Discovr goes free, adds streaming partners and new iOS 7-friendly design

A very interesting iOS app has just gone free, and has dramatically improved in the process.

Discovr, one of a suite of “discovery” apps from Filter Squad, purports to allow users to find great artists and see what they’re up to, both in terms of music and their personal lives. With version 2.8, the company has teamed with streaming services Rdio, Spotify, Deezer and Last.fm (two of which are available in Canada) to actually play full tracks once the discovery has been made.

A new iOS 7-friendly design makes good use of the horizontal gesture system found throughout the OS, and the minimalist tab system makes it easy to switch between music, videos, artist activity and similar artists.


The gist of Discovr is to follow favourite artists, much like Twitter #music, which produces a stream of content not dissimilar to Facebook or Twitter. It’s also then possible to turn around and share that music back across Rdio or Deezer, or on Facebook or Twitter.

Discovr is a fun and interesting way to discover new music, and worth the download if on iOS 7.