CyanogenMOD releases Installer companion app to help newbs install custom ROMs

Remember when CyanogenMOD promised it would release an app that made it easy for those who wanted to install a custom ROM but didn’t want to delve into the uncharted waters of unlocking bootloaders, rooting devices and backing up software?

Well, here it is. The team is rolling out an Android app to work as a companion to the Windows version that will do all the grunt work, with little to no human input. This app merely ensures that the phone is properly primed for the occasion, checking USB Debugging is enabled and Camera PTP is turned on.

The desktop app is sadly only compatible with Windows, as OS X lacks the native MTP drivers to automate the process, but that shouldn’t be a problem for the vast majority of Android users. (Or just use Virtualbox for a few minutes, but that is also fraught with driver peril.)

One-click CyanogenMOD installation is still not for the faint of heart, as users will still need to know how to get the phone running again, including reinstalling apps and reloading data, once the phone boots. And due to the need for an unlocked bootloader, the app is limited to a small subsection of the Android population, including the HTC One, recent Galaxy devices and, of course, all Nexus phones and tablets.

[source]Google Play[/source][via]CyanogenMOD[/via]