Good cause: Bell ‘Let’s Talk Day’ is happening January 28th


  • rd0t

    5 cents per share is actually a pretty decent amount. Surprised Bell didn’t lower the amount after giving away $5 million last year. Nice to see a Wireless company give back for once.

    • jackjiarocks

      You have to also understand that what ever they donated will find its way inside a bell customer’s bill down the road.

    • hoo dat

      At the end of the day the money finds its way to a good cause, I’m sure that charities and recipients of the donations aren’t losing any sleep over this and neither should we. Corporate donations are a reality, all of them do it for a variety of reasons ranging from tax write offs to the CEO’s personal experience with a particular issue, but for what ever the reason or motivation for the donations the money ends up where it might actually do some good and for that we should give a tip of the hat to Bell.

      *EDIT* If the money raised is used as a write off against corporate taxes it can’t be applied to your bill and vice versa.

    • Davan Mills

      True, but Bell can afford to do so only since they massively overcharge Canadians for their services. Five million dollars is comparative pocket change for Bell.

    • ScooterinAB

      Unlikely. No carrier massively overcharges their customers. Please untie your panties and get on with life. Your phone bill is as high as it is because you demand that it is that high. There are perfectly reasonable prices offered by all carriers.

      I plan to send a few dozen texts on the 28th. If nothing else, it brings awareness to completely misunderstood mental health issues.

    • kilowiko

      Really? Don’t be so ignorant. Lol foo.

    • Jakob

      You honestly find something wrong with a carrier giving money back for a good cause? You people are never satisfied with anything. Giving to a cause is giving to a cause. Period.

  • Habs Killa

    I’ll take this at face value and say nice going Bell.

  • Scazza

    I always enjoy the comment section every year here on MobileSyrup when they announce the Bell Let’s Talk campaign… Stay Classy commentators!

  • Laer

    Anyone using an auto texter on that day to tell all their friends about it? I wonder if they would honor the agreement if a few thousand people sent a few tens of thousands of texts each.

  • Deli

    So we can technically bankrupt Bell by doing about 100 billion texts/tweets? Just saying…

    • Nadefrenzy

      Nope. They’ll just double down or heck, triple down on their misc charges.