Rogers and Fido Moto X owners now receiving OS 4.4.2 KitKat


  • FaizVisram

    No luck on Rogers Moto X. I hate Rogers.

    • FaizVisram

      “Over the past couple days we’ve received a few tips from Fido users who have successfully upgraded to KitKat”, so you may be able to get it sooner than you think. “This week” usually means a 1-week rollout, so it could happen at any point. Doesn’t hurt to check it every few hours until it does happen 😛

      It definitely does suck that we didn’t get 4.4 earlier, but I really appreciate getting 4.4.2 since, as a developer, there are some extra dev tools in the update.

    • Sean Walton

      I don’t know who to believe but I tend to believe Moto on this one. I spoke with Moto in December and they said it was released to Rogers. Rogers always drags their feet with updates and when I asked them (Rogers) they said they could not provide a date. If they did not have it they would say we are still waiting on it from Moto. I tend to think the real issue is Rogers as a whole with updating.

      Moto has been amazing with updates recently, Rogers has always been slow as heck.

    • Eluder

      And who did you speak to at Rogers, Care? You think they’d know, because they won’t… this information isn’t readily available.

    • Sean Walton

      I called my Rogers Corporate number and spoke with them.

    • Eluder

      Ya, and that’s no different than a consumer calling Care, it’s just Business care vs Consumer Care, neither group has access to this info.

    • Sean Walton

      I don’t claim to know who has access to what but you seem to. Are you a Rogers employee? My best friend works at Virgin HQ in retentions and he sure knows the updates quite a while before they get released. He has given me accurate tips in the past.

      Also, consumers get shafted quite a bit while corporate/business gets decent service and much more from the carrier. I had a consumer account and they treated me like crap. My corporate team at Rogers gives me excellent service. It’s not right but it’s the reality. The corporate team seems to know and can do much, much more that any consumer customer service rep.

  • Russ Fisenko


  • RedBeaVeR

    Nothing for my Rogers X!!

  • Sean Walton

    Nothing as of yet. Rogers Moto X.

  • 陈 永超

    Mine too… :p

  • thisiscjay

    Anybody know if Disabling Google Services Framework and clearing cache works?

    • Justin

      Dude – “this week” – it’s Tuesday.

    • thisiscjay

      Reread the press release man lol… it’s ALREADY seeding…

    • Dimitri

      While that is true, only Fido customers seem to be able to get it, not Rogers customers.

    • thisiscjay

      That would be alarmingly odd as Rogers owns Fido

    • Pramith Fonseka

      Not the case. I’m on Fido and I have yet to see the update.

    • Jay

      Fido customer here. No 4.4 love yet.

    • thedosbox

      Don’t do that. It causes all sorts of problems. Do a search for “androidpolice dan morrill google framework service”.

    • thisiscjay

      My understanding was this is the case only if you didn’t plan on re wiping the device. It’s not my daily driver so once updated I would wipe the phone..

  • thedosbox

    It’s been six weeks since 4.4 was released on multiple US carriers, and while it’s nice this is 4.4.2, it shouldn’t have taken so long for a device with minimal customizations.

    Given Moto did such a good job for the US carriers, it’s clear this was Rogers asleep at the wheel.

  • Clint

    KITKAT YAY!!!! Mmmmm Chocolate 🙂

  • Dylan Kuehl

    Nothing yet on my Fido Moto X, finally nice to see the news happen though. It’s 4.4.2 to boot, so I’m not angry. Patience is a virtue I guess.

  • Appleboy69

    My unlocked Rogers Moto X running on the Telus network got the update Sunday morning. Rogers sure is pathetic when it can’t even push an update to its own customers first!

    • thisiscjay

      Really? Same scenario and no dice.

    • Teddy Kim

      i got it unlocked and im using it on telus..i still dont have it yet

  • Simon

    Fido Moto X. Got it Sunday morning. 🙂

  • Eusebia Biro

    Nothing yet on my Fido Moto x. Does it make any difference the fact that I purchased the phone from BestBuy and not directly from Fido?

    • Jay

      My [limited] understanding of the update system leads me to believe this should not be the case.
      I’ve watched previous updates with phones my friends have (4.4 update to Nexus 4 owners) and it seemed to have more to do with when the device was purchased than where it was purchased from.

    • Eluder

      Has nothing to do with it, Rogers simply approves the update for Rogers/Fido, and Motorola pushes it to the customers via OTA.

  • David Lee

    Would anyone know which Widget the Moto X on this photo is using? for the clock and weather

  • Francis L-R

    To make it clear….it doesn’t matter where you bought it, your physical location or on which carrier you are using it. What matters when updates are rolled out is which carrier’s ROM you have installed.
    Let’s say I have a Rogers Moto X, using it on TELUS , but flashed with the AT&T ROM, I will be receiving my updates from AT&T.
    …and this is the same for most phones, except Google Play Edition Phones and Nexuses.

    • Tom

      Exactly. Non-Nexus devices are best off running the international unbranded ROM that Asians and Europeans get if they buy “SIM-free” (unlocked) phones, because those get updates from the OEM before any carrier variants do.

      Unfortunately, rooting is typically required to get these alternative ROMs onto a branded variant… I’m a proud AOSP guy but I can see that a lot of people would prefer not to root if they can.

      Bloody carriers… in parts of Europe and Asia you can buy phones ON contract and they’re unlocked+unbranded. It’s been proven time and again that bypassing the carrier for updates has zero impact on the ability to connect to the network and talk and text and surf – any issues are the user’s mistake (e.g. flashing the rom for the CDMA variant or something).

  • Ryan Mallon

    Absolutely me too. I can’t wait for it to come through. No luck so far.

  • Rob

    Nothing yet on my Fido Moto X

  • Michael

    Updating to Kitkat now on Rogers Moto X!!

  • Adrian Maendel

    Just got the update on my Rogers Moto X. 6:30pm CST

  • fez

    Just got the popup and it’s downloading now.

  • Roman

    Just got my update. Bout fkin time rogers.

  • Alex Cruise

    Mine just came in a few minutes ago and is installing now. 🙂 I’m on Rogers.

  • Luiz Correa

    Hi I’m getting it right now, 29/01/14 ( Fido ). Luiz

    • Scooter Blue

      Downloading update… Unlocked on Telus

  • Abdullah Dia

    Just got the update on my phone, seems like people are forced to wait. Way to go Rogers, charge the most in Canada to provide the lowest quality service.

  • MXH070

    Last update from a US owned company. Next stop is update pumping out of the PRC and people thought NSA was snooping.

  • Irwin McNeely

    Got it here in AB on Rogers.

  • tongjia19

    I really want that wallpaper..

  • Fahad

    Just downloading the Kitkat 4.4.2 on Fido… Really excited about it… FINALLY it was long due!!!

  • Kevin

    Just Downloaded KITKAT 4.4.2 MOTO X with FIDO.
    Will fill in the blanks ,just checking out changes.

  • Eluder

    Got the update on my Rogers Moto X via Wifi, no SIM in it as I was using the Nexus 5 until 4.4.2 came out for the Moto X.

  • Kevin

    Oh and I turned on Moto care under Motorola Privacy ever since I purchased phone.

  • yadbya

    Got it on fido!!

  • chaselye

    just got the update for my FIdo Moto X, my life is now complete in this particular aspect

  • Ryan Laker

    My girlfriends MotoX got the notice earlier today.

  • TJG

    got the update on Rogers and loving it so far, installed GEL home launcher and turned on ART –> i recommend y’all do this, it’s so damn good just like a nexus 5

  • Jason Francis Connolly

    I’m really sad that touchless controls still arent like the US version ie; play music…

  • Marek

    Any insights on when Samsung owners will be receiving the update? I have the impression I’ve been waiting forever… Plus with all the talks about the new GS5 being launched in April.. It would be nice to have the right to get it.

  • bali

    No I didn’t get it yet. It says unexpected error has occurred.