Microsoft agrees to worldwide SkyDrive name change after British court asserts trademark violation


Microsoft has agreed to change the name of SkyDrive cloud storage portal after a British court found it in violation of a trademark owned by British Sky Broadcasting Group, or BSkyB.

While it’s not certain whether the new name will resemble its current form, Microsoft settled with the broadcaster for an undisclosed amount, and will maintain the SkyDrive “for a reasonable period of time to allow for an orderly transition to a new brand.”

The name change, despite being upheld by a British court, will be worldwide, as Microsoft wants to avoid the same fate as its Metro UI styling, which was also snubbed after a similar lawsuit with a German corporation. Microsoft emphasized, however, that its “hundreds of millions” of customers will experience no service disruption, and the transition will be smooth and seamless to the end user.

Source: The Verge