily lives. This suffering in one way or another eventually affects us all, whether we pay attention to it or not. Being proactive enhances everyone life.
    I would like to win this smartphone because I would give it away to someone who has greater disadvantage in life than I do.
    In the past, in a small city in Canada, I was president of a non-profit organization that focused on issues related to environmental health and food security. One of our successes was a collaboration with city officials and the community, to give a young person in trouble for tagging an opportunity for community service. It was a success. The young man was invited to do a themed graffiti mural on a public building in a park in connection with the development of a community garden.
    I am currently in the process of setting up another community non-profit in another Canadian city and outreach to youth will be an important component.
    The young person that I award the phone to, will be someone who understands the importance of community, and will use the phone to connect with others to enhance this understanding.

  • SeanM

    What a great initiative. Cell phones are predominately used by the younger generations. What better way of the younger generations to help their peers who are in trouble

  • Kalen Gmanny

    This program is important because it not only gets word out about a company with fantastic products, but a genuinely amazing phone as well. Samsung has treated me well when I had the Nexus S, where the company was very good with warranty issues, and my Galaxy S3 – which was unfortunately stolen – was a fantastic product! Really hope to win this phone as my HTC One (M7) is dying now too and I would like to return to the Samsung experience!

  • Ed S.

    The program is important because it can help provide a positive future for our youth.

  • Aaron Douglas Charlong


  • Tuan To

    Our kids are our future and sometimes it just takes that special program and/or a simple helping hand to discover that “diamond in the rough”. Many kids that are homeless do not choose to live on the streets so therefore programs like the RE*Generation initiative is a godsend and supporting such causes is what we all need to take part in.
    – As to why I’d like to win the S5 is very frank and Simple: I’ve never owned a Samsung/Android phone before and would love to finally get my hands on one.

    Much love and Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Jay Nelson

    Programs which give youth a resource to leave the streets are invaluable in assisting them to find safety and secure any specific help they may need (mental health, addictions, family, financial etc). Programs such as this respectfully give the youth real options and alternatives. Kudos to Virgin for being a part of helping these at risk kids.
    Why would I want this phone? For the heart rate monitor – there are people who count on my being healthy.

  • Dshwet91

    Such a good initiative! Its a wonderful way of giving back no doubt! I’d love to replace my precious old S2 with this phone!

  • Piyusha Pilania

    This is a good initiative by virgin because everyone needs home and US winters are horrible I faced very terrific situation during winters. So I salute Virgin for such nice initiative. And, I love to get this phone as my phone is too old & I’m in need of a new one.

  • Blair Sinclair

    This is a good program and a good phone. Nice combo guys!

  • boticib

    I think it is a great program to help the homeless youth. I have always been a Samsung fan and it is perfect for clumsy me that drops the phone in water a lot.

  • Greg M

    It would take a lot for me to give up on my HTC M7…if you like..you can try ?? 🙂

  • PascalP

    It’s very nice to give to young people that need it and it’s would be nice too to have the Cadillac of the smartphone!

  • Guang Wu

    Any program that helps out anyone to get off the street with a place to sleep is important. Helping them to find something they can work toward is beneficial to us all. As to winning the flagship android, it is a android phone why wouldn’t I want it?

  • Kelly-Anne Lowe

    Youth programs are always in need of donations…I sure wish that these kind of programs had been around when my cousin needed them,they may have saved her life 🙁 As to why I would love this phone,it’s so I can have a reliable phone for family & friends to call me when they need to talk to 🙂

  • JoSam

    I always say: It’s better to prevent than to cure. It’s a great program that prevents people to become criminals by giving them a second chance which is all the at risk youth needs! I would love to win this phone because I had to downgrade to a blackberry after my Samsung Xcover suddenly died. The upgrade would mean the world to me

  • Em

    what a great program! I’m always pleased to see these big companies reach out and help out the community. I’ve never heard of this program and yet they’ve done so well over the last 6 years.

  • Miss T

    I think that getting homeless youth off the streets is an excellent program. Not everyone has someone to lend them a hand when they become homeless.
    I’d like a new phone my Z10 isn’t cutting it.

  • Eskay

    It’s good that they are creating an awareness among people through this program and I would like to be a part of it by winning this S5!!

  • Adrian Byrne

    I myself was a homeless youth, the only reason I am where I am today is because of amazing programs like this, public resources, and the beautiful people in my life now, that I can call “family”. It’s very important programs like this exist for the benefit of those teens who are scared, confused, and don’t know what direction in life to take. Sometimes all that confusion can alter a person’s life for the worst, which I believe these kinds of programs and resources can definitely give someone a birds eye view, so to speak, on how they can benefit themselves, move forward and live for today!

    I’d like the latest flagship device from Samsung, so that I may expand on my growing knowledge, build and port ROMs for the S5, so that the community may enjoy some customization and freedom.

    As with every entry I make to these contests, I wish you all luck in winning this phone, I’m sure we would all appreciate its glory and functionality!

    Sincerely, Adrian Byrne! XD

  • Sohail


  • God

    Helping people, especially children, is always good. Get them a roof, an education and watch them grow up into a fundamental part of society.

  • drnicket

    A youth who is homeless has more opportunities to turn their life around than someone who is older/more entrenched in that lifestyle. IF someone is willing to offer it, and support them through the process. Tackling barrier to education, employment, financial self-management and other things we take for granted will go a long way to not only making them productive members of society, but more importantly, self-confident human beings!

  • bill

    Its sad to see youth homelessness an issue when we are so lucky to live in a developed country. The Re*Generation initiative is a great way to raise awareness of the issue and hopefully promote action. btw, the S5 is so cool compared to my brick.

  • Aven Kidur

    The program is important because it should be as easy to secure a home, as it is to become homeless. I would like to win the GS5 contest because you would make me happy everyday!

  • m.u

    Recently unemployed, could use.

    Thanks, and good luck.

  • Guest

    Our youth do NOT deserve to be homeless. Everyone is unique in their own ways and have great untapped potential! Love that Virgin mobile is undertaking this initiative for such a great cause! I would love to win the GS5 as I’ve never owned a Android device and this would be a great opportunity. Thank you in advance! 🙂

  • samteevee

    Our youth do NOT deserve to be homeless. Everyone is unique in their own ways and have great untapped potential! Love that Virgin mobile is undertaking this initiative for such a great cause! I would love to win the GS5 as I’ve never owned a Android device and this would be a great opportunity. Thank you in advance!

  • Klejdi

    This is wonderful. Its the future of the world. The young need to be given hope and shown that they are needed and that they are not forgotten. Its a great thing that is being done. I would like to win just like all but either way we are all here to be aware of whats going on and what is being done to help the youth and that is a win for us all. Good luck to everyone.

  • Lee Wing Soon

    It is sad to not being able to have a place known as home. RE*Generation is trying their best to help youths, by helping them and giving them a home. To me, this program is great because it is helping people. It doesn’t just give a home, but it too gives the youths a chance to have, family. As for the Galaxy S5, it will be a gift to my wife that is still using a Nokia C2-01. Its a chance to replace her phone but lack of the funds to get it. So she is still holding on to the phone.

  • Franco Daniele

    A program that helps homeless youth is much more effective than people passing by. Not a lot of people “passing by” hand out change, but with a program like this, it takes out the direct approach, making it easier for someone to donate without all their “eggs in one basket”. I think it’s a great thing! I have not converted to Android from iPhone yet. This would be a golden opportunity! I would love to win the Samsung Galaxy S5!

  • Kyle Kennedy, CSCS

    There are so many smart and talented people who are stuck in a bad situation, this program can help get these people the help they need to get back to doing something they love and contributing their talents to society. This phone would also look great in my hand! Cheers mobile syrup!!

  • Edmonton1

    Getting homeless youths off of the streets is a great initiative and it will make our society a better place for all of us. I would like to win this phone because I think it’s one of the best phones in the market today. Also, if I win this phone, I will sell my iphone4 and donate money towards this great cause.

  • Nelly Chadwick

    Wow the Virgin Mobile RE*Generation initiative is a great cause that I would be more than happy to support. As a youth myself, I think of how drastically different my life would be if I was homeless and struggling to get back on my feet. I really like this initiative because it doesn’t simply give people money, but equips them with knowledge and skills through workshops and mentorship programs. If I don’t win this contest, I think I will switch to Virgin Mobile and get a Galaxy S5, so I can support this important initiative. Plus, the GS5 is a powerful, beautifully designed phone that would be a MAJOR upgrade from my current slider phone (no internet connection, no front-facing camera, not an Android, tiny 3.5 in. display)

  • Joseph Shaun Cockran

    This will help give kids a chance they would of not had. I’d like the phone for the screen and the s health features.

  • Demetrio Carrara

    Excellent program to help people!

  • Doitsir

    It is great that this program could help get kids off the street and find something they can be passionate about. It is important to make a difference.

  • ronald

    This is great for donation. If I win I will donate some money to the organization

  • tortacular

    Would be pretty cool to own…

  • Roger Antony

    Everybody needs a little help 🙂 id like to be the first person with a 2K phone!

  • SpecialK

    It is important to invest in youth programs as it will not only help the kids themselves but will also have a wider impact on the society as a whole. It is important for virgin as a corporation to excercise their social responsibility to educate the youth in terms of phone debt, etc.

  • thewinnipegger

    It’s important to get homeless at risk youth off the streets and getting them into a safe environment where there’s programs to help them out and get towards a great future.

  • Leonardo

    The program is important because it creates new opportunities and support for at-risk and homeless youth.
    AND, I’d like to win a Samsung Galaxy S5 simply because of the 2800 mAh battery, and also because the phone is waterproof and dust resistant! 🙂

  • Andrew Goldenberg

    For the love of god pretty please pick me!! 😀

  • Shelbie Weigel

    It’s a great program, why you ask? It’s giving youth a chance. Sometimes it’s just circumstances that gets youth stuck on the streets or in and out of homes. I understand this, I have a sister who got stuck in this.
    This program isn’t about hand-outs or nonsense. This program is opportunity. It gives young people a second chance at life.

    You go virgin, you go.

  • Brian Larsen

    Sounds like a great initiative! That’s what I like about Virgin, the way they give back.
    The Samsung Galaxy S5. Very cool phone!

  • Maxime Mériouma-Caron

    Yeah, that’s nice! Who wouldn’t want the S5?

  • Jeff

    Its a great initiative, love it

  • Kevin Whynot

    Now thats a company giving back

  • BigTVDoug

    Two words homeless youth. These words should not be in the same sentence. Why I want the S5? So I can call all my friends who are considering purchasing a new cell and tell them about this fundraiser.

  • nadimo

    I think the program is beficial because it will help get homeless kids of street. It gives them the skills to become self sufficient and independent. I would like this phone to show my support for the program and to also have a great smartphone.

  • Kegan Belina

    It’s excellent what they’re doing. I fully support the cause.

  • Kelvin Chung

    Helping our new generation is always important

  • dione clark

    Its very nice what theredoing and the galaxy s5 is a very good phone

  • Darvin111

    Giving kids a chance is the only road forward and I need a new phone

  • Tony Kwan

    Getting youth off the streets is always a good thing. I want to win this phone to replace my old iPhone 4!

  • Tainan Lu

    help homeless youth

    I don’t have a smart phone

  • Ray

    This program is extremely significant because it offers homeless youth a second chance. The youth are the future, they should not be living on the streets. Homeless youth are prone to risky behaviors and situations that will negatively harm their future and well-being. It is important to give youth the chance to receive a decent education in order to decide the type of life they want to lead. The youth today need our support, which I think is the main reason youth become homeless in the first place. A lack of support, constant pressure and judgement from peers, family and friends pushes youth into a dark spiral of hopelessness. Its heartbreaking to think a young person has no hope living on the streets. This initiative is perfect for spreading awareness and making people aware that young people too can be homeless.

  • Pat Trudeau

    Good on Virgin to contribute to a worthwhile program. Virgin always tends to be pretty socially conscious. I’d love to have this phone because it will be a LONG overdue upgrade for me and help me do my job every day.

  • bruno larue

    I want win

  • Shaggyskunk

    Pretty impressive – That the vast majority of people posting – are praising the benefit of the program to help young people!
    Kinda renews your faith in people

  • hamza

    Everyone talking about wanting it but I need an upgrade from my SGS1

  • David Lam

    Good luck to all! It’s great to see companies giving back to society. Would love to see how it pairs with the gear!

  • hamletsdemise

    I would love this.

  • Gee whiz

    homelessness is a serious problem and initiatives such as these are the solution

  • David Harlow

    It actually helps folks that need it the most.

  • David Harlow

    I’d like to win because I don’t have a phone. I’m greedy and like free stuff. Hashtag TRUTH.

  • Awol Adict

    I want it more than anything. ..

  • Jack Lervik

    Helping homeless youth is a awesome cause, I hope they raise a ton of money.

  • Matt McGrath

    Any little bit helps kids in need and seeing a company like virgin work to contribute is great news! Great phone for a great cause!

  • EvilWalnuts

    This is the kind of change that is needed to help the homeless. $15 per purchase is a substantial donation and I am happy that they are doing it. I would love the GS5 to show off to my friends haha.

  • Joshua Zuriel

    The program is awesome and I am also using virgin mobile. They are one of the better carriers in Canada. Also, I would be super happy if I can get the S5. Have an S3 now but it seems pretty behind nowadays.

  • ART Tenorio

    I believe it gives hope & chance to the homeless youth to have a good life & be a good citizen of our beloved Canada. I want the S5 because of its top of the line feature, it will help me to take good photos and upload it in my social media at ease. Like the virgin mobile program, i want to inspire others through my photos that life is not bad at all and encourage them to continue to dream and strive.

  • Jack

    Good for Virgin for doing something to make a difference in the community. I firmly believe the youth is our future and this program’s aim to help homeless youth is just a small step to help build our future.

    Regardless if I win or not I hope Virign keeps this initative going because I already know where I will be buying my new phone.

  • Brian Bentham

    This is a wonderful idea. Any program that helps children and youth overcome adversity is amazing! Thanks for letting us know about this initiative from Virgin Mobile. Would love to win the GS5 as a Father’s Day present!

  • gaudette

    Sounds like a great cause and an easy way to make a difference.

  • Craig B

    Would love to have!

  • Chad Carroll

    Me Please!!

  • Miren

    I think this program is important because in Canada wiht telcom companies having such a bad reputation, a initiative like this shows that there is more behind the company than just dollars and cents. It also allows youth to feel empowered because they can feel like they are making a positive change in the world. I’d love the Samsung S5 because it seems like Samsung has finally made an effort to listen to what its users want and this phone doesn’t get carried away with gimmicks like the S4 did previously. A more back to basics approach you can say.

  • Alex Chong

    good stuff

  • Curtis Hart

    sure, why not

  • Martin Galer

    Yes please!

  • Jason

    I think its a great program, every kid deserves access to the latest technology. I would love a S5. i need a better camera than what im using now

  • Justen Fong

    Totally support the cause. I work with an inner city community, and anything to help the less fortunate youth goes a long way in the future. Invest in our future! Also, the GS5’s health features would be great for me to start getting active.

  • Dave Dman

    Any program to improve the community is worthwhile. Honestly, I would just love to have a new phone.

  • C’fahmi CayankDya

    I want the S5 because I loved it, it will help me to take good pictures and upload in my social media with ease. As the mobile program, I want to give other people see the natural beauty. so that they can feel it … I will give them inspiration through my photos …

  • burtonk14

    This would come in pretty handy. Broke my Nexus 🙁

  • Rob

    The more activities for the kids, the better.

  • Melissa Rideough

    I want the S5! Love Samsung phones. Have the S3 (which is dying) but it is great!

  • TheBobbyDigital

    Some of the greatest discoverers and minds of all time were born poor and their amazing discoveries might never have seen the light of day if they hadn’t caught their “big break”. A great example of a very poor youth who went on to become the greatest discoverers of all time was Michael Faraday. Michael was described as “one of the greatest scientific discoverers of all time” by Ernest Rutherford, his discoveries were so great that even Einstein had a picture of him up on his study wall. His contributions to the fields of electromagnetism and electro chemistry would possibly never had been possible without the little support he was given from the scientists of
    his time. If he had not gotten this support when he was a young adult, his discoveries may never have been made, and our world would have never been the same. He is just one example of the many underprivileged youth that went on and changed the world.

    Now, estimates of youth living in poverty are up to 515
    MILLION or more! Imagine how many possible Faradays, Einsteins, or possibly
    greater minds of our time could be out there! Yet, none of their ideas and
    visions will be shared with the world if they continue to live in poverty.

    With the RE*Generation Initiative, which aims to “help
    homeless youth get off the streets and seek new opportunities”, Virgin Mobile
    is taking the first step to help the future of this planet, the youth. By doing
    so, many underprivileged youth will be able to get out their dreams and change
    the world, which would have been impossible without programs such as the
    RE*Generation Initiative. This program is important because with it, Virgin
    Mobile might just change the world. Who knows? Maybe the next great discoverer
    or visionary could be waiting for their chance, but are being held back due to
    financial limitations.

    Why would I like to win the Galaxy S5? Sure, my financial
    situation is nowhere near as bad as Faraday’s was or how bad the situation is
    currently for many children and teenagers around the world. However, I am still
    a university student, which includes the financial restrictions which prevent
    me from getting a flagship android. Even though I am not able to afford a flagship
    Android like the GS5, I know that if I had it, I would be making the most use
    of it. I could use the huge Super AMOLED screen for a quick game of Candy Crush
    to relieve some last minute stress right before an exam. I would need the amazing
    processing ability and memory of the GS5 to help me with my multiple applications
    as I multitask in class to take notes and quickly look up a definition in my
    lecture while the professor speaks. I would need the massive 2800mAh battery so
    my phone is up just as long as I am and can keep up with my busy lifestyle,
    from waking up to the Samsung Galaxy alarm in the morning to setting up the
    alarm again before I sleep at night. I could use the cameras to not just take
    pictures, but a snapshot of all my memories during this emotional
    roller-coaster of a time during university. It would be awesome to have all my
    great (and also not-so-great) memories in one place so I can reflect on all the
    moments that brought me to this moment of time in my life. This visual aid of
    my memories will not only help me remember the good times, but will help me
    learn from the rough times for the future. The waterproof and dust resistant
    properties of the phone would also be helpful for those long walks home if I
    ever miss the bus on a rainy night after hours of class.

    In other words, while the RE*Generation Initiative from
    Virgin can help countless youth get out their dreams, the Galaxy S5 can help me
    get mine out. Thank you, Virgin Mobile and MobileSyrup for your continuous
    support and amazing outreach programs!

  • cerroneous

    Glad someone is trying to address issues in a marginalized and often ignored part of our population. Given their situation, they inherently can’t advocate for themselves.

  • Ben Teetzel

    GS5 would be cool to give to my dad

  • Jordan Parmelee

    Hey we could all use a new phone right?

  • kld2009

    The program is worthwhile and needed because the youth is our future. We must take care and protect them. The phone, totally awesome. Wife has one. my sister has one. I am jealous.

  • Theresa M

    Sounds like a great program.

  • Simon

    It sounds like a great initative, anything that helps to get at-risk youth off the streets is amazing

  • Joe

    Good cause

  • Morgan Leigh

    RE*Generation is an excellent way to support the underprivileged youth of our time. being able to support them directly through your bill is a terrific idea!
    Personally, my phone died some time ago and I’m using a borrowed phone until I can save up to replace it, so the S5 would be awesome.

  • Bobby Pashalidis

    Everyone deserves that chance to be their best.

  • d.LeBlanc

    I like the fact they are giving back to the community ascending help to those in need

  • ddd

    It’s pretty simple why this is a great idea. No one should be living on the street, this is especially so for youth. They have so much potential and anything anyone can do to help them is a great idea.

    I have a super old iPhone and would love to go over to android!

  • Bawa

    Pick me!

  • steven gosal

    Good job on Virgin need programs to help people at risk!

  • Christian Julius Ortaliz

    It’s always good news when companies big or small do their share in helping those who really need it, especially our youth, as they are the future! Speaking of future, having this phone would make me technologically future proof : )

  • Chris Payne

    All kids deserve a chance.

  • Theo Tse

    It’s very easy to forget the less fortunate living our own busy lives. Programs like this raises awareness to a very important cause. I’d like to win the Galaxy S5 to give to a family member who really could use a new phone

  • travelinty

    great thing virgin is doing for the less fortunate!

  • Imtisal Rana

    I want it.

  • Masonvd

    It’s an important program because, living in Victoria, I see a lot of homeless youth. People never give them a second a look and assume it’s their own fault that they’re on the street, never wanting to help. Programs like this show people on the streets that there are still people who care and want to help.

  • oswaldo

    Gs5 would be the best upgrade from my ace 2!!

  • Daniel Lebitania

    The RE*Generation initiative is an important one because it provides opportunities to youth who would not have access otherwise. I hope an initiative such as this encourages other companies to follow what Virgin has done.

    The Samsung Galaxy S5 is quite the piece of technology and I would like to win one to replace my aging phone.

  • Shushant Verma

    Please give me this feature loaded device with the best display 😀

  • Michele

    No one should have to live like that in 2014. The GS5 has some amazing specs and would be great to upgrade to it from my old phone.

  • dumpling

    This program is important because it recognizes the potential of those less fortunate. It inspires hope for the future and I fully support that.

  • marchsky

    This initiative is important as I could easily have been one of those youth. Would like to get the phone as an upgrade to a dying phone.

  • rohail6

    I’ve met some of the homeless youth in Scarborough first hand. And all I can say is wow, thanks for showing some true intuition. An S5 would be great for my girl who’s been stuck with an iPhone 4 for 3 years now.

  • m1ghtysauc3

    I want this! Does it really need explaining as to why kids not living on the streets and me having a free phone are both good ideas?

  • Luke Tilley

    It’s always important for companies to give back to their communities. I’d love to win the s5

  • das0527

    These teens are often the most vulnerable of their age group – those with mental illnesses, family issues, or who have been kicked out of their homes for coming out of the closet. The last place they should be is out on the street. This is an incredibly imporrant mission & Virgin should be applauded for reaching out to help these young people get the suppory they so desperately need.

    If I won I’d use my S5 to keep in contact with my young son so he grows up knowing that no matter what he’ll always be able to come to his dad for help & support, so he never ends up out on the street.

  • andy c

    Great program to help kids off the street.

    And my phone battery is dying so if I win this contest everyone wins

  • Sean

    I think it’s super important to free youth from the mindset and realities of poverty and homelessness and good on virgin for doing this! I’d love a GS5 because it’s such a speedy and utilitarian device!

  • shobana

    Corporate social responsibility at its best… Would love to see what this phone could do.

  • Matthew Polsky

    Nice to see them giving a hand-up to those in need. Ahem, I need a new phone. Haha. Thanks. Though

  • frabas1

    Am in peoples

  • Kevin

    Homeless youth are a very vulnerable group and cudos to Virgin for their Re-Generation initiative. As far as the GS5 is concerned: I was just prescribed reading glasses and that beautiful Super Amoled display would make my life much easier.

  • Gnaw Nahtan

    It’d be nice to win this phone so that I can show people what this phone’s for, how I got it, and tell them what the RE*Generation initiative is…

  • tommy jade

    because good citizenship is taking care of our most vulnerable, our at-risk communities, our youth.

  • Carlos Maldonado

    can i just have it??

  • Norek

    This program is obviously important because no one should be stuck living on the streets when we can do something about it!

    I’d love to win this phone because I will not be getting one as good for another like 5 years 😛

  • Savage Alien

    Good incentive.

  • Rebecca Belcourt Wright


  • Fernand

    Anything to help support youth, is a good cause.

  • Monique Hammond

    I could really use a new phone. I currently have a Samsung Infuse which seems like using a stone tablet now. RE*Generation is a great program. Giving street kids a chance at a good life and a future is the right thing to do.

  • ibike2much

    This program is important because it helps give children a fighting chance to be exposed to positive influence. It can make the difference between a possible criminal future or being a productive and positive influence on future children.

    It pays it forward. These helped children can be the ambassadors for the program, influencing and helping other children.

    This program makes a difference!

    Why I want this phone. I’ll be honest, it would simply be a pleasant surprise. But realistically, it won’t make or break me if I didn’t win.

    The important message is this program. It can make a positive for a child. Break the negative! Bravo Virgin. Bravo!

  • Yannick Ricard


  • G.P.

    This program would be important for the london area which has a very high unemployment rate. With the S5 it would allow me to move away from WP 8.0 back onto an advance smartphone.

  • Jonathan

    I do not have a smart phone, I think that GS5 would be a good start.

    The RE * Generation program is a great initiative to help youth, an example for other companies.

  • Anthony Boschin

    Getting the kids off the street should always be a priority and this is a great initiative.

  • Jules

    Whitney Huston said it best,”I believe that children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way.” The RE*Generation program is important because It can help at-risk and homeless youth break the cycle.

    As much as I love my GS3, I would love the opportunity to upgrade to the GS5.

  • Rab Choudhry

    I love Android and this is a great initiative to empower the less fortunate ones.

  • James Lee

    Virgin Regeneration is a no-brainer. Investing in youth is inventing in the future. Generations of innovation could be lost if we don’t give every child a fighting chance. As for the Galaxy S5; simply a gorgeous handset, would love to have one of these for day to day use!

  • ryan young

    If this creates a positive change in the world, that’s a good thing. This phone would be a great update to my aging S3.

  • Justin B

    Helping the youth is great. You never know who could find the cure for cancer. They could be homeless today but who knows what their potential is unless given the chance.

  • cdmvirt

    I think that this program is a great opportunity to help all those kids who are less fortunate then are kids, who live in a world full of technology and don’t realize what is going on in the world around them. Giving these young kids a chance to make it themselves is great and hopefully they can be happy and off the streets. As for the S5 contest would be great but I think that the main message is definitely helping these youngsters be happy and safe.

  • mark jerick makinika

    Why it is important cuz it help those people in needs and im happy to cuz im a virgin mobile client. Keep it up. And I wAnt this phone cuz im a very active guy. And I need a phone to helpe with everything…. ;D

  • viggyvodka

    I’d love the s5 because of that amazing camera and a white D brand would look really good on it 😀

  • Miller

    Great program if it helps youth who have no where else to turn to instead of crime then it’s an amazing program

  • Alan o.

    This program seems like a very good idea, giving back to the community when the company makes money. This will help homeless people for sure, as there are a lot a S5s sold in a year. Superb program and phone!

  • Taurin

    Save me from the tyranny of Bell! …and this looks like it’d make a nice first cell phone/SmartPhone.

  • Ka On

    Give the youth opportunity to have a new skill set that where they can have a dramatic change of life and able to support the youth and his/her daily needs.

  • Shizra

    Its important especially because it can impact how the person spends the rest of their life. If you can get one kid the help they need it makes all the difference!

  • Brian Breit

    Helping the homeless so that they can better live is important. As for the phone, i will be needing a new phone, why not one of the best

  • Raphael Del Castillo

    Epic! Hoping to win!

  • rob

    Richard Branson + a solid cause that helps lift the lower rungs of our society and give them an opportunity to thrive as first class citizens? I’m in

  • Josh canning

    I think the re grenetation program is very important because it helps at risk and homeless youth. I would like the Samsung Galaxy S5 because I am currently using a LG Chocolate from 2007.

  • Aisha Adil

    This program is a great way of reaching out to the youth which is born in a very advanced technological society. I’d like this phone because I don’t have a phone but would like to.

  • Robert Lotoski

    I was in a really bad situation a few years ago and was without a place to live for 2 weeks. It was an ordeal in and of itself. I really can sympathize with people who have no place to go and/or work. I do my best now to help as I can, even if it’s just buying a sub for somebody who’s down on their luck. Every bit helps.

  • danny wood

    S5 is a great device. This would look great in my back pocket!

  • ExpertDude

    Some youth being at the start age without parents or at least help hand to push them start their life sure do need the support. And I need new phone because im a poor student who been stuck with a broken LG optimus 2x.I barely make enough to cover transportation and tuitions 🙂

  • Carter Hall

    I would like it because my birthday is coming soon… so yeah… Thanks :p

  • Mario Briones

    Go for broke!

  • Craig Lawrence

    Nice to see something being done to help those in need. I think this is a good program as it helps people for once.

  • Craig Lawrence

    Id like ti win this contest inly because Samsung phones are great…..who wouldnt want one if these beauties!?

  • Steven L

    This program is important because it offers youth the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities that would otherwise be unavailable to them. It empowers them, enables them to grow, and educates them. I fully support this on the top of wants list.

  • yaholic

    I’d love to win this S5! I was always a big fan of The Re*Generation movement, It really does help our youth in an incredible way….As for why I’d like to win it? It’s the S5. King of the android’s I mean come on….

  • Deni Guerrera

    Simply because the youth of today will be the leaders of tomorrow. On my side, it’s time to upgrade from my current phone

  • Martin Orange Dusek

    Well, I hope we get to choose the color, because I’d love the blue one. Especially since I’m on Virgin’s network 🙂

  • Keegan

    I can connect closely to this organiztion because as a youth my self I know how importand it is to have a safe enviroment while figuring out who you are and who you want to become. I am so happy to see a large corporation putting so much effort in to doing so.
    I would love to win the S5 because I know it would help me see success in my goals.

  • AlexOrzya

    ’cause I’m sick of my Lumia.

  • JungleBoogie

    Would absolutely love this phone!

  • Scott Schmidt

    Great program and charity. Homeless youth is such a big issue here and would gladly donate to help.

    I really need a new S5 as my old S3 is cracked slow and my battery lasts 2 hours lol. At least I hope the S5 battery is better cause mine is a disaster

  • Shezy Khan

    Any program to help kids get off the streets needs to be supported. Seriously, there is great potential to help turn things around for some of these kids.

    The phone is nice. I still have a BlackBerry, so an S5 would be get me caught up with current tech.

  • Nathan Yawanis

    I have witnessed the “RE Generation” program first hand. One of my close friends was homeless for the past year and this amazing program helped him back onto his feet. If I was lucky enough to win this phone, it would serve as an amazing gift to him and would mean the world. Thanks Mobile Syrup and Virgin Mobile!

  • alan1

    It’s important for a company to give back.

  • zhu

    give back to the community and give some great opportunities to those who may be less priviledged

  • Iman Roy

    Because help where you can!

  • andrew konken

    This would be awesome

  • Scott Castillo

    No one should be homeless. I would love a GS5

  • Bryce Plante

    Virgin RE*Generation inspires me, snd i hope it inspires many others aswell. The main idea behind it at its core, speaks volumes unmatchable, and really reaches heights uncharted before. As a consumer, i always feel phone companies rip us off, and i feel taken advantage of, after reading about Virgins “RE*Generation”movement, i will never feel the same way about them and will always be a customer of Virgin. I believe i should win the Galaxy s5 because i am a hugely creative individual, i’m always on the go, and can be very clumsy (thus where the water resistant screen comes in), and as an experienced and very passionate DJ/Producer, i need a phone that matches my personality and can keep up with my crazy lifestyle

  • Steven L

    This program is important because it offers youth the opportunity to
    participate in a variety of activities that would otherwise be
    unavailable to them. It empowers them, enables them to grow, and
    educates them. I fully support this program. The samsung Galaxy S5 is an amazing phone and its definitely on my want list. Its a must have!

  • Драган Хаџи-Котаров

    Sure want

  • velo_ct

    The program sure sounds like it helps some youngsters in need. The phone might not be as important, but I’d like one nonetheless, mainly for its screen.

  • Christian B-H

    The earliest we can help young people, the better they’ll do. And i really need a new phone! Really want the new Galaxy!!

  • vlag

    It feels great to help someone else! Heard the camera is awesome on the S5, would love to use it.

  • Joe Mikhael

    Great program – helps us give to others while getting the latest fantastic phones.

  • John Tielemans

    Thumbs up to Virgin! So many people who have so much are so busy we forget how little it would take from each of us to make a difference. Thanks for the reminder. If I had a super phone like the GS5 I would use it for good, not evil. I know that would make Virgin happy.

  • mug3n

    helping the next generation… and i also want the phone of course to replace my nearly 2 year old one 😉

  • Sukhdeep Virk

    Re*generation program provides home less youths the opportunity to build their lives upon solid foundations of education & sporting skills.

    GS5 is an amazing new Andriod smartphone with new sensors and other technologies that I would like to like to have one.

  • RoboBonobo

    RE*Generation can change the courses of entire lives — giving young people the opportunities they need, to become successful and self reliant. Thank you for helping the people who need it the most.

  • Striker67

    Would be nice 🙂

  • Bahjat Elsharef

    helping homeless youth get off the streets and seek new opportunities will help the country economy. It’s a new phone and I would like to have one and check it out.

  • Eugenio Oliveira

    Nice program. Great smartphone.

  • Steph

    The RE*Generation initiative is extremely important. Helping at risk youth have a chance at a better life and ending the cycle of homelessness not only dramatically changes their lives for the better, but the entire country as a whole.

    I’ve been using a galaxy ace for a while… An upgrade would be amazing! And very necessary 😛

  • malav patel

    I love to score because with that phone I will have on of the highest score plus my xperia z is getting old and needs to be replaced. I would want a carbon fiber back with red and black threads in it.☺i want to give Samsung another try after galaxy gio and s3

  • sergey

    it will help give opportunities to youth

  • James Shin

    This initiative goes hope to kids who think there is no hope. Our kids need to know that our future needs them.

    I’ve been a fan of Samsung’s smartphone since their first generation and winning the S5 would be great! As whenever I get a new phone, I would giveaway my phone to a family member of friend.

  • Basem Shams

    excellent program to help kids become more initiative and help them from bad things!

  • Ipse

    While it’s a commendable initiative, I hope we can do MORE than 1 million in 6 years. That’s a tiny fraction of what’s needed.

  • Thomas

    Anything that helps kids get a leg up is good.

    As for why I need it… My Note 2s screen is cracked, Wifi and bluetooth don’t work, and the headphone jack puts out static 🙁

  • Daxton Day

    As a humanitarian, I love what Virgin Mobile is doing. Lets put an end to homelessness! If I win, I’m selling the phone and putting proceeds to the cause!

  • fubarcivic

    I think this is a great initiative. Working with various community organizations I can confirm these initiatives help our youths big time. Having a roof over your head and a belly full thanks to the generosity from others gives each one of these kids a fighting chance.

    Why do I want this phone? My father works with youths many of which are at risk. I would love to give this to him for father’s day as a thank you from MobileSyrup and Virgin for his hard work and dedication.

  • Matt Gustavson

    Could use a better phone.

  • FakeBibic


  • Jeffrey Ha

    im in!

  • Connor

    I think the program is a great idea and shouldn’t be limited yo just the GS5. Some of the unfortuned youth who end up have some crazy potential and we shouldn’t let that go to waste!
    The phone would be great because my current M7 is pretty banged up LOL

  • Deb Coulas

    Great idea

  • Elias Chavarria

    I am from Honduras, a country with so many people living on extreme situations. Programs like this , even ir they dont help Honduras, it helps so many people, in a way, we can say they are helping our world to stop corroding, and giving people an opportunity to live. Thanks for your program Virgin. With that cellphone, i could take so many perferct pictures from Honduras, in wich you could see how other people live. Please, make me win!

  • aj34

    anything that helps people is good. I want to win because my phone is old and this would be a welcome upgrade. thanks!

  • Michael Soosaipillai

    best camera on the market

  • Jevon Minott


  • Anthony

    my gs3 is a little old…

  • Joshua Zavala

    I would love to score a Galaxy s5C I have always wanted a new Samsung one BT
    Have been to poor to ever afford one I’m a rlly big smartphone buff who has a passion for android devices I stay up Al hours of the night every night reading up on the newest tech news bout new devices ND intuitive ideas I would love to finally own a phone from my favorite smartphone manufacturer it would be a real dream of mine

  • Joshua Zavala

    I think this program is important BC every kid in the would deserves to be loves feel wanted have a little hope ND faith in there life ND this program gives thm tht I do not want any little precious child to have to grow up like me ND not know who there family is ND not have some one thy can turn to I know what its like to be homeless ND starving as a little kid livin in a abandoned car in the little of a big city not knowing I’d I’m GOIN to live to see the morning this program is a good positive thing for young homeless youth its some thing I wish tht I had growing up I wish the best to Al the homeless kids out there in the world stay strong god is with u it will get better I’m proof of tht I promise

  • Rommel Angus

    Focusing on lending a hand to Canada’s poor and downtrodden is becoming more important today than just focusing on Africa’s, Asia’s, Latin America’s, you name it’s poor/downtrodden. The main message of re*generation: give back to what matters most. The youths. My phone was really deteriorating on me and need a new one.

  • jass

    It’s really good deal

  • Dnarvel

    The initiate is excellent. You never know what can come of helping someone young who is less fortunate. The phone is pretty sweet too, and would be handy for volunteer and non-profit work.

  • Jaime

    I really need the upgrade, my battery dies and freezes. Love Samsung phones

  • R Spinx

    Always in support of a great cause… And I wouldn’t mind a new device too

  • Niv Jana

    This is an amazing initiative!
    It’s very easy for a lot of us to cast judgement on homeless kids (and people, in general), thinking that they could easily solve their problems if they got a job instead of begging for money. Little do most realize that the motivation or the hope of achieving a satisfying life seems further away with each passing day on the streets. They certainly need a good support system to get them back on their feet. That’s why initiatives like the Virgin RE*Generation are important in helping these kids break out of that mentality that all hope is lost.

    I would like to win the new Samsung GS5 as I am in desperate need of a new phone. I have a 4 year old phone that’s broken – the only thing keeping it together is the phone case I bought for it. It also constantly needs to be on life-support and only lasts 2hrs before running out of battery life =/

  • Tom

    There is a lot of potential brainpower in these kids. Let’s harness it, and it will improve their lives, plus doing good for the world! Great program!

  • Srinivas Yarlagadda

    Nice phone

  • Alexandre Beaudoin

    It helps people who need. I want this phone!!

  • Dion Kerfont

    Well it’s a good thing to help the homeless get their lives back.

    Now can I have my phone? 😛

  • Pete Pardoe

    Great to hear of Re*Generation and I would love an S5

  • LukeZA

    My phone is getting rather outdated, so an upgrade to the superior Galaxy S5 would be pretty swell! Especially if it is a great representation as to what Virgin mobile is doing for the community with this amazing initiative.

  • Trek S

    that camera would be amazing from my trip down south

  • Magdalena Gronowska

    This program is great cause it has raised more than $2.5 million for programs and opportunities impacting at-risk and homeless youth. I’d love the S5 as I’m an avid Android gal, and have had and loved the S1, S3 and Note 3. You can’t go wrong with Samsung!

  • Joao Esteves

    It could came to Brazil.

  • Stéphane Champagne

    Excellent idea from Virgin Mobile, I hope they sell a lot of GS5 to help homeless youth and offer them choices for a different and better life.

  • Randy Fyfe

    This sounds like an important program to help kids, and I hope it will get other companies to think of ways to give back communities and people in need. I would love to get my hands on a Galaxy S5, the waterproof resistant design will go a long way for me as I am frequently caught in the rain while on my motorcycle (I have drowned a phone in the past, simply by being in my pocket).

  • disqus_Rk1P81Obys

    This initiative will help those most in need of it, who otherwise have no one to focus on them. The S5 will enable me to give back to the RE*Generation initiative, and I’ll also get a great phone!

  • J Singh

    I think this program is extremely important, being a
    university student and helping out the homeless in downtown, $15 can go a very
    long way for them especially for the youth. These days the youth can do a lot
    with just $15 and having someone support them and even mentoring them can go a
    long way. Being able to help out the youth in giving them opportunities wouldn’t
    only help them out now, but later on in the future they’ll help the youths that
    are behind them. Well, considering I’m still on this horrible contract for
    Rogers for another 8 months and they won’t let me upgrade my phone, I’m stuck
    with a blackberry bold 9900. Yes, you read that correctly, blackberry bold
    9900. So as a university student, on a weekly budget and not being able to get
    any of the latest phones for the past 2 years, this phone would definitely help.

  • Sam Nicko

    To be honest i do not know about this program and why it’s so important, it must be highly recommended program and a must installed program! and why i’d like to win this latest flagship Android because i’m still using iOS on my iPhone4 so lame 🙁 and i’m super dope curiosity about this program!! i wish i have an super dope ANDROID latest flagship smartdopephone like this one the Samsung Galaxy S5!

  • MJ

    I have the 3 but would really love the 5

  • gixxer18

    I think it’s a solid initiative because it gives teens an opportunity to turn their situation around for the better. That despite their present situation, they have an “out.” At the same time, it offers support. Sometimes a person isn’t so much looking for a job as they are for someone that cares, and is willing to listen.

    As for why I want the new GS5. I’ve been fan of the galaxy line ever since my best friend got the GS2. Eventually I hopped on over to the Galaxy family too and have loved the device since! The latest goodies that come with it, especially the camera and waterproof feature are drawing me in!

  • SpecialK

    Teaching the youth regarding mobile finance, debt, and such is an important process. It is definitely something I would’ve wanted to learn when I was youger

  • Kalen Gmanny

    This program is certainly a fantastic one and one with long-term beneficial effects upon society as a whole. Great job and keep at it! I certainly wish I could be the winner for this as my HTC One just completely died.

  • Kim Pike

    Young adults need help from us to get back on their feet and give back to those who will someday need a home, some love, and some sense of community and contribution to society. Speaking of giving would LOVE my a Samsung Galaxy S5 – love their phones:)

  • Kristy Ng

    the program is amazing to see those kids have support.
    I have never tried the galaxy products before and hope to try it out!

  • Faye W.

    Important to give the youths a opportunity to better their lives and encourage them to reach for their dreams. Would love to try the samsung galaxy s5.

  • daniyaliqbal

    i want it..

  • Timothy Lock

    A true way to look at how well a community is doing is not by looking at all the wonderful buildings and all of the tourism it offer; rather, one is supposed to judge a community by looking at how it treats the people living in poverty and the homeless. If the gap between wealthy and poor is big, then the community is not well and needs the help of this program to get the youth back on their feet. After all, we all need help when we are feeling low.

    If I was to win this, I wouldn’t just keep this for myself. I promise to donate a fraction of the cost of the S5 to Covenant House (in Toronto). I just wouldn’t accept a new phone knowing that it should be used to fight this cause.

  • Brian Willis

    This program’s important because if given a chance those who benefit from the program may grow and better themselves and help others. Also as man in his twenties I don’t know where I’d be without the help of my family so it is important those without that kind of support will have somewhere to turn. The Galaxy S5 is an amazing phone with great features.

  • Delmer

    Excellent program.

  • Jishnu Nair

    i would love to have this

  • peacockscanfly

    any program that is geared to helping others in need is wonderful. This is a great program thats helping the youth get a leg up and off the streets. People tend to become numb to the needs of others so this program needs a major signal boost so it can be funded well.

  • AeroBrennan

    Thanks! I’ve submitted my email through the contact page! 🙂

  • Ian TrueBlueboy Evans

    Anything for the kids is awesome