Samsung to release two branded tablets with Nexus 10-like resolution


  • KoalaMeatPie

    12.2-inch Galaxy Note ?
    2560×1600 ?
    Hubba Hubba.

  • ChrisPollard77

    Release the Note 12.2 and SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!! I’ve been holding off on a tablet purchase for MONTHS hoping someone would build something bigger than 10 inches. I want a laptop replacement, and I want it Android. C’mon Sammy! (Even if I’d have to suffer through TouchWiz. It’s a sacrifice I’d make.)

    • southerndinner

      TouchWhiz definitely isn’t perfect but on a Note product it’s easily worth the coloration for the enhancements that are brought to the S Pen. I root almost all my devices and install custom firmware – that same custom firmware on the Note series is kind of pointless imo because it removes so many of the S Pen related enhancements.

    • Unorthodox

      Same in my case. I’ve been using Note 10.1 for 8 months now, and never had a slightest thought to root it. Such a beautiful device…

    • ChrisPollard77

      Yeah, Samsung made a strong case for not replacing the ROM. But I think I’d still want root. Got used to it on my N4, and enjoy the advantages when it comes to finding things like system files and nandroid backups. Come to think of it, I’d want TWRP for backups too. (Root is needed to get to the system files and copy the backups to PC. At least that’s the only way I’ve been able to get to them.)

    • Sam Kennedy

      Yea im getting sick of waiting, i had a tf700t that i enjoyed until it got stolen but i certainly wouldnt consider getting that agian. Ive been waiting months to see a nice quad core tablet with high resolution, and samsung has decided to just release crappy 720p tablets that arent even big upgrades on last years models.

      Im gonna get the new nexus 7 and hope that tides me over until the holiday season or early january when something decent comes out. I might not even have to wait that long though, the new asus infinity looks to have a 2560×1660 display and will have a new tegra 4 in it. Im still curious to see how the tegra 4 stacks up against the snapdragon 800 once it actually comes out, early benchmarks put it slightly lower i think, also the tegra 3 has gotten pretty slow in recent months so hopefully theyve sorted that out too.

  • Nathaniel James

    They have so many variations of tablets. Still awsome though

    • erere

      ya cause theyre seemingly the only manufacturer to get that, hey one size DOES NOT fit all.

      i do wish their products had more accessory support. it is hard to find accessories for samsung products sometimes

  • freedomspopular

    I love the idea of a 12″ Note, but I have a feeling that with that size and resolution, it’ll be quite pricey.

    • Unorthodox

      Yet I have a feeling the production would be cheaper, for a device with bigger screen and lower density, and more room inside to play with.

  • King kobi

    Ipad is still the king of tablets and no one can argue that. Samsung needs to relax and enjoy there success with the phones. There tablets are absolutely terrible. No other company can beat Apple in tablet sales. Prove me wrong.

    • David Perales

      People use to say that about the iPhone too. It’ll happen sooner or later you can’t stay on top forever.

    • Unorthodox

      Oh, the simplicity of a child. It is so, because dad said so.

    • King kobi

      is that your best argument why don’t you debate what you think Samsung tablets are superior to iPad. I don’t understand the nature of Apple products on the site they make a superior product better build quality longer lasting. the app ecosystem is more Optimized forApple tablets. the Galaxy Tab series all look like giant Galaxy Notes and they all run slow

    • Unorthodox

      I’m not going to argue with you, because you’re deaf to the voice of consciousness. All I can say is that on my Note 10.1 I can actually do part of my work, and do it efficiently. iPads I see people carry around are only used to play Angry Birds and Bejewelled, which by the way looks just ugly on a screen like that.

  • Unorthodox

    It won’t be a 13″. It’ll be iPad 11.2, because it more natural and totally does not belong to 12″ tablet category.

  • djzone

    Lol, I’m just waiting for the natural progression of a 15.5 inch “tablet” with a keyboard accessory in a few years

    • cloakster

      Imo that is the future of laptops. Laptop/tablet hybrids like the Asus Transformer Book and Lenovo Helix, but at prices starting at $400.

  • Sam Kennedy

    i think the new tab products are gonna flop though. Sure they will sell some to unwitting , untechsavy consumers but i think for the most part people realize that they are severely underpowered for the current generation and most consumers know about screen resolution these days.

    I think the best of the bunch was the note 8 released a couple months ago, and even that was slightly dissapointing.

  • Kyouya

    Well, this was certainly a surprise. I thought the Galaxy Tab 3 was a huge let down, but it seems Samsung had something planned for people who want high performing tablets. I’m not sure having a tier system on the tablet market is a good idea. Then again, Apple is following Samsung’s steps with the smartphone by producing a cheap alternative. Well, I guess it is a win-win for all types of consumers who are interested in android tablets.

  • dough30i

    Wait is really coming out this year and not just to debut the tab, or is it really next year releases, cause I’m in the market to buy a tablet right now and if this one coming shiy I’ll wait as longest it’s being release this year though, can ya please tell me. I was on planning to get the nexus 10 but something told me to wait for the best tab