Bell lays out plan to shutter its CDMA network by January 1st, 2017


  • gmd

    “on the CDMA network in Canada.”

    So it is *one* network!


  • deltatux

    no 2G for Bell eh? Won’t be much of a problem since none of their modern devices uses CDMA anyways. Rogers can’t afford to shutter its GSM/EDGE service since that’s what people roam on from overseas…

    • Brian

      EDGE/GPRS/GSM should not be affected by this.

  • silver_arrow

    What I wonder is as they are going to be using the same LTE bands as Verizon and Verizon devices also have HSPA+ could carriers of had Verizon devices with CDMA, HSPA+ and LTE on their network…

  • alexanderrk

    I think i see what you’re saying but the difference with CDMA is that unlike EDGE, modern (HSPA+, LTE, etc) phones aren’t backwards compatible with it.


    Those with OnStar, enjoy it while you can.