Additional proof that the BlackBerry Z30 is en route to Bell


  • Dimitri

    Good to see it coming!.

    I will for sure pick this device up!.

    • JB

      Yeah same.

      I cant wait!

  • Rich

    The big thing is if this comes with the latest 10.2 update for BB10.
    Evidently, that update is huge for the platform in terms of fixes, features, and of course the update to the Android emulation to bring it up to Jelly Bean standards — this can be huge for developers to port over their apps and for users to sideload.

    • Lindsay

      Pretty sad when you guys are waning on android support for your blackberry, ya know?

    • Lindsay

      Pretty sad when you guys are waning on android support for your blackberry, ya know?

    • Anthony Roberts

      Well remember it’s a new OS and blackberry doesn’t really have time to build the user base then have the big name apps now so they didn’t have any choice. I personally have the Z10 and I hate android apps big time native are so much better. Think about it though no big name down the road like instagram or netflix or candy crush will make game for a platform that hasn’t been proven yet it just came out in february this year. Once the user base builds and they sell more and more the android ports will go native if the dev see’s the value in it.

    • Lindsay

      You missed the point, Hun.

    • Anthony Roberts

      I know what your saying 🙂 lol. I just want competition I don’t want to live in a world where android rules everything its boring lol

    • thisiscjay

      It comes preloaded with 10.2 or more specifically as of right now

  • AppleBerrySandwich

    I think I mite trade in my Z10 for one.

  • Balls O’Steele

    Doesn’t matter. No one is buying BBRY products because they know the company will be shut down and the patents sold off. Thorsten has 25 million reasons to get the deal done.

    • badtaco

      Doesn’t he actually get paid MORE for doing a worse job? Pretty sure thats how its working. Hell get double that number for being a complete f’up and getting himself canned than if he were to push the company into success.

      Edit: I just checked and yes, 55.6 million to get canned by whomever buys them out. Probably another reason its been 19 months and no takers.

    • Rich

      Essentially, yes. Also his stock options were priced for AFTER the previous ER where the stock tanked 30%. Such an immense conflict of interest for BB to deliver on the ER when the CEO has more to gain from it tanking.

  • EvanKrosney

    It’s too bad what’s happened with BBRY, I love the Z10 and BB10 as a whole, once you get used to it it’s a lot like webOS; extremely intuitive, productive, and very convenient. Unfortunately, like webOS, it’s also not done too well and doesn’t have a massive future if people get the impression that there won’t be too much support in the future.

    • Subliminal7X

      Well, either the marketing efforts since launch are horrendous, or carriers are just not supporting the platform and have reasons or incentives not to. For example, I went into a T-Mobile Store in the US, and buried in the back was a tiny section with a Z10, along with Windows Phone and Blackberry accessories. No real sort of visible promotion. After collecting the sim card to use with my Z10, I remarked to the sales rep “It’s really too bad the state BB is in, as its a much better OS but the marketing seems awful !”
      The rep replies: “I know, I have a Q10 and I LOVE it !” and pulls a Q10 out of his pocket ! What’s wrong with this picture ?? Do these folk have a directive NOT to demonstrate these phones whilst some of them have a secret love affair with BB10 ?? Hmmm….
      Even over in the UK a few weeks prior, and a few people looked at my Z10 and were impressed, saying they didn’t even know Blackberry had such a phone out. And this in one of the BB10 ‘Launch’ cities ! Hmmmm… (again).

  • dracos

    I used to be a Nokia fan, but since the N97 I said good buy to them, a few years ago Nokia and RIM ruled the world with cellphones, now they are nobody, its all Apple and Google, in a few years that will change as well, its sad to see a Canadian company go like this but hey it’s done, the ones who lose out is the consumers and employees. Corporate honchos always make money no mater if the company does good or bad they always have an angle to come out on top.

  • Mr.CoolBerry

    Been waiting for this for a while. I hope I can get one.

  • Shūji Kiritani

    unlocked? i thought Bell Mobility locks their phones?

  • WTangoFoxtrot

    650 outright for a reasonably high end phone, when did they start listening to the market for a change ??

    • Lindsay

      It’s not a high end phone. It uses an old CPU (very old), and an old display (very old) packaged in a body with a reasonable retail price of 300-350. And not a dime more. Sorry.

    • WTangoFoxtrot

      sure i guess….if your looking for a made in China piece of plastic that shatters when dropped from a table edge the first time eh.

      Also how do you know the screen tech or the processor are very old ? if memory serves right these specs seem similar or better to the Moto X which is the latest Google flagship phone right ?

    • Lindsay

      No it uses the same chip as every other bb10 device. A dual core s4.

    • charlie2010

      Great thing about BB10 is it will run faster with the same cpu as in an Android/iPhone…..their bloatware needs all the cpu it can get to catch up with BB10

  • Striker67

    I might have considered this phone of Blackberry wouldn’t have been going through so much turmoil. A 5 inch version should have come out on January