eBay for iOS gets major redesign and lots of new features


  • Tommy Crosby

    Why in 2013 they still always do major updates on iOS first.
    Now Android has the biggest share of users yet it still forgotten or put on the back.

    This remind me of IMDb which Android app look nearly like the iOS counterparts of last year.

    • No.1 dev

      Because iOS is the best platform to develop on and for?
      Dalvik/java is lame. A far better product can be achieved with far less work on iOS. That same product with minor tweaks will also work on ipads, which have the biggest marketshare. Oh, and FAR less piracy due to the dreaded locked down ecosystem. Lol.

      PS – there’s also this thing called fragmentation with android (device and software) which drives devs away. It’s like why bother…

    • alphs22

      Because the majority of iPhones out there (4 and 4s) has the same resolution. iPhone 5 has 176 additional vertical pixels. You make an app that looks nice on those 2 resolutions and you’ve reached most iPhone users.

      Android – you have dozens of screen sizes with varying pixel densities to deal with, different manufacturers, different Android versions, etc. About half of Android users aren’t even on 4.0 and up.

      Not to mention iPhone users tend to buy more apps than Android users, hence the preferential treatment by developers.

    • vistarox

      You are spot on.