Ottawa International Game Conference announces keynote speakers

At it approaches its third year in existence, the OIGC is slowly building an international gaming conference of some renown in our own backyard. Labelling itself “Ontario’s largest game conference” the OIGC will host 600 attendees over two days in Ottawa’s National Arts Centre, with the major companies you’d expect in attendance, like Ubisoft and Square Enix.

The OIGC announced its speaker list this week, and quite a few will be of interest to mobile developers. Peter Heinrich of Amazon will be speaking about Amazon GameCircle, the companies cross-platform alternative to the iOS Game Center. The conference will also feature a few imports from across the pond: Oscar Clark of popular mobile ads network Everyplay GameAds, which was recently purchased by Unity, will be speaking on game monetization – which is perfect, because he literally wrote the book on free to play design. UK studio Exient, makers of Angry Birds: Go!, will also be on had to discuss dev studio partnerships.

The OIGC says it will be adding more mobile speakers as the conferences approaches, but it’s worth a look now while early bird registration is still available.