BBM for iOS and Android will only work on smartphones at launch


  • skullan

    This is highly anticipated by me.

  • TomsDisqusted

    The new hangouts was a bit disappointing, so still looking forward to BBM on my Android. I think the BBM brand is even bigger than the BB itself – people love it – so it will be a big hit.

    • ITCanWork

      I’m having a hard time getting people on it, if their hotmail address appears in search results I’m able to message or call them but they get nothing, they don’t evenvhsvevthe app on their phone

  • Word

    Kik works really well but having BBM on Android makes it truly the perfect OS.

  • KrispyInTO

    The majority of Android and Ios users will be using hangouts, but this is good for cross platform support to communicate with people still using blackberry

    • Web developer

      They will, but I sure hope they fix the video quality. It’s as bad if not worse than Skype.

  • ITCanWork

    You know what’s funny, this is a site about mobile news yet there’s no mobile friendly version of this site, and I have to zoom and swipe left and right continuously to read this artirtcle on my galaxy.

    • ITCanWork

      I can confirm this is a Chrome on Android problem, the text loads up correctly on stock Android browser. I think their site recognizes Chrome on Android as a desktop browser. Can anyone confirm this iOS?

    • Web developer

      It’s completely random and a server issue based on my web debug. One page will be desktop, then click on a link or next at the bottom of the page to see more articles and it’ll flop over to the mobile version.

      Been messed up ever since they enabled discus.

    • Web developer

      Sorry, and yes, iOS. Played around with the user agent and doesn’t seem to have any noticeable effect. If you force desktop mode, it’ll stay there and not flop around.

      That’s also why missy up there rockin the bb10 (not sure what model that is), doesn’t see it. Desktop mode.

    • ITCanWork

      Does the webmaster read these comments? Hope he does, I love this site..

    • Doofus

      You don’t say? Thank you captain obvious!

  • Ajanu

    This won’t stop anyone who wants BBM on their nexus7, GalaxyTab or any other Android tablet since you can just install the apk. Might stop some iOs people, but they probably won’t care much.

  • Matt Z10

    you can hate on Blackberry all you want but for anyone who’s used them and left for other brands and data messaging apps I’m extremely positive over 90% of you would use BBM again. even to talk to another Droid or iPhone user.

    • Web developer

      You’d use it if you knew someone still lagging behind on a blackberry as a nice gesture. Nothing more.

    • Matt Z10

      Define lagging

    • Web developer

      Living in the past?

    • Doofus

      Seems like this is the only remaining option for them as they can’t continue the road they’re on and remain viable.

  • iPlunks

    As a Nokia 920 user, this one really hurts. But I get it, its business. A way to take back the 3rd spot

  • Mathieu

    Because we all know that we have conversations on 1 device…

    If your messaging service is not available on all devices, I don’t want to hear from you because… you know… Facebook Messenger and Google Hangout are.

  • disqus_1neG7XJmgU

    Exciting news and I will probably give it a try but I can’t see it lasting too long on my phone since all my friends minus like 2 got rid of their blackberries years ago and use different messaging apps.

  • Knarf The Tank

    Text Messaging still is and will be the best way to communicate between all smartphones and small phones. Just upgrade apps around that!!!

    • Faizan

      The goal is to be independent of carriers text/talk plans and rely only on data as being the medium for conversations.

    • skullan

      SMS isn’t reliable. BBM tells you when the message is actually on their phone for them to read and additionally, when they have read it.

      SMS often are delayed, sometimes don’t even arrive. Hardly the best way to communicate.

      Oh, by the way, that would have been sent in 2 text messages.

    • Poof

      Oh, so the same as iMessage then.

    • skullan

      Exactly, iMessage being a BBM clone works exactly like BBM,

    • skullan

      I didn’t want to spend that much time refuting a possible troll, but I also didn’t want to be completely insulting when I replied to them, in case they were just simply believed the iOS mantra of Apple being the end all and be all in terms of firsts.

    • Doofus

      Actually, iOS does use an led indicator (the flash). Irrelevant though as iPhone/android users tend to use their devices far more than blackberries and as such typically catch notifications as they arrive or shortly thereafter.

      And screensharing a phone screen? Really? Totally unnecessary unless your a weetard.

  • AMbro86

    I was thinking this would be great, especially with screen share, but now that I have Google Hangouts, and now know screen share isn’t part of the deal, at least initially, it’s kind of disappointing. I probably will still try it out at some point, but perhaps I’ll wait till screen share is part of the package. However, Blackberry better hurry, otherwise Google might beat them to the punch and offer a screen share-like feature, plus rumors are Hangouts will get SMS integration soon, making BBM pretty much obsolete for my purposes.

  • spa4tan

    I wonder how will those tiny screens bold and curve screens show up on my note 2’s screen wjile screen share is enabled?

  • David Etienne

    The PlayBook didn’t have support for BBM when it came out either, IIRC

  • Handheld Addict

    Shoot, my Galaxy S Glide is stuck on Gingerbread while my Tab 2 7 has Jellybean. Could really use it for tablets.

    • Doofus

      Doesn’t crapberry fall into the same lines as android with this regard? Lol.

  • Mokshat Sood

    Will this work on iPod touch 4G ?

  • RDL

    Before WhatsApp this would have been a big deal

  • sagar

    hey i have a doubt will bbm work on itouch 5